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The Best of the Running Warehouse Sustainable Styles Collection (2023)

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Running Warehouse has a new Sustainable Styles collection

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We’re coming off of a pretty big week in terms of loving Mother Earth. I mean, with Earth Day and 4/20 back-to-back, how could you not be feeling green? Kermit the Frog was just way ahead of the times, I guess. Big-time running brands have started to feel green in recent years, too, pivoting toward sustainability in a big way. We’ve seen pushes for more plant-based materials, recycling, and a lot more as companies try to shrink their carbon footprint. Now, Running Warehouse has an easy way to get your hands on the greenest of goods (not those green goods, if you know what we mean). It’s called the Sustainable Styles collection, and it’s packed with some good — and surprising — options.

We only say surprising because there are a few mainstream pieces that we wouldn’t have guessed had such a green thumb to go with them. Since you might not be completely in the know about the latest in sustainable running gear, we’ve gone ahead and picked out some of our favorite options to help out. We’ll split up our list based on each brand because runners love to play favorites. Ready to hug a tree and spend some green? Let’s get to it.

As always, we do receive affiliate revenue from Running Warehouse, so if you buy anything, you’re helping us keep the party going.


running warehouse sustainable styles nike

PRICE: Singlet – $72, Shorts – $65

It’s no secret that Nike is our go-to when it comes to racing shoes, and we’re big fans of the concept behind the Next Nature series. However, what you might not realize is that Nike’s Aeroswift collection leans heavily on sustainable practices. That’s right, the same singlets and half tights you see on elites like Eliud Kipchoge and Jakob Ingebrigsten are loaded with recyclable materials.

More specifically, we wanted to shout out the Dri-FIT ADV Singlet and the Dri-FIT ADV Tight Short. Both are women’s styles this time around, but there are options for men as well. Nike’s Aeroswift apparel is made for race day, which means it’s light, thin, and ready to move as fast as you do.

We’re not gonna lie — we love it when brands tell us exactly how much recycled material they’re working with, and the Aeroswift Dri-FIT ADV Singlet gets top marks. It’s made of 100% polyester, and a whopping 75% of that is on its second life.

Shop Nike Aeroswift Singlet - Women Shop Nike Aeroswift Shorts - Women


running warehouse sustainable styles saucony

PRICE: T-Shirt – $32, Shorts – $50

Nike might have Running Warehouse cornered when it comes to sustainable style on race day, but Saucony has a green thumb for every day of the week. We picked out a pair of particularly springy pieces, both of which earn top marks for sustainability. Seriously, if I hit these percentages in school, I probably would have earned myself a scholarship or something.

Our first choice is the Saucony Stopwatch Short Sleeve — say that three times fast. It’s not a particularly fancy or flashy shirt, but the mesh construction is extremely breathable, and the flatlock seams are as comfortable as can be. You even have your choice of colors, but we like Ether, which is a soft, pale blue. Oh, and the Stopwatch Short Sleeve hits a perfect 100% when it comes to recycled materials.

Movin’ down to some shorts, how could you not like the Saucony Outpace Split Short? The 2.5-inch inseam is perfect for speed days and summer heat, and the Citron colorway feels like sunshine. You can also pick it up in Ether if you want to match it with your Stopwatch Short Sleeve, but don’t blame us if someone sings Eiffel 65 as they run by you. As for recycled materials, we’re talking about a very respectable 86% in the shorts with 88% in their internal liner.

Shop Saucony Stopwatch Short Sleeve - Women Shop Saucony Outpace Shorts - Women



running warehouse sustainable styles adidas

PRICE: T-Shirt – On sale for $32, Shorts – On sale for $27

The Brand with the Three Stripes beat almost everyone to the sustainability game, partnering with Parley to work recycled ocean plastics into shoes and clothes several times over the years. Now, Adidas is bringing a slightly low-key approach to everyday sustainability. Running Warehouse is packed with eco-friendly styles that don’t necessarily scream, “Hey, I’m saving the planet!”

