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Road Running Shoes • June 15, 2023

Skechers GoRun Ride 11 Review: You Want This Shoe

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What You Need To Know


9.8 oz. (278 g) for a US M9

7.6 oz (218 g) for a US W7.5

Stack Height / Drop

38 mm in heel, 32 mm in forefoot (6 mm drop)

Best For

Budget-friendly daily miles, first-time marathoner

Key Features

HyperArc rocker, HyperBurst Ice midsole, carbon-infused forefoot plate, Goodyear rubber outsole

On The Run
Plenty of HyperBurst Ice cushion Rewards a midfoot or forefoot strike Ultra comfortable upper Gained a lot of weight


The Intro

ROBBE: If you got past the word “Skechers” and are still reading this review, then good on you. Get ready for an unexpected ride (pun intended) which may very well end with a pair of these shoes on your feet. For some, that may be a hard pill to swallow. The go-to couture of elementary schoolers, suburban grandmothers, and the ever-amazing duo of Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg, the brand persists despite it’s atrocious logo and its unending backlog of lawsuits from ripping off almost every competitor.

But that’s Skechers, and this is Skechers Performance, a totally different division and one that has been criminally underrated for at least the last decade. We keep trying to get you buying and this review will be no exception.

Because the Skechers Ride 11, is really, really good.

light blue skechers running shoes sitting on a metal stair

Ultra comfortable upper

First, let’s lay a foundational framework. As you would expect, I get a lot of friends and family asking me which shoe to buy when they’re getting into running. Unequivocally, I always tell them to buy the Skechers Ride. It’s always been a solid daily trainer with a nice midsole that can take on a few hundred miles without breaking down. And it’s always reasonably priced. In short, it works for almost everyone. 

So it’s always been a good, reliable shoe. And it just got better. The newest version features the all-new Hyper Burst Ice, Skechers’ lightest and bounciest foam to date. May I remind you that Skechers was the first running brand to properly execute a nitrogen-infused, supercritical midsole, and while other brands have tried their best to replicate it, Skechers remains the best at it. I don’t know how this is possible, it just is.

That midsole gets even more cushion this go-around, and we finally, finally, have a plush and comfortable upper that isn’t weird or baggy and actually fits the foot perfectly. Goodyear outsoles come standard on pretty much every Skechers shoe, including this one. A carbon-fiber H-plate sits in the forefoot to provide extra propulsion.

The shoe did pick up over an ounce over last year’s version, but the price actually dropped. Do those things balance out? Let’s find out.

CHAD: When I was growing up, Skechers was the brand of shoes that kids wanted (editor’s note: Chad grew up in Central Pennsylvania, so this fact check was proven to be true without even checking). The late 90s and early 2000s were extremely kind to the brand because I guarantee if you talk to anyone currently in their 30s and say the name Skechers, there’s a good chance that “It’s the S” may be uttered in response (editor’s note: remember– he’s from Pennsylvania). Then again, I’m an absolute sucker for a good marketing campaign, so it may just be me.

So for me, getting to test and review the Skechers GoRun Ride 11 was like dialing up the Wayback Machine with Sherman and Mr. Peabody and re-living my youth. Everyone else will hit on the specs and details of the shoe, so I won’t put you through that. Reviewing this was also sort of one of those weird coincidence things for me because Skechers advertises the Ride 11 as the go-to training shoe of pro runner Edward Cheserek, aka King Cheserek. I was one of the BITR reviewers for the Under Armour Flow Velociti Elite, the shoe that the King’s fiancée, Sharon Lokedi, wore to win the New York City Marathon in 2022. Small world, eh?

LINDSAY: I’ve admittedly never worn a pair of Skechers in my life. A storefront recently opened near me, and I was actually confused. People still wear Skechers? Well, the answer is yes, and rightfully so. Skechers GoRun Ride is out with its 11th installation. It fits true to size with plenty of foam, which only leaves me with one word for you: comfort.

Just kidding, I have a few more words.

The first thing I noticed when I opened the box was the colorway. Oh no, not another black and pink shoe. Insert vomit emoji here. If you’ve read my other reviews, you know I was not thrilled. A couple of days went by, and I decided I better get to work. I slipped these bad boys on and… never looked back. I was hooked. Not only is this a daily trainer, but it fits the bill for a daily shoe in general. Need to walk the dog? Skechers GoRun Ride 11. Run errands (literally or figuratively)? Skechers GoRun Ride 11. Are you a run-muter? Skechers GoRun Ride 11 may very well be the shoe for you.

