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Road Running Shoes • January 1, 2019

Skechers GOrun Razor 3 Hyper Performance Review

Skechers Razor 3

The Good

Thomas: I have been over the stigma of Skechers for a while now. I no longer think of the brand as merely a kid’s shoe or a reasonably priced fashion brand. Skechers performance division is legit.

I look forward to seeing the brand grow and gain even more acceptance in the running world. Those who are already on the pulse know that Skechers is making quality running shoes that are above average for fit and feel.

In the past, the overall Skechers aesthetic left me scratching my head. While I liked the way the shoes performed, I would not be caught wearing them post run. That changed in 2018. Last year was the first year I started thinking that Skechers may have finally figured out how to make a shoe look as good as it performs. While I have heard people grumble about the big “SPEED” on the side of the Razor 3, I find the design of the shoe as sexy as anything Nike or adidas has on the market. The toe down design of the shoe is beautiful. It looks like a running shoe should look, all the curves are in the right places, and it fits my foot perfectly.

The Razor 3’s utility is as dialed in as its look. A lite mesh upper with some basic support structures provides the silhouette and fit. The shoe is built for faster paces in mind, and to support that mission, the tongue and laces are thin and minimal. The overlays are printed on, and the heel collar is lightly padded. The upper appears simple, but when you look closer, it is an intricate design made to appear uncomplicated. No rubbing or hot spots for me, no heel lift either. My 10.5 fit true to size. There is not a removable sock liner, but you can easily add an orthopedic or an Ortholite liner if you wanted to customize the footbed.

The 4mm drop midsole is where Skechers has concocted some magic. They call their new cushioning material Hyper Burst. It feels like spongy BOOST, but is a helluva lot lighter than BOOST. And when I say lighter, the Razor 3 weighs 6.75 oz. / 192 grams for a size 10.5. For a shoe that has enough cush to handle daily runs, the weight is INSANE! I love the energy return of this midsole. You feel the perfect amount of give on the landing with just enough rebound to make your stride feel lively. More good news is that the Hyper Burst material will be in the update to the popular GOrun Ride model.

Meaghan: The Razor has always been one of my favs from the Skechers lineup. It could be considered a daily trainer, but it’s also light enough for race day. Compared to its predecessor, the Razor 3 is lighter (my W7.5 weighs 5.4 oz) AND more cushioned. How did this happen? Skechers introduced a brand new midsole material called Hyper Burst. It’s springy, lightweight and super durable. The most notable feature of this midsole is its consistency. Whether you’re on mile 1 or mile 18, you feel the same fresh springy-ness underfoot.

The upper received an overhaul as well. The knit has been replaced with a seamless, non-stretch upper. It’s light and breathable. The 3D printed graphics, simple lacing system and molded heel counter provide a secure and stable fit. It’s an all around comfortable shoe.

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Skechers Razor 3

The Bad

Thomas: I got nothing. I like the way the shoe looks, feels and performs. This shoe is a straight killer. If pressed, I would like to see an upgrade to the rubber on the outsole, maybe something a little stickier with some more bite.

Meaghan: There isn’t much to complain about with this shoe.

Shop Skechers Razor 3

Skechers Razor 3

Skechers GOrun Razor 3 Hyper Conclusion

Thomas: A good shoe elevates your performance regardless of your pace. You don’t have to run sub-six minute miles to be able to get benefits from a Nike Vaporfly 4% or a shoe like the Razor 3. Lighter shoes with responsive midsoles will make any stride more efficient. At a price tag of around $130, the Razor 3 is an affordable shoe that will help you shave some seconds off your pace. You will end up liking it so much you will want to wear it every day. Lucky for you the cushioning makes that possible.

Durability after 57 miles of running doesn’t seem to be an issue and the Hyper Burst feels as fresh as it did on day one. If Skechers had gotten us this shoe before we did our Best In Gear Awards, The Razor 3 might have grabbed the top spot. It is that good. I will be proud to wear the Razor 3 when I run the LA Marathon on March 24. 

Comparable shoe models: Saucony Kinvara, Nike Epic React, adidas Adizero Adios.

Meaghan: I love a shoe that you forget about out on the run. That is the Skechers Razor 3. It’s simple. There are no crazy overlays or fancy carbon plates, just a great, lightweight daily trainer with some cushy pop.

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  1. amadeus303 says:

    Would you say this shoe is different enough from the Vaporfly to warrant owning both? Or is it more of a pick your preference? I was under the impression that the Razor 3 would be something more suited for short and middle distance, with the Vaporfly situated for 13.1 and up.

    1. Thomas Neuberger says:

      You can use this one every day, so that alone makes it a good addition.

      1. Justin Nezich says:

        This is the best shoe I have ever run in that does not have a carbon plate. The speed, responsiveness, energy return, cushioning, ultra lightweight, fit that has enough room in the forefoot and the bio mechanics (midfoot strike, forward lean) of this Razor 3 are absolutely incredible. I’ve ran some of my best mile times and 10k times ever in this shoe. I also now own the vaporfly vaporweave, and Endorphin pro which just came in the mail from Roadrunner sports 5 days ago, both of those are incredible as well. I’d honestly say the Skechers Go Run Razor 3 is one of the best overall running shoes ever. The last skechers shoe I bought was the meb speed 3 and it was too tight in the toebox. The go run Razor 3 fit great. I’ve bought 4 pairs as I love running 8-12 mile runs, mile repeats, trips to the grocery store, and stopping by family’s house to visit and social distance all at the same time in these beauties.

  2. SEI says:

    How did this shoe hold up over the marathon distance?

  3. Justin Nezich says:

    I haven’t ran a marathon in them yet, especially during COVID-19. My longest run was 12 miles and it handled that run with ease….I thought the very small patches of rubber on the outsole would wear down very quickly but after 56 miles the shoe seems to be holding up better than expected…..

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