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Saucony Ride 8 GTX Running Shoe Review

The GTX is shorthand for GORE-TEX® and that means this is a waterproof breathable shoe. In the past, I have avoided the GTX versions. I have always had warm feet in the winter and when I am on the trails I like shoes that drain water quickly after stream crossings. GORE Running sent us each a pair of the Saucony Ride 8 GTX, and I admit I may be a convert.

The Good

Thomas: First off, I am a fan of the Saucony Ride. It is a workhorse of a shoe. It isn’t afraid of going the distance or running a Fartlek. If you could only have one running shoe in your closet the Ride would be a good one. Although, if you are reading this review, you probably have a lot more than one pair of running shoes in your closet. This review is less about the merits of the Saucony Ride as a trainer, and more about how GORE-TEX® enhances the shoe for inclement weather. When the hurricane Juaquin skipped the eastern seaboard, we still got doused with rain and winds. We also had an 18 mile run on the schedule. This seemed like the perfect time to try the shoes out.

This wasn’t my first run in the shoes, but it was the first run in chilly wet weather. The rain didn’t let up and the puddles were plentiful. The Saucony Ride 8 GTX did what they guarantee. My feet were dry and comfortable the entire 18 mile run. The only thing that wasn’t drenched when I got home were my feet. I pulled the shoes off and my socks were dry. I was surprised. Want even more surprises? The Saucony Ride 8 GTX only weighs 10.35 0z. for a size 10.5. Pretty light for a full-on waterproof trainer.

Meaghan: I’ve enjoyed previous Ride models so I was looking forward to testing out Saucony’s GTX version. It wasn’t love at first site. Black and white camo isn’t exactly my favorite colorway… regardless, these shoes are really comfortable right out of the box. They’re structured with a plush collar lining that secures the heel nicely. The toebox is nice and wide. In fact, I found myself tightening up the lacing quite a bit to really get a secure fit. This caused some puckering. More on that later. These shoes come with plenty of cushioning underfoot. Saucony used their primary SSL EVA foam through the midsole. They’ve added a SRC “Super Rebound Compound” in the heel and midfoot which helps absorb shock, a nice feature for us heel-strikers. The GORE-TEX® upper construction is what differentiates these shoes from the original Ride 8. Basically, they’re waterproof. The upper is designed with a material that prevents water from getting inside the shoe, but allows sweat to escape from the inside. I know…what!? Pretty frickin’ cool. You’d think with all the cushioning and waterproof upper material that these shoes would feel like bricks. Not the case. My W7.5 weighed in at 8.8oz. Not horrible, all things considered.

The Bad

Thomas: These are limited to cooler wetter runs for me. The Saucony Ride 8 with the GORE-TEX® membrane is breathable, but not as breathable as the wide open mesh of most running shoes. The upper feels a little crinkly. Once I got about a mile into the run I noticed the crinkly feeling less.

Meaghan: As mentioned above, I had to tighten up the lacing of my shoes to get a snug fit. This caused the upper to crinkle up like an expandable garden hose. This could explain the camo upper choice… you can’t really tell until you get up real close. The good news is the puckering had no affect on fit, comfort or performance.


Thomas: The Saucony Ride GTX won me over. They won’t be my daily trainer, but they will be my go to for this winter’s nasty runs. The GORE-TEX® + the Saucony Ride platform is a winner.

Meaghan: I really like the Saucony Ride 8 GTX. A lot more than I thought I would. The love affair happened on an 18 mile run when we took them out on an epic challenge of pouring rain and giant puddles. I came home soaked, with the exception of my feet. My socks were as dry as can be. It’s amazing what dry feet can do for a long run. This isn’t your daily trainer, but this is your must-have for rainy days.

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