With 6 mm of drop and a heel stack height of 38 mm in the heel, I was surprised this shoe was comparable in measurements to the Saucony Endorphin Shift (39 mm / 35 mm) and Hoka Bondi (39 mm / 35 mm). Comparable in numbers and comfort, yes, but that 1 mm is the difference between feeling like you just put on wedge heels and not. This is a little higher than the 34 mm heel in the GoRun Ride 10, but the upgraded HyperBurst Ice foam midsole gives this version a softer, more plush ride which is offsetting. Also new to this version is the mesh upper, a revamped rocker heel, and the carbon-infused plate. More on that later, though. Enough rambling; let’s get into the good stuff.

RENALDO: Skechers has become the brand that I look forward to the most when I want to be surprised by a new shoe. And the GoRun Ride 11 doesn’t disappoint. Being my third Skechers (It’s The “S”) shoe to run in, I’ve been pretty happy with the quality I’ve been experiencing with the brand. Usually overlooked in the marathon and racing scene for the Nikes and Adidas of the running world, I see Skechers as the underdog that’s been fine-tuning its craft for the runner that wants to run at their best but also enjoy it.

The official trainer of The King, Edward Cheserek, Skechers has brought back all the advances of its last iteration with a few more bells and whistles to keep the shoe fresh and new. If it’s good enough for King Chezzy, is it good enough for you?

Goodyear rubber outsole

The Good

ROBBE: I swear I’m not a Skechers fanboy, despite the fact that the Max Road 5 remains one of my favorite rides ever. I’ve always thought their aesthetic was off no matter how hard they tried. I still don’t love the look of the Ride 11, but it’s definitely an improvement. If you don’t mind what your running shoes look like, then you can ignore this entire part. 

Moving on to the upper, Skechers finally made something that’s actually quite comfortable and does everything an upper should do. I’m not sure, it may be too much, but it took a lot of complaining to get here, so I’m just gonna let sleeping dogs lie. The fact remains– the upper is padded pretty much all around and wraps the foot nicely. No sliding, no hotspots, none of that weird “medial side of the big toe” irritation that I usually get in a pair of Skechers.

And then there’s the midsole. Skechers just nailed it here. It’s like a max cushion shoe that feels smooth, bouncy, ultra comfortable, responsive, maybe even fast? Whatever formulation of nitrogen-infused foam they’re using to make Hyper Burst Ice is the correct one. Again, they do it better than anyone else out there. It just provides a fantastic feel at pretty much any pace, though this will mainly be used for daily mileage and/or long runs. You can pick it up if you need to without much extra effort, but that medium to slow range is where it works best. 

It definitely feels a bit like a block of foam underfoot, but the HyperArc rocker geometry helps roll it through the stride. Honestly, this shoe reminds me a lot of the Max Road 5, just with less of a roll, probably due to the less-segmented nature of the outsole rubber in comparison to the Max Road. Nevertheless, that generous layer of Goodyear rubber on the outsole will handle at least 400 miles in this shoe, so durability is not a concern here.

Also, um… every company is raising prices on shoes in 2023, how did this one get a price cut? Amazing. At $120, I feel confident in saying there is no better bang for your buck than the Skechers Ride 11.

shoe tongue with skechers logo and words ride 11 with light blue laces

Plush tongue provides good lockdown

CHAD: The step-in comfort of the GoRun Ride 11 is fantastic. The heel collar is well padded with a squishy foam (something I’ll address later), and the upper is comfortable overall. I found the engineered mesh quite breathable while on my runs, which is a claim often made by shoe companies but doesn’t always ring true. Skechers Arch Fit also provides exactly what it promises, a very solid support for the midfoot arch.

The GoRun Ride 11 also features a Goodyear rubber outsole, which I would put up there with Adidas’ Continental outsole and PumaGrip. I felt well grounded on each step without feeling slappy, which can happen in a daily trainer with a lot of rubber. I wasn’t able to test the shoe in varied weather conditions because we have been rainless for what seems like forever here in Central PA. That said, I don’t ever feel like traction would be an issue in this shoe.

