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Salming Speed 5 Performance Review

Mileage in the Salming Speed 5

Thomas: 40
Meaghan: 25

The Good

Thomas: There is a lot to like about the Salming Speed 5. It has all the characteristics of a heavy duty daily trainer stripped down to the weight of a speed day shoe. If your budget is limited to one shoe for all your workouts, you should be looking at the Salming Speed 5. The upper of the Speed 5 is one of the funkier ones out there. You get shiny overlays, stripes on the collar and heel counter, screen door style mesh on the sides, lots of text printed anywhere and everywhere, you even get the Swedish flag. The shoe stands out. Most of my miles in the Speed 5 were done in cold temps, but I would guess the super breathable upper would work well in the heat. The fit of the Speed 5 worked well for my foot except for one complaint I will mention the bad section of the review.

The midsole, like the other 2017 Salming models I have reviewed, is a treat. Firm and flexible, it has enough cushion for heavy mileage. The 6mm drop midsole paired with just the right amount of sticky rubber on the outsole gives the Speed 5 comfort and performance. The Speed is also deceivingly light, 8.8 oz. for a size 10.5.

Meaghan: This is the 3rd pair of Salming shoes I’ve ever tried. The first two were just okay for me (Distance A2 & a racing flat). The Speed 5 is intended for speed (aptly named) and workout days. I actually found this shoe more comfortable for everyday, easy running. Maybe it’s all the overlays, but to me, this shoe doesn’t “look” fast. Don’t get me wrong it’s a great looking shoe. I love the bright orange colorway. Anyway…

The midsole/outsole is designed with Salming’s new Recoil and Recoil R technology. It’s supposed to “absorb negative impact forces and release a higher rebound energy effect in the toe off phase.” The shoes definitely feel springy underfoot and have a nice bounce to them. They’re firm, but not racing-flat firm. The blown rubber on the outsole offers some nice grip for added traction and durability. Despite looking heavy, my W7.5 weighed in at a scant 7 oz.

Salming Speed 5

The Bad

Thomas: I have a narrow foot, the throat of the Speed 5 is narrow. To get the right fit on the Speed, I have to cinch it up. I would recommend making the throat a little wider so that the runner can get a better fit by modifying the lacing. Once I had the proper fit I still had lots of lace flopping around.

Meaghan: I complained about this in my review of the Distance A2, but I still feel the same way about the upper. The Exo Skeleton design that connects to the lacing system doesn’t work for my foot. I feel pressure on the top of my foot, especially through my stride. And in order to lock down the fit, I had to really tighten up the laces. My feet crave something with more give and stretch. I should add my feet are horrible (wide & flat) so this could be a me-issue, but it’s been a constant negative.

Salming Speed 5

The Salming Speed 5 Conclusion

Thomas: This is a top-tier shoe. I am guessing that breaking into the US market is a gigantic challenge for a company based out of Sweden. I am hoping Salming’s gamble on the States pays off. If you asked me a year ago about the Salming shoes I would have shrugged and said, “They are okay.” The 2017 models have turned me around, I am bullish on their trainers now. I still feel like they are figuring out their line-up and how to tell their story. For example, the feel of the Salming Speed 5 vs Salming enRoute is negligible. I like the upper, the look,  and the weight (about an ounce difference) of the Speed 5 better. I am not sure both models are needed.

Shoes are either fun to run in or they are not. The Speed 5 is fun. I will continue to put miles in on the shoe even after this review.

Meaghan: Of the three Salming shoes I’ve tried, this is definitely my favorite. While it was designed for speed, I see it as more of an everyday running shoe. My last run in this shoe was 5 miles in the pouring rain. I’m talking total downpour. The shoes felt great the whole time and the traction was on point. While I don’t love the upper of this shoe, I can definitely attest for its quality. If your curious, give them a try. You can snag a pair for $130.

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