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Road Running Shoes • October 29, 2019

Saucony Triumph 17 Performance Review

Saucony Triumph 17

What You Need To Know

  • Updates galore, including all-new POWERRUN+ midsole
  • Lost some weight, but still a bit heavy at 9.2 oz. for a US W9.0
  • Incredibly comfortable upper
  • Adrienne is finally willing to run in something over 8 oz

ADRIENNE: “Premium trainers” like the Saucony Triumph 17 have never been my thing. It’s not that I don’t enjoy running slowly (or nice things); however, I’ve always put them in the category of heavy, over-engineered behemoths. And honestly, not that much fun to run in.

I’m no Jenny or Shelby, but I typically enjoy a shoe that weighs as little as possible. I like to feel like I’m moving quickly and powerfully across the ground. For me, wearing something over 8 oz. is torture on the scale of Jane Fonda-style ankle weights.

That said, the Saucony Triumph 17 came and rocked my idea of what a premium trainer can be. In a running climate currently in REBELlion and getting VAPORized, the notion of purpose comes into play when putting this shoe into consideration.

Does the Triumph 17 serve its purpose? Let’s find out.

saucony triumph 17 lateral

The Good

ADRIENNE: This version is a complete retooling of the shoe’s previous version (the Triumph ISO 5). It’s lost 28% of its weight (according to Saucony), as well as its ISOFIT straps. EVERUN has finally been retired and replaced with a totally new midsole material, PWRRUN+.

Boiled down, the Triumph 17 does a good job of incorporating hella protection and comfort with some lively responsiveness to it. Protection comes in the way of a relatively high stack height (33.5 mm rear/ 25.5 mm front), netting an 8mm drop.

The new PWRRUN+ midsole bears an uncanny resemblance to adidas Boost material, with visible fused beads. Word on the street is this concoction is a combination of TPU and EVA.



I must say it runs nice: not too soft, not too aggressive. I’d compare it to the Adidas Supernova of a few years ago, but with an even more controlled ride. The shoe rolls nicely and transitions well. Contours around the midsole wall may be a contributing factor to ride consistency, as well as with the relative flexibility of the shoe.

One of my favorite aspects of the Triumph 17 is the powerful push-off. I like to practice good running form during my easy days, and my stride feels good in these. The 8 mm drop seemed to hit the sweet spot.

On top of the PWRRUN+ midsole, Saucony’s FORMFIT heel counter holds the foot in place, providing a near-custom fit. Engineered mesh wraps the foot in all the right places and provides plenty of movement for the foot without feeling sloppy.

The FORMFIT ankle collar does look a bit excessive; it resembles a first-class airline seat for your heel and Achilles tendon. But here’s the weird thing– once you slip it on, it ceases to feel bulky.

Besides a puffy collar, the Triumph has a sleek, classic look and breathes well, even in the Texas humidity we’re still dealing with in October.

When they say plush, they mean it. This shoe is entirely soft, to the extent that even the laces have a weird buttery consistency to them. Saucony’s 360 Fit creates a slip-in sensation that is almost sinful. Even while battling some soreness in my right foot, there was no excessive lace pressure, no irritation, and no hotspots.

Underneath, durable crystal rubber envelops most of the outsole paired with hard rubber in high-abrasion areas. One can expect to get a lot of miles out of this shoe with the durable midsole and outsole components.

Saucony asserts that the Triumph 17 offers 2x more flexibility than the previous model. Given the stack height of the Triumph 17, it does seem to flex more than I expected (remembered, I anticipated an overhyped brick of a shoe).

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by the ride. For the class of shoe that this is, it is a lively one and pretty fun on top of that. I took these on runs ranging from 4-8 miles and I’d expect them to shine in distances much longer.

Those who want a lot of cushion and bounce and don’t mind some extra weight will enjoy running long in this shoe. I took these on runs on various surfaces, including concrete, and my legs felt as fresh finishing as starting the run.

I have heard initial reports about a sensation of the laces “feeling untied”, however, I never experienced this in my pair. The midfoot is held well by the overlays, and you have the best of both worlds in both lockdown and a roomy toe box (also a gift for a janky foot).

Shop Saucony Triumph 17 – US saucony triumph 17 upper

The Bad

ADRIENNE: Saucony, you’re onto something here… but we still need to talk about this shoe’s weight. With so many lightweight cushioned trainers out there, I’d almost always pass on a shoe like the Triumph 17.

Like I said, they don’t feel that heavy, and they don’t get in the way of my stride. But on paper, I’d almost always go with something lighter.

I talked about flexibility earlier; while the current Triumph model flexes twice as much as the previous, this girl could use a little bit more in the forefoot. Add some flex grooves both laterally and vertically, this could be even better.

As a forefoot striker, a little movement up front is a good thing. Heel strikers, however, should enjoy the softer heel on the shoe. Maybe it’s just me, but I found the heel softer than the forefoot. Not really a problem, just an observation.

Shop Saucony Triumph 17 – US saucony triumph 17 outsole

Saucony Triumph 17 Conclusion

ADRIENNE: The Saucony Triumph 17 isn’t a total chunk of a shoe, but it’s still heavier than many options out there. That said, it still looks, runs, and feels great. This is a very well-made and well-designed update. The nice pop of the midsole does help the shoe run lighter than its weight, so it’s only a minor distraction. One may also be tempted to keep wearing them long after the run is finished because they really do feel that good.

Speed may not be this shoe’s forte, but it serves its purpose in bringing some power into your step even after your hardest workouts. Premium trainer fans will fall in love with this shoe, and it may even turn the heads of some skeptics too. In short, this is a purposeful update to a purposeful shoe.

I just may be pulling these out more on my recovery days. And wearing to brunch. And maybe wearing longer after that.

You can pick up the Saucony Triumph 17 from Running Warehouse for $149.95 using the shop link below.

Shop Saucony Triumph 17 – US

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  1. Steve says:

    Hi, How does it compare with the skechers gorun ride 8 – versatility (recovery – tempo, short/long distance), cushion (firmer/softer and amount), breathability and weight. Which you prefer overall thanks. Looking at a daily trainer. Thanks 🙂

  2. Andrew says:

    Given the weight of the Triumph, have you tried the Freedom 3 to compare? I’d love to hear your thoughts on the Freedom 3.

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