Even if you like to keep your green thumb to yourself, at least you know that you’re doing your part. We’re big fans of the Adidas Run It Shorts, which come with a 5-inch inseam. Maybe that’s longer than you like for running, but it’s perfect for casual wear or the days that you feel like strength training. What makes the Run It Shorts so great, however, is the fact that they have pockets — big pockets. You get one for each hand and a third internal pocket to keep your keys safe. Adidas could have called these the Recycle It Shorts if it really wanted to, as they rock an impressive 100% recycled polyester weave.

The Adidas Own The Run Tee is a pretty simple pick, but it’s executed to perfection. It combines a classic crewneck cut with super-breathable fabric and mesh panels to keep you dry and moving easily. Adidas offers its OTR Tee in five different colors, but we’re once again partial to the blue hues — Preloved Blue, in this case.

Shop Adidas Own The Run Tee - Men Shop Adidas Run It Shorts - Men


running warehouse sustainable styles patagonia

PRICE: T-Shirt – $49, Shorts – $85

We’ve saved what might be the most obvious sustainable brand for last: Patagonia. Of course the company that’s literally owned by Mother Nature is part of the Running Warehouse Sustainable Styles collection. How could it not be? Patagonia is also our second pick for the fellas and probably the obvious choice for trail runners. Yes, it’s granola, but so are we, or at least Robbe is.

Our t-shirt pick is an easy one — you can’t beat the Patagonia Capilene Shirt, and it comes in both long and short lengths. Patagonia’s HeiQ odor control and miDori bioSoft fabric are like an incredible one-two punch when it comes to long summer workouts, wicking sweat and keeping the stank at bay. The Capilene Shirt even has a slight drop tail hem to keep it riding up on you as you rack up the Summer GRIT miles. Is there a theme to only picking blue shirts? Maybe… but picking all green apparel would have been a bit too on the nose. By the way, it’s made of 100% recycled polyester.

Let’s bring it home with one more apparel pick, the Patagonia Strider Pro Shorts. It’s another 5-inch pick, but most people like a little extra length on the trails. After all, more length means more pockets, right? Patagonia’s Strider Pro Shorts have five pockets in total, with four envelope pockets and one zippered option for your keys. You’ll find just enough mesh to keep your undercarriage breathing easy, and the lightweight brief liner is comfy as can be. Patagonia’s shorts cap off the recycled rodeo with a 100% recycled main body and 89% recycled pockets.

Shop Patagonia Capilene Shirt - Men Shop Patagonia Strider Pro Shorts - Men

Sustainable Running Shoes

medial side of on cloudsurfer running shoe

Stitched-in eyelet holds on the On Cloudsurfer

Now, some of you might have noticed that the image at the very top of this list is that of the Hoka Clifton 9. The only problem is that we haven’t spent a single minute talking about sustainable running shoes — until now. Running Warehouse didn’t limit its collection to exclusively apparel, of course there are some shoes out there that deserve a little bit of eco-friendly attention. Two of our favorites right now are the Clifton 9 and On’s new Cloudsurfer. Check them out at the widgets below:

Shop Hoka Clifton 9


hoka clifton 9 - shop men
Shop Hoka Clifton 9 Men
hoka clifton 9 - shop women
Shop Hoka Clifton 9 Women

Shop On Cloudsurfer

on cloudsurfer - shop women right
Shop On Cloudsurfer Men
on cloudsurfer - shop women left
Shop On Cloudsurfer Women

Check out all of the Running Warehouse Sustainable Styles

If you didn’t find anything that tickled your eco fancy above, fear not. There’s a lot more to the Sustainable Styles collection, and we’d be here all day if we tried to highlight all of it. You can head to the button below and check out each and every option that Running Warehouse has to offer, including both shoes and apparel. Just try not to spend your entire tax refund in one place… or do; we can’t control you.

Shop Running Warehouse Sustainable Styles

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