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Road Running Shoes • January 11, 2024

Reebok Floatzig 1 Review: Straight Line to Fun

reebok floatzig 1 - feature

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What You Need To Know


9.8 oz. (277 g) for a US M9

Stack Height / Drop

31 mm in heel, 25 mm in forefoot (6 mm drop)

Best For

Daily training miles

Key Features

Float Energy midsole, Energy Band outsole rubber, Zig Tech midsole geometry

On The Run
Secure and comfortable upper Smooth and responsive ride Feels lighter than its weight Damn good price point
Price & Availability

$130, April 2024

reebok floatzig 1 - lateral sidewalk

Zig Tech midsole is comfortable and responsive

Introduction to the Reebok Floatzig 1

MEAGHAN: I remember Reebok showing us the Floatzig at The Running Event in 2022, slated for release sometime in 2023. Supposedly. That year came and went and Reebok showed the shoe to us again just last month at the 2023 version of the event. All that to say, it’s been a long time coming.

Better late than never, and along with the baseline neutral trainer version of the Floatzig, we also have three more Floatzig models coming in 2024: the FloatZig Symmetros (stability), FloatZig X1 (race day shoe), and FloatZig Adventure (trail).

Before we get into the full review, let’s cover some of the basics. The midsole is built with a TPU-based Floatride Energy foam in a Zig mechanical shape that’s intended to keep the shoes light but responsive. A full length carbon rubber makes up the Energy Band outsole in a banded geometry. The upper is an engineered mesh with some reinforcements around the midfoot and there’s some foam cushioning around the collar and tongue. So how does the Zig tech feel on the roads? I’ve logged over 50 miles on them and have some thoughts.

ROBBE: Reebok’s been sneaky good at running shoes over the last several years (real running shoe geeks know what I’m talking about). They were integrating Pebax-based foams into their daily trainers back before anyone else was doing it (though I’m not sure why that got killed off). Their price points were always super reasonable and you used to be able to stack crazy discounts on the checkout page. I’ve seen them down to $35 before, which is wild. That golden age has bronzed over, so I’m sad to day that the days of $60 Pebax midsole shoes are long gone. 

Nevertheless, Reebok still manages to do a lot with a little, and you could do much worse than any of the models in the Float and Floatride lines. The Floatzig is no different. Meg pretty much summed up the details of the Floatzig 1 and you’ll hear more about it from the lads below, so I won’t rehash all that. I wasn’t sure this shoe was ever coming in real life, so I was just glad to see it arrive. 

My previous experience with anything Zig tech related was hand-rolling cigarettes with a Zig Zag roller and papers back in the early aughts. That was a tedious practice and I felt like it always took me longer to actually roll one than it did to smoke one. It also just never gave me that nicotine high that real cigarettes did. You know, the good stuff– that chemically-enhanced, carcinogenic, formaldehyde-heavy bump. Let’s hope my buzz with Reebok Zig tech is a bit better.

Spoiler: I’m glad I got it, because I wouldn’t have believed the review had I not tried it myself.

reebok floatzig 1 - lateral on ground

Heritage styling

ALEX: This was my first ride in any of Reebok’s performance running line, but I have been a tremendous fan of their re-emergence as purveyor of ‘90s aesthetics; primarily in bringing back their retro basketball and lifestyle sneakers. Reebok has re-established its reputation for clean lines and vibes that remind us of (perhaps too many) years gone by. When I saw the first images of the FloatZig 1, that same through line remained. 

RENO: Getting the opportunity to test out a shoe from Reebok brings out a very specific feeling of nostalgia for me. Being a child of the ‘90s, the brand was all over my worldview, as a little kid that was just enough into sports to understand the quality of the brand whenever I’d see Reebok’s signature logo. 

A couple of decades later, and here I am giving my input on my first running shoe from the brand: the Reebok FloatZig 1. And it’s a shoe that does well to represent the quality that Reebok is trying to reinvigorate.

The FloatZig 1 is a brand new daily trainer offering from Reebok. Using their performance Floatride Energy Foam as a midsole, but designed in a “Zig”-zag pattern that brings the shoe a more modern aesthetic which we’ve seen in other models for the past decade and a half, with mixed results. With a full length carbon rubber outsole, engineered mesh-upper, and a promise of lightweight miles, the Floatzig was a shoe I was instantly excited to try out once it was in my hands.

Let’s talk about it!

reebok floatzig 1 - heel horizontal

Upper is snug and secure

What We Like About the Reebok Floatzig 1

MEAGHAN: Per usual, I’ll start with aesthetics and I can’t help but love the retro vibe of the Floatzig 1. I’m not one for “gimmicky” looking shoes, but I’m into the Zig tech design; it just works. The upper is an engineered mesh with some reflective overlays and a reinforced midfoot panel for a really nice lock down. There’s some nice padding around the collar and tongue and the step-in feel is very comfortable. I found these fit true to size and accommodated my wider foot just fine. 

The Floatride Energy foam in the midsole isn’t anything new, but the new Zig shape makes it feel even more responsive than in previous models (i.e. the Floatride Energy 5). I thought that the rubber outsole might take away from the Zig tech properties, but it didn’t at