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Road Running Shoes • December 27, 2019

Skechers GOmeb Speed 6 Hyper Review

skechers go meb speed 6 hyper

What You Need To Know

  • Featherweight light at 6.14 oz./174g for a size US M11.0
  • Strictly a racing shoe
  • Goodyear rubber outsole provides good traction
  • Size up in these like you’re going all-out at McDonald’s

THOMAS: We probably harp on this too much, but Skechers is firing off a lot of similarly named shoes. If not for the Meb part (after all, this is the Skechers signature model for Olympic medalist Meb Keflezighi), you may have even thought this shoe came out already. You’re not alone, it can be confusing even for shoe nerds like us.

It gets even more confusing when shoes like the Skechers GOrun Razor 3 used to be called the Skechers GOmeb Razor.
Anyway, here we are. Yes, this shoe came out in October. Yes, we are just now getting around to reviewing it. Previous versions were winners, so it was a much-anticipated shoe for many runners. And although it’s somewhat similar to other shoes in the Skechers speed division, there are differences.

Namely, the GOmeb Speed 6 Hyper has a lower stack height than both the GOrun Razor 3 and the Speed Elite with an Injected PEBAX® plate, making the Speed 6 Hyper a shorter distance racing shoe that reminds us of the pre-Vaporfly racing flats.

AUSTIN: I, for one, will continue to cheer the Skechers Performance division. Their shoes continue to wow and amaze. I’m still new to the brand’s running shoes as I’ve only owned a few pairs, but I’ve been impressed at every turn with the comfort and ride. Skechers is regularly innovating and wowing all runners (like me!) who try their footwear.

skechers go meb speed 6 hyper

The Good

THOMAS: The GOmeb Speed 6 Hyper looks as sharp as a knife. This shoe is made for one thing: speed. Weighing in at 6.14 oz./174g for a size 11, the Speed 6 is a featherweight, but don’t think the light weight makes the shoe fragile. The Speed 6 Hyper has a Goodyear® rubber outsole, a fair amount of Hyperburst foam with a 4 mm differential, and a nearly indestructible lightweight rip-stop nylon mesh.

On step-in, the shoe felt similar to the Nike Streak 6, one of my all-time favorites. Both shoes just float through your gait, allowing you to get in the flow and forget about the shoe.

AUSTIN: The GOmeb Speed 6 Hyper has a lot of accolades going for it: Low drop. Low weight. A crazy thin mesh upper. A locked-down heel. And—wait for it—laces that are an appropriate length after you’ve tied them. That’s something to get excited about friends.

Strange as it seems, what struck me most about the Speed 6 Hyper is the Goodyear outsole. Yes, that company that makes automobile tires. Like Continental and their partnership with Adidas, it appears that tire makers are expanding their offering into footwear. Why not go for it? My runs didn’t encounter any damp conditions, but the outsole traction felt strong during hard efforts along the sidewalks and roads.

Shop GO Meb Speed 6 Hyper

skechers go meb speed 6 hyper

The Bad

THOMAS: Overall, I just wasn’t feeling this shoe. It just didn’t wow me like I was hoping it would.

Size up. The first pair I had in a 10.5 was crushing my toes. This shoe isn’t for daily training; this is a one-trick pony, use accordingly.

AUSTIN: After the first Speed 6 Hyper pictures appeared on the Believe in the Run Instagram account, I wondered whether sizing would dominate the responses. Yes. Yes they did. My first run in the Speed 6 happened to be a 10-mile fartlek workout, and the toes paid dearly for the faster pace. Multiple toes on both feet were sore as the run included various inclines, and the large toe on the left foot developed a blister on the medial side.

I want to note that I wore various socks to remedy the blister in subsequent runs, but it regularly returned due to the shallow toe box (more on this in a moment). Therefore, my critiques of the Speed 6 Hyper should be read and understood in the context of my typical running shoe size. In other words, if I wore a half-size up, these issues might be non-existent. Although Running Warehouse suggests ordering a full size larger, I think a half-size jump is adequate as it’s crucial to preserve the racing qualities of this shoe.

The recurring blister is a result of the structured piece in the forefoot. Honestly, I’m not sure why it’s positioned inside the shoe instead of outside, but the large toe kept rubbing during toe-off. Again, a half-size increase may eliminate the blister. Still, I do know from experience that overlays that stretch along the forefoot in certain places may aggravate the callus that’s developed from years of running and is still susceptible to hot spots. This happened earlier in the year with the Salomon SONIC RA MAX 2.

Finally, I don’t care for the material used on the top of the sock liner. Even with a low toe box height and narrow width, my toes felt like they were sliding a bit at fast paces. Note that the sockliner is not removable without some elbow grease, i.e. it’s glued down in the shoe.

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skechers go meb speed 6 hyper outsole

Skechers GOmeb Speed 6 Hyper Conclusion

AUSTIN: Overall, the Speed 6 Hyper felt great as a fast shoe. Despite the sizing issue and blister, the ride is very smooth. I haven’t run in many race flats; in fact, I was comparing the Speed 6 to the New Balance Hanzo S, a flat with a much stiffer forefoot. In short, these two flats are very different. With a bit more cushion underfoot, I feel like you can definitely favor the Speed 6 Hyper for up to a half marathon distance if the fit is there.

THOMAS: Despite being a lightweight and fast shoe, it feels a bit off to me. However, if you’re a fan of Skechers or the Hyperburst midsole (or just want a good-looking race shoe), this might be the chariot you’re looking for. Again, be careful of the fit. For me, I prefer the Razor 3; it’s still got the speed, but is a little more forgiving on the feet and legs.

You can pick up the at Running Warehouse (featuring free 2-day shipping and 90-day returns) by using the link below

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