LINDSAY: The upper is new to this version, adopting an engineered mesh that is a bit more resistant to the elements compared to the previous monofilament mesh. It’s quite plush with a padded tongue lined with the Skechers Arch Fit sock liner and rigid heel counter. The laces give great lockdown as the distance between the lacing sides is wide across the foot. I didn’t have any problems with the toe box; it’s moderately wide. The pull tab at the back isn’t necessary because this shoe is easy to slip on, but it’s there if you are used to using them.

This was a new one for me too. I’m definitely a fan of carbon-plated shoes, but as we all know, those should be saved for race day or hard workouts. Instead, the Skechers GoRun Ride 11 has a carbon-infused forefoot plate that provides a high energy and similar bounce without being a carbon-plated race day shoe. At slower paces, it just gently rolls along with a nice bounce. Get it down to faster paces, and you really feel the snappy toe-off. This adapts really well with the HyperArc rocker technology for a smooth and efficient ride.

The Goodyear rubber outsole lives up to the traction, durability, and stability we get on our car tires. It makes so much sense to pair an outsole with tire rubber. There’s great traction and road grip, which helps with a good snap and forward propulsion. I could see this outsole outlasting the typical 300 miles or so that runners generally get before replacing a shoe.

RENALDO: Starting with the paint job, this shoe is quite a looker. It’s decked out in a nice sky blue that actually reminds me of the Skechers Razor Excess 2 — it fades into a deep navy that was also present on the Ride 10. Love that consistency, Skechers. The HyperBurst Ice midsole is a nice icy green that pulls the shoe together very nicely in this colorway.

You’ll feel the quality of the upper on this shoe once you first step into it. It’s velvety soft and snug in all the right places while also being well-cushioned for comfort without feeling too constricting. There’s a pull tab to help you get the shoe on and nice, long laces; it’s just an easy shoe to wear.

And once it’s on your foot, you’re in for an equally great time. As a neutral trainer, the Ride 11 has Skechers’ patented Arch Fit insole for some really nice arch support. When combined with the HyperArc technology design, it creates this amazing feeling of forward momentum when walking or running. The carbon plate in the forefoot adds to the party, sprinkling great energy return when going out for some steady miles or even picking up the pace gradually. The shoe is super responsive, doing whatever you’d ask of it when out on a good run.

The Goodyear outsole is grippy and reliable on turns and gives you the traction you need on hills. I used this shoe on all sorts of runs and loved its versatility while getting most of the action out of midfoot and forefoot running.

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skechers gorun ride 11 - logo

Is it really the ‘S’?

The Bad

ROBBE: So, the shoe did pick up nearly an ounce and a half of weight over the last version. That’s … a lot. It is not a lightweight daily trainer anymore. However, I don’t know if I care. For what the shoe is (reliable daily trainer), I don’t really need it to be ultralight. I’m definitely more concerned with cushion and comfort, day in and day out. So while this may seem concerning on paper, it’s not a dealbreaker in reality.

The upper may be an issue for the next three months if you live anywhere below the Mason-Dixon line. It’s very plush and very warm and will certainly get toasty as you’re throwing down your Summer GRIT miles. It’s certainly a trade-off for comfort. 

I do think the toe box is a bit cramped, but also I just may have cinched the laces down too much. With all that padding in the tongue, it’s kind of hard to tell just how tight the shoes are until you’re actually going.

CHAD: I struggled with the GoRun Ride 11 a bit. I really wanted to like it. It has a big slab of plush and responsive foam, a forefoot carbon-infused plate, and an overall comfortable feel. I have a minor overpronation in my mechanics, but can usually run in neutral shoes without much issue (stable neutral shoes are my jam). But in my opinion, this shoe is anything but stable.

The midfoot gets pretty narrow at the base of the shoe (not the upper, which was a great width), and the Hyper Burst Ice midsole foam is very soft, as advertised. When I was trying to take this shoe at slower, easy paces, I found that I was getting a lot of medial roll-in, evidenced by the insane amount of road rash on the inside of my right shoe. After each of my runs in this shoe, I also felt some strain in my post-tib tendon, Achilles tendon, and calf muscles, so much so that I had to resort to Meaghan’s magical tendinitis treatment.

