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Trail Running Shoes • February 16, 2023

Saucony Peregrine 13 ST Review: The Ultimate Mud Bird

saucony peregrine 13 st cover

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What You Need To Know


Weighs 9.7 oz. (275 g.) for a US M9 / 8.5 oz. (241 g.) for a US W7.5


Slightly thicker bed of PwrRun

Stack Height

30 mm Heel / 26 mm Forefoot ( 4 mm drop)

Notable Changes

Completely reworked bootie-style upper

On The Run

Nimble, responsive, and ready for the mud



The Intro

ALEX: Equipped with 6.5 mm lugs and a protective, grippy outsole, the Saucony Peregrine 13 ST (soft-terrain) is the OHV of trail shoes. Without the noise pollution. Nothing ruins a peaceful run in the mountains faster than a train of a dozen OHVs speeding by and the dust storm that follows. I digress.

Speaking of dust, the one-piece, tightly woven, closed mesh upper is highly effective at keeping debris out of your shoe. In addition, the gaiter-like construction of the heel collar is the perfect complement to the aggressive outsole and allows you to go where this shoe was designed to take you, keeping mud, snow, and other debris out of your shoe.

The Saucony Peregrine ST 13 lost about 25g from its previous version while maintaining its durability and comfort. A couple of thoughtfully redesigned features make this version one of the most well-equipped mud shoes on the market while retaining the Peregrine features we have come to know and trust through the years.

MELISSA: The peregrine is nature’s fastest animal, with a diving speed of up to 200 MPH. That’s a lot of momentum for this bird of prey. As for Saucony Peregrine ST (soft terrain), the choice environment for this bird would be mud — give her all the ground, and it won’t slow you down one bit.

I received my pair at the beginning of a week when we expected rain. And boy, did it rain. It created the optimal environment for putting Peregrine 13 ST’s 6.5 mm lugs to the test.

Alex covered the updates and details on this bird, so let’s move on to the fun part.

saucony peregrine 13 st angle

The Good

ALEX: The defining characteristic of the Saucony Peregrine 13 ST is its massive lugs. They provide incredible grip and traction in mud, snow, and loose terrain. Equally important, they are well-designed to effectively shed dirt and debris, so you aren’t carrying it all with you with every step. Lucky for me, there’s no absence of deep, soft mud on my local trails at any given time, so this shoe will get plenty of use across all seasons. The signature Peregrine PwrRun midsole foam provides a responsive, familiar feel. Layer on that Peregrine ST outsole, and it’s like adding an off-road lift kit to the regular Peregrine.

The reinforced mono-mesh upper feels Gore-Tex adjacent; it’s highly effective at keeping dirt and debris out and works well in the winter as it is not as highly breathable as other mesh uppers. I’m not sure how this will feel when the temps start to rise, but trading some breathability for protection when the trails are sloppy seems like a fair trade.

The upper fit is secure and doesn’t have any unnecessary overlays or problematic flex points, and the toe bumper is protective and just hefty enough to instill confidence on technical terrain. The speed lacing system is secure and allows for easy on-the-run adjustments. I’m a big fan of speed laces and BOA systems, so I often find myself opting for shoes equipped with these laces over traditional ones. When time is limited, it makes a difference in getting out the door. Another massive benefit to the speed laces is that the thin cord seems to be made for mud; it doesn’t absorb water or get caked in dirt and mud. Finally, because you tuck the extra cord into a small pocket in the tongue, they aren’t going to get caught up or catch you up on anything.

I appreciate the desert/umber colorway. It’s always sad to take a beautiful white shoe out only to get submerged in mud and be stained brown. This one is great because it’s already the color my white shoes resemble after a few muddy runs.

You can pick up the shoe for $150, which feels just about right for the mix of grip and protection.

MELISSA: I ran on muddy terrain fully confidently in Peregrine 13 ST, thanks to incredibly grippy lugs that held up well through many miles. The outsole gripped mud and sand with ease without letting it linger.

The upper is made with tightly woven mesh that keeps mud out while still draining water well. It has a built-in gaiter to add extra protection from dirt, rocks, and debris, and the fit is secure but slightly snug in the midfoot area. However, it is not overly snug as to cause any issues, at least not for me. The speed laces provide a secure fit and a safe ride. Plus, they have a fun little pocket to tuck them into.

The midsole felt comfortable enough but slightly firm. More on this later.

Finally, I want to mention that if sustainability is important, I encourage you to read up on Saucony’s sustainability initiatives. They use recycled content and vegan materials to make their shoes and packaging materials. Also, check out their X Cycora apparel line. Pretty cool stuff.

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The Bad

ALEX: Unless your entire run or race is on muddy, soft, technical terrain or snow, these lugs can be overkill, and you might start to feel them pushing back up against your foot on more hard-packed trails. To be fair, they state very clearly in the name what the shoe is intended for, just something to keep in mind if your long training run or race involves mixed surfaces.

While the shoe’s overall fit is secure and protective, I found the midfoot and toe box to feel a little narrow, which takes it out of the running for 20-plus mile runs for me.

MELISSA: This shoe is perfect for rain and mud. However, it felt a little awkward, stiff, and heavy outside of those conditions. On concrete, asphalt, and hard-pack, I felt like I was running in cycling shoes. As Alex mentioned, this is a factor to consider if you’re running or racing on mixed surfaces. I’d also be concerned about the breathability of the upper in drier, warmer conditions.

Shop The Shoe - Men Shop The Shoe - Women saucony peregrine 13 st outsole and toe

Saucony Peregrine 13 ST Conclusion

ALEX: The Peregrine 13 ST provides a fun, secure, protective ride. The tightly woven mesh upper is secure and effective at keeping debris out of the shoe, and the speed lace system is thoughtfully executed to be the perfect complement to the shoe’s overall design. I found that the responsive PwrRun midsole combined with the aggressive outsole makes this a true all-terrain package. The lugs are aggressive and well-designed to claw through and quickly shed mud and snow. The Peregrine ST feels surprisingly light, given the aggressive outsole and overall durability. This one has earned its spot at the top of my list.

MELISSA: I can think of a few races in my past where Peregrine 13 ST would be my shoe of choice — all of them involve rain, mud, and stream crossings. At its low price point, I can see the benefit of keeping a pair of these in the rotation for the next rainy day. The Saucony Peregrine 13 ST is a specialized shoe that performs very well in its intended purpose.

You can pick up the Saucony Peregrine 13 ST for $150 at Running Warehouse (featuring free 2-day shipping and 90-day returns) by using the shop link below.

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