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Skechers GOrun 3 Review

The latest update to the Skechers GOrun is mostly a new upper with the Resalyte™ midsole/outsole staying the same as the previous model. Since we were happy with the GOrun 2’s road feel and cushioning, we were excited to find out what Skechers did to improve the upper.

The Good

Stein: These shoes are flexible and light. They fit my daily training needs great for everything from tempo workouts to long runs. There’s enough foam underfoot to protect my feet while still allowing me to feel the ground under foot. The toe-box area has enough room for proper splay. I really grooved on the sewed up, integrated tongue because there’s no way it will shift from to the side; this is becoming a popular shoe feature that makes a lot of sense to me. The shoes breathed well and offered sufficient lateral support around turns. The outsole seems to be holding up ok. While I always prefer lock laces (don’t we all?), the flat laces worked nicely and never came untied.

Meaghan: This is a flashy shoe. And I mean that in the best way possible. Designed with a bright pink upper, neon yellow outsole, and slick black accents, it’s hard to miss on the road. But it’s not the looks that won me over. The fit of this shoe is near perfect (for me). Structured very similar to the GOrun 2, Skechers made one (AMAZING) update to the 3 – a wider forefoot. The only complaint I had about the GOrun 2 was the narrow build. I couldn’t have been happier when I first slipped these on and felt my toes freely moving around. They improved the upper, too. They’ve added some fancy looking mesh overlays, but kept the shoe light and flexible. Built with a 4mm drop, they’re fairly minimal, with a SUPER cushy ride. Most of the shoes we review say they promote a mid-foot strike and most of the time I have no idea what they’re talking about. This shoe promotes a midfoot strike. They say it, and I understand. You can feel it in every stride. As someone who tends to (unfortunately) heel strike, you can feel the difference in the landing.

Thomas: The shoe is light at 7 oz. for a size 9. I love light shoes. Light is one of my favorite features in a shoe. The red and black color combo is sweet! The new materials Skechers used in the upper of the GOrun 3 make this a worthwhile update, they improved the shoe without ruining the things you liked about the shoe in the first place. You barely notice the upper due to it’s flexibility and fit. The tongue on the GOrun 3 is just about perfect. See the picture below. The tongue has a soft upper part sewn to a more structure bottom section. This provides some protection from the lacing and a light almost not there upper. The low heel counter (back of the shoe that holds your heel in place) is soft and won’t irritate your achilles. The feel of the shoe through my gait is identical to the GOrun 2.


The Bad

Meaghan: I am really reaching for this one. I wouldn’t mind if the outsole had some stiffness to it. The cushy ride is nice and comfortable, but I prefer a firmer ride for speed.

Thomas: It is the bump in the middle for me. The “M-strike” It always takes me a mile to get used to that feeling. After that first mile it becomes less noticeable and less of an issue. If the bump was just a smidge, a hair, a fraction less, I believe the shoe would feel terrific from start to finish. While the Resalyte™ midsole/outsole seems to hold up well for my foot strike, I do tend to shred some of the lateral GOimpuse sensors (dots of rubber) up.

Stein: I can’t find very much to dislike about these shoes. There are various schemes available, but my dark blue review shoes are a bit plain (except the day glow yellow shoe laces!). The appearance is understated but that’s ok. There’s not much in the way of heel counter but personally I don’t need additional stability features.

GOrun 3 WomensConclusion

Thomas: If you liked the GOrun 2 you will love the improvements to the GOrun 3. Once I get past the feeling of the “M-strike” bump I settle into a good stride. There is ample cushioning in the middle of the shoe while the fore foot feels flexible and gives you plenty of feedback from the road. The improvements to the upper are well thought out and the shoe feels very comfortable on the foot. You can remove the 4mm drop foot bed for a more “natural” feeling ride, I did all my runs with the footbed in. I like a little drop. At $80 this is one of the more affordable trainers out there. If you haven’t given them a shot I recommend you try them. Compare this shoe to any similar trainer from any of your favorite running brands, you might be surprised when you find yourself lacing up the Skechers GOrun 3 again and again. It is as good or better than anything else out there. The Skechers Performance division is working hard to provide some really good options. We will be reviewing the GOrun Speed and the GOrun Ride 3 in the upcoming weeks, so keep your eyes out for those reviews. Cheers!

Stein: The GOrun 3 is plush, flexible and simply comfortable. I never experienced any hotspots, soreness or discomfort. While the GOrun 3 is not a racing flat, it is light and fast, and it would be perfect for a half marathon or longer.

Meaghan: In case you haven’t gotten the memo – I’m a big fan of the Skechers GOrun 3. I rarely wear the same running shoe on back to back training days. But I found myself lacing these up day after day. It’s a sign of love when you want to take a pair of shoes on all of your runs.  I was sooo close to using this shoe for my last marathon, but I received them a little too close to race day. This shoe is great. Get over your Skechers grudge and go get a pair.


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  1. miki says:

    Thanks for your detailed reviews. I’d like to buy this shoe, but where I live, they have the GR3 only for females, and I’m a male. Would i have a problem running in a shoe designed for a woman?

    1. I don’t believe the shoe was designed gender specific. The colorways are the difference. If you don’t like the colors try ordering online.

  2. Erin says:

    Do they run true to size? I am considering buying a pair and did not see anyone mention if they sized a half up or not?

    1. true to size or a little large.

  3. stewart says:

    I bought these at a marathon expo on Friday to replace a shoe that had given me a heel blister. Did a short taper run Saturday morning and then the marathon on Sunday. They felt great the entire 26.2 and the great mid-foot lock-down and lack of structure in the heel meant the blister wasn’t an issue. I PR’d by 15 minutes and I am TOTALLY sold on Skechers!

    1. Congrats on the PR!

  4. Violator says:

    Are they wide fitting. I’m wide

    1. They should work with your foot the GObionic is wider.

  5. Sheila says:

    I tried them on in the store and really liked them. I’m a fan of the Vibram five-finger shoes and really wanted to try a traditional minimalist shoe. I’ll give them a whorl tonight, expecting a good ride.

    1. Good luck, I hope you enjoy them.

  6. Haynie says:

    I was looking for a new pair of running shoes, read a LOT of reviews and in the end bought the GOrun 3s pretty much based on Meaghan’s glowing review of this shoe. I wasn’t disappointed, I love them too! They were supposed to be a second pair in rotation, but I haven’t worn my Adidas since getting these a few weeks ago – they’re just perfect. Planning to wear them for my first half marathon in March.

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