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Skechers GOrun Ride 4 Review

GoRun Ride 4

The Good

Meaghan: Pipe down, haters! Skechers made a good looking shoe here. In fact, this is one my favorite colorways from the entire GOrun line. The GOrun Ride 4 is my favorite update. I may be a little biased (I was lucky to be involved with the testing process from the 3 to the 4), but I MUCH prefer the Ride 4. This update isn’t a complete overhaul, as we saw with the GOrun 4, but the improvements are substantial (and almost entirely in the upper). The upper actually reminds me of the upper from the GOrun 3. It provides nice support through the midfoot and heel, without reducing breathability. I found the fit of the Ride 3 to be a little sloppy; it felt too wide through the collar and forefoot. The Ride 4 is snug throughout, with light padding around the tongue and collar for added comfort. Skechers reduced the crazy padded tongue from the last model. They also elongated the area around the heel and ankle. The higher collar walls and snug fit make the shoe feel much more secure; something I struggled with in the previous model. The Quickfit portal was added to this update. As I mentioned in the GOrun 4 review, my feelings on that feature are just kind of meh. I don’t hate it, but I don’t really use it, either. Okay… I never use it and I kind of hate it. Anyway, the outsole is nearly identical to its predecessor: light, soft, and super responsive. The weight of this shoe actually increased, but it’s still on the super light side. GRR3 = 5.9oz and GRR4 = 6.45oz for a women’s size 7.5.

Stein: The Ride4 has a wide footprint (~1 cm wider than the GR4) and they feel super stable around turns or on grassy surfaces. The foot bed has just enough cushion for long distance runs. Its outsoles are light weight material but are showing very little wear after ninety miles. This pair will have a couple hundred more miles in them, easy, and right now they’re springy as new. While the Ride 4 offers plenty of road feel, gravely surfaces still feel smooth. The heel counter and “QuickFit” portal are nearly perfect and I experienced no slippage. I received a black pair with red highlights and they are a looker, good for the eyes.

GOrun Ride 4

The Bad

Meaghan: I have a feeling this is a me-issue (flat feet related), but for some reason the rubber placement on the outsole felt awkward. If you look at the bottom of the shoe, you will see a whole lotta EVA and some rubber pillars placed along the outside (the same design as the previous model). It felt like the middle of my foot was hitting pavement while the outside had a barrier – not anything that really affected the run; just something I noticed. The only other  negative for this shoe is its lack of identity. In my opinion, Skechers used inspiration from GR3 upper, slapped it on the GRR3 outsole and called it the GRR4.

Stein: The tongue stayed put but tended to pucker a little at its lateral attachment point.

Gorun Ride 4

The Conclusion

Meaghan: For me, the GOrun Ride 4 is the red-headed stepchild next to the GOrun 4. It’s not a bad shoe, but given the option, I’d pick the GOrun… every time. That’s not to say this shoe isn’t a great option for some people. It is. It’s a good daily trainer and it’s the least expensive from the GOrun line. With a price point of $85.00, you really can’t go too wrong.

Stein: Skechers’ hits just keep coming. Normally I rotate my shoes every run but the past couple weeks I have been grabbing the Ride 4 on consecutive days because they just feel good. Comfort, support, flexibility and lightness all combine in the Ride 4 for a nearly perfect road trainer or even as a racing shoe.

GOrun ride4

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