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Skechers GOrun Speed 2 (GOmeb)

The Good

Meaghan Skechers won me over with the original GOrun Speed, so I had high expectations for the second version of this racing flat. All of the great qualities from the original GOrun Speed have remained: lightweight, 4mm drop, responsive midsole, stability plate, and rubber lugs (GOimpulse sensors). I’m not sure how, but Skechers managed to make this already-light-shoe even lighter, without taking away from the support or cushioning (5.6 oz compared to the original 5.8). The only noticeable difference was in the design of the upper. The honeycomb pattern from the original shoe was replaced with some fancier looking, partially see-through mesh upper. The printed overlays gave the shoe a perfectly smooth, seamless fit. Oh! And the laces. I had no issues with my laces coming untied as I did with the first version. Huge win.

Jenny: I never thought I’d see the day when I said, “Yeah, I think I’ll toss on a pair of Skechers and go for a run.” Skechers?! FREAKING SKECHERS! Long gone are the days when they were known for their Shape Ups…they’ve made a new name for themselves and it’s *squeal* MEB!!! Who is more likable in the elite realm than sweet lil Meb–he’s adorable and the perfect face for their rebranding. The first go around for the GOrun Speeds was a huge success, so it’s tough to follow it up with something equally as delicious. Like it’s predecessor, the GOrun Speed 2 is light. The first was around 6oz and holding them side by side, it FEELS like this second version could be a skoash lighter. I know! How is that even possible?!

Not a ton has changed but there are a few subtleties. The upper is no longer that “velvety” brushed mesh but is now a dual layer with these hot almost flame-looking stripes coming up the toe box. The invisible toe cap is now marked out in shiny metallic silver (seeing a flashy theme?) The last is a teensy bit narrower–doesn’t flare quite as much under the forefoot. It has a snug, racing flat feel, which I look for in a shoe. The tongue is wider to prevent migrating and has a little more cushion. It does not add bulk, however. The 1’s had a stitched on heel counter and for the most part, this version has seamless heat welded support…there is only a tiny patch on the very back of the heel that is actually stitched and it has no contact with the insole. The inside heel has a beefier cushion that goes about midway down and protects against rubbing.

Thomas: The Skechers GOrun Speed 2 is a refined update to the original. You can tell that every aspect of the upper was examined and upgraded. In the previous version we found the tongue of the shoe to be irritating, Skechers fixed the tongue in this update. The overlays on the GOrun Speed 2 are seamless creating a smooth finished look and less chance for irritation from hot spots. The midsole and outsole remain unchanged. The shoe remains a favorite long distance speed shoe at 6.8 oz for a size 9. The ride is firm and responsive.


Stein: The GORun Speed 2 is a racing flat. They’re very similar to the original GORun Speed with a few updates. The tongue uses a new material that is slightly stiff so the tongue won’t bunch up or slip to the side. The resalyte foam sole seems slightly stiffer in the midfoot but is still very flexible, and continues to offer just the right amount of protection from the road. The sole is holding up great. The heal counter has redesigned overlays and the achilles area is softer than the previous version of the speed. I like the redesign of the upper because the overlays have been almost completely replaced by a thin/tough plastic that seems to offer a little more support to the shape of the shoe and the shoes still breath well.


The Bad

Meaghan: I found this shoe to run a half size big. After a couple runs in my normal 7.5, it was clear I needed a smaller size. Skechers was kind enough to send me a second pair in a size 7. Unlike an everyday trainer, I prefer a snug racing flat. The size 7 fits like a glove, perfection. I’m not sure how I feel about the color options for this shoe… silver or gold. I’d be lying if I didn’t think Richard Simmons was in some way the inspiration behind these designs.

Jenny: I have a tough time with Skechers sizing. I’m usually a true 8 in running shoes and canNOT get away with that size in these shoes. They run big and I always have to size down a half size. The only issue I had was that the laces came untied, even being double knotted. It only happened once and I’m willing to chalk it up to coincidence. Other than that, I *heart* these shoes.

Thomas: There isn’t too much bad to discuss. Skechers fixed the tongue issue from the previous model. I have a narrow foot and do get some material puckering at the bottom of the tongue. It hasn’t caused any rubbing or chafing so it hasn’t been an issue. But it does keep the shoe from fitting like a glove.

Stein: Compared to the original Speed, the upper seems slightly narrower. This could be due to less miles on this pair or the fact that I’ve been testing them with the stock laces (instead of lock laces I installed into the original Speed). I’d like a little more wiggle room for my toes, but this would probably detract from the experience that Skechers is aiming for. Also, while the achilles protector is softer, my heel has an ever-so-slight amount of slippage (maybe I’ll swap a pair of lock laces in and see if this changes.)

The Overall

Meaghan: I forgot how much I loved this shoe until I was given the opportunity to run in them again. I ran my original GOrun Speeds into the ground, which I’m sure will happen to this pair as well. It’s hard not to love a shoe that makes you feel fast. I may have to sign up for a race just to test these out. It’s an awesome shoe.

Jenny: I know Meb, who is an efficient machine, chooses this for his marathon shoe, but I’d be a little leery of that distance for myself. Guess I can’t say never until I’ve tried it, but I’m askeered…definitely shorter distances, half marathon and even some longer runs but I haven’t bitten the bullet for the big daddy of miles. It’s light, fits snug (in a good way), responsive and fast. BOOM, that’s it.

Thomas: The GOrun GOmeb Speed is a refined version of the original and remains a favorite pick for a long distance speed trainer. Both my coach Caleb Masland (2:30 marathoner) and USA’s top Marathoner Mebrahtom “Meb” Keflezighi use the GOrun Speed, if it is good enough for them, it is good enough for me.

Stein: I like the GORun Speed 2 a lot. This shoe is built for racing and speed workouts but still offers enough support and cushion for daily training workouts as well. My feet feel locked in when wearing these shoes. There is a lot to like about the GORun Speed 2 and I’m not sure what Skechers could do to improve them more – but you never know what the next version will bring. Time for another run!


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