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Saucony Ride 9 Review

The Good

Thomas: The Saucony Ride model has been a regular favorite of mine for a while. The Ride 9 is the best in the series to date. This shoe is super versatile. The Ride 9 is light for a daily trainer, weighing in at 9.8 oz. for a size 10.5. Usually, you have to give something up to get the shoe under 10 oz. The Ride 9 doesn’t compromise. There is lots of cush. The big update on the shoe is the addition of a “top sole” made from Everun. Everun is a TPU foam very similar to the BOOST material in the adidas trainers. It is very resilient and provides good energy return. Unlike the adidas shoes that use the BOOST as a midsole feature, the Everun is incorporated into a thinner layer resting above the midsole material and under the sock liner. The effect I received from the material was a shoe that continually felt fresh and lively, a spring in the step if you will. The cushioning is ample from toe to heel. The shoe remains flexible considering how mush cushion there is. It won’t matter what type of footstrike you have, you will land softly. The outsole of the shoe has lots of rubber and held up well, this is a durable trainer with grip. Let’s talk about the upper, I was so enamored with what was under my feet that the excellent upper could have been ignored. Saucony sent the blue color, and it is the best color combo for the men’s version. You heard it here first. The Flexfilm overlays help the shoe look modern while providing the structure for the shoe. No hot spots in the Ride 9 for me.

Meaghan: The Saucony Ride 9 is a great looking trainer. I was provided with the Navy | Blue | Pink colorway which I happen to love. But looks aside, the shoe is quality. It’s a durable, broadly built shoe that can withstand lots of miles. If you’re familiar with Saucony’s Ride the primary update in this model is the addition of EVERUN. If you haven’t heard of EVERUN, then you’ve probably never heard of Saucony. In which case, here you go. The upper looks like there’s a lot going on, but it’s a fairly simple construction of open mesh and FLEXFILM which offers nice support, without any seams. And it breathes well (we haven’t had any hot days in Baltimore). The outsole is designed with a TRI-FLEX layer that provides some really great traction. The shoes felt secure on slippery terrain (it’s ALWAYS raining in Baltimore). Despite all the cushioning, Saucony kept these trainers light. My women’s 7.5 weighed in at 8.1oz. I’ll take it.

Saucony Ride 9

The Bad

Thomas: The only issue I had with this shoe was getting the right fit. It took me a couple runs to get the lacing just right. I ended up tightening them more than I thought was needed and then did the heel-lock lacing trick to dial it all the way in. After that, I had a great fit.

Meaghan: I had to tie these shoes real tight to keep them from slipping. I used the extra eyelet to keep the heel in place, which worked, but it seemed to mess with the overall fit. For a shoe that has such a wide footprint, it felt somewhat narrow.

While I’ve done some faster runs in the shoe, it wouldn’t be my pick for the track.

Saucony Ride 9

The Conclusion

Thomas: This is a great shoe. The Saucony Ride 9 will definitely be in my top shoe picks for the year. I have reviewed the Kinvara 7, the ISO Triumph, and the Ride 9 is better than both of them. If you need one trainer that you can use for all your workouts, I would recommend the Ride 9.

Meaghan: I like the direction that Saucony is going. Both the Guide 9 and Ride 9 had some really great updates. If you’re looking for durable, versatile neutral trainer, the Saucony Ride 9 is a great option. It’s good looking, relatively lightweight and can easily go marathon distance.

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  1. Good review for a really good show with a major problem (which you highlighted). This shoe is fast and fun and forgiving all at once, BUT it feels narrow. Looking at it on my foot, it looks plenty wide, the outsole is well beyond the width of my foot, and the upper wraps naturally around my foot without bulging over the outsole or anything to that effect. BUT, the shoe feels freaking narrow. It could be due to the placement of the overlays, but i think its due to the volume or height of the toe-box. While wide, its almost as if the upper is a few mm too narrow and wraps around the foot like saran wrap directly over tupperware. If it were maybe a few mm wider or higher, it would allow the foot to find its natural last and wrap properly. In the meantime, i’ll probably try to move the lacing system up an eyelet to relieve a little pressure on the sides of my feet (something ive done with the Nike Lunaracer for years to great effect). But in any event, this show feels great and i’m sure some smart lacing or a little hack can fix the only negative that i have.

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