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Saucony Virrata – First Impression

Saucony VirrataSaucony Virrata

*I have not run in these shoes yet*

The Finnish word “virrata” means “flow” in English.

I came home to find a box roughly the size of a shoebox. I had an idea what might be in the box. Earlier in the day a friend that reviews shoes as well, asked me if I had gotten the package he received. I was psyched when I opened the package. I love running shoes. I love that running companies are always pursuing a better product for us. Shoes are getting lighter and have more options for runners looking for a cushioned shoe with less heel to toe drop. As the sports popularity grows, so do the number of products for runners. Saucony has been putting out a full spectrum of shoes that cover just about every category. The Saucony Virrata is the first cushioned zero drop shoe they have offered. This is my favorite type of zero drop shoe at the moment. I have needed less and less cushioning over the past two years and have tried everything from a slab of rubber under my foot to fully structured running shoes with posting. Zero drop to 4mm with cushioning seems to work best for me. I haven’t run in the Verrata yet – the following is my impression of the shoes out of the box.

When I peeled back the tissue paper I was blown away by the look of the shoes and the details of how they are put together. These are SLICK! The first thing I noticed was the shiny black toe and the mono mesh that is sheer enough to show the flex film that creates the structure of the shoe without adding the weight of traditional overlays. The metallic red accents in the rear of the shoe remind me of a sports car. When I pulled the shoe out it felt super light in my hand (6.5 oz.) I wasn’t sure about the soles of the shoes, they have a slightly pod-like look. I slid the left shoe on and took a few strides, the bottoms felt good underfoot with a slight bounce. The fit of the upper is going to feel very familiar for Kinvara fans. Traditional running shoe shape with just enough room in the toebox for me. I do worry that once I get to put some miles on the the shoe I will run into wear issues with the sole. There is no rubber on the outside edge where I am typically hardest on shoes. The collar of the shoe has the HydraMax lining for comfort. I know some people had issues with the Kinvara 3 rubbing the achilles, but the collar on the Virrata seems lower and I doubt those people will have that issue in these shoes. This is a hot shoe that I am excited to put some miles on.

Saucony Virrata


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  1. JennyJ says:

    On my third pair and love this shoe. Can’t wait to hear your review after some miles!

    1. Wanna write up a review JJ?

  2. Annie says:

    I liked this shoe at first– but ended up too cushy. Maybe they improved it since then, it was the 1st go round with it. Would love to try the latest version!! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

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January 30, 2013

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