When I picked up the pace a bit and landed more in my midfoot/forefoot, the shoe ran really well, which I attribute to the soft-but-responsive foam and the forefoot plate. But with its weight, I wouldn’t use it for more than daily training miles, which I tend to do mostly at my easy pace. And the last thing I want to do is end up on the shelf with a full-blown bout of post-tib tendinitis.

My other complaint, which is going to make me sound cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs, I think there might actually be too much soft foam around the heel cup in the GoRun Ride 11. I very rarely have lockdown issues in my running shoes, but I noticed that both of my heels tended to wiggle around in the shoe on the runs because of how plush the heel cup is. I certainly don’t think that helped the feelings of instability, either.

outsole rubber on skechers gorun ride 11

ArchFit provides support in… well… the arch (duh)

LINDSAY: Do I need to scream this from the rooftops? Stop making women’s colorways in only black and pink variations. There are two launch colorways for the Skechers GoRun Ride 11: black/pink and pink/purple. I know the cosmetic appearance of a shoe is not necessarily a deal breaker, but there’s a good chance I never would’ve tried this shoe in the first place, given the options. So, if you’re reading this, try to look beyond the colorways because this is a shoe that should not be missed.

I could really feel the Arch Fit insole for the first dozen miles or so. I don’t have a high arch, so it caused me to land on the outside of my foot. After some miles of molding, the landing issue faded, but this shoe definitely has significant support. It’s probably best for those with moderate to high arches but not uncomfortable for the rest of us. I should also mention that the insole is removable, but when you remove it, there’s a thin layer of glue that’s quite sticky. The shoe also fits much looser with a rather firm landing. I wouldn’t choose to wear it without the insole.

RENALDO: I did have some gripes, though. This shoe gets hot. I remember trying it out on a pretty warm Baltimore afternoon and feeling my feet warm up before anything else. My suspicion is that all that cushioning makes heat bounce around in the upper a bit more than in your usual shoe. And there have been some comments on the shoe’s weight (rude). Coming in at 9.8 oz for a US M9, I can definitely feel the heft in my US M11.5.

Shop Skechers GoRun Ride - Men Shop Skechers GoRun Ride - Women
goodyear rubber outsole on skechers running shoe

Goodyear outsole rubber provides solid traction and durability

Skechers GoRun Ride 11 Conclusion

ROBBE: I would not hesitate to put this shoe at the top of my own list for best daily trainers of 2023. It’s just really well done in every regard and I can’t think of any shoe that comes close in the $120 price range. This easily matches up against shoes in the $140-$150 realm, shoes like the Hoka Clifton 9, New Balance 1080v12, and Brooks Glycerin 20. In fact, it’s better than all those shoes. Sorry, it’s true.

Not sure what else I can do to convince you, but you won’t be disappointed if you pick this one up.

CHAD: If you’re a neutral runner without overpronation issues, I really think you will enjoy this shoe. The foam provides soft but responsive cushioning, the plate provides some pop underfoot, and the upper is comfortable. Plus, you might as well be running on car tires; that’s how good the grip is. But if you’re like me and tend to err on the side of stable neutral or stability shoes, I would consider looking elsewhere.

LINDSAY: I enjoyed wearing the Skechers GoRun Ride 11 for all of my runs. Going forward, I probably wouldn’t pick this shoe for a speedwork day, and the cushioned upper does add a bit of weight, but overall, it’s a quality shoe that’s versatile and energetic while also being soft and comfortable. It’s pretty wild that the price is so low with all the upgrades to this version, including a carbon-infused plate. For $120, you really can’t beat this value for a daily trainer.

RENALDO: But really, the warm being the only issue I’ve had with this shoe should tell you how much of a slam dunk this is. A reliable, responsive, cushioned running shoe made to go the distance with a forefoot carbon-infused plate, and efficient design, used by an Olympic professional, and all for $120.

Why haven’t you gotten this shoe already?

You can pick up the Skechers GoRun Ride 11 for $120 at Running Warehouse (featuring free 2-day shipping and 90-day returns) at the buttons below.

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  1. Josh says:

    I am really going back and forth between the Ride 11 and the Adidas Boston 12 for my next do-it-all daily trainer….I have the Max Road 6 and have always enjoyed HyperBurst so I feel I would enjoy the Ride 11 as well….but then I keep seeing all the sweet reviews on the Boston and I’ve never really ran in a Lightstrike shoe….any input to sway me one way or the other?

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