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Trail Running Shoes • April 24, 2019

Salomon Sense Ride 2 Performance Review

Salming Sense Ride 2

The original Salomon Sense Ride was a great alternative to its higher-priced cousin, the S/Lab Ultra. It was an affordable shoe but was still equipped with the performance package of its the top-tier S/Lab (i.e. the whole Salomon package: the Vibe midsole, Contragrip outsole, and the Quicklace system). The second edition of this series has kept many of the components the same, with the exception of a couple of worthwhile changes.

The Sense Ride 2 is marketed as an all-terrain and any-distance trail shoe. I 100% agree with that pitch. My runs with this shoe have ranged in terrain, intensity, and distance (from gravel road to technical steep and rocky trails with snow, both easy runs and uptempo, from 4 to 12miles). I wasn’t surprised at their consistent and solid performance throughout each run.

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Salming Sense Ride 2

The Good

I’ve enjoyed the first Sense Ride so much that I put off purchasing the second model even before I was a reviewer for BITR. I’m glad this newer version ended up coming to me since the Sense Ride 2 has a couple upgrades that I didn’t even know I wanted.

For starters, the new upper is fabulous. It is much softer and more breathable than the previous model. It feels much like a knit upper on many recent road shoes. Add in Salomon’s sensiFit and the whole upper feels more secure than the previous model without feeling tighter. I question the durability of it with some of the rugged trails that I frequent (rocky, steep, and mostly technical), but I’ll update once I get some significant mileage in.

Underneath, many have commented on a firmer ride, but I’m not really buying into that. Throughout the foot, it feels similar or maybe even softer. The difference from the previous model is that it has more pronounced and firm arch support. This really solidifies the Sense Ride 2 as a shoe that can go the distance.

It is one of the more “low-profile” shoes that still comes with a good amount of underfoot protection. It weighs in at 9.6 oz. compared to the HOKA Speedgoat that weighs 10.3 oz. Over the long-haul, such a weight differential can make a difference. Also, the stack height is quite a bit lower (27mm vs. 32mm at the midfoot for the HOKA SG to 19mm/28mm at the forefoot).

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Salming Sense Ride 2 Upper

The Bad

As previously mentioned, the upper is superb in terms of comfort, but until I get a couple hundred miles in, I’m not convinced of its durability. What is a trail shoe without being durable? I used to run in the Salomon Sense Pro 2’s (which also had a softer upper) but after a long day in the mountains, I would return with blown-out sides. I am throwing my piggy bank in the wishing well hoping that this won’t be the case for the Sense Ride 2’s.

Salomon’s lacing system: I do not question whether it is effective or not because Salomon’s quicklace system is the best in the business, but it does always seem to take a week or two of wear to get the lacing how I want it.

Even though the shoe is true to size and accommodates for wider feet, I stopped once or twice each run (ranging between 4 and 12 miles) to adjust the laces to exactly how I want them in the first week of wear. I am a bit picky with my feet feeling snug/secure in my shoes but not too tight. After 20 miles in the Sense Ride 2’s there wasn’t a need to make any on-the-go adjustments.

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Salming Sense Ride 2 Outsole

Salomon Sense Ride 2 Conclusion

For what it’s worth, this will become my new go-to trail shoe for both training and racing. If the upper lasts, Salomon has created yet another trail shoe that finds a great balance of performance and comfort. The Sense Ride 2 is a dependable workhorse!

They have a comparable amount of protection and grit to the HOKA Speedgoat but with a lower-profile and more firm ride. It will handle any of your trail running needs and more. It’s light and responsive enough for a gravel road 10k and has more than enough to take you 100 miles… or further, if you’re into that sort of thing.

The Sense Ride 2 retails for $120 at Running Warehouse. You can help us out by shopping through the link below.

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Salming Sense Ride 2


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  1. behzad says:

    hello. how was the durability of the upper after more running?

    1. Taylor Bodin says:

      👌 real nice durability. Did a few hundred miles (even really rugged hundred miler and 50 mile races) and everything held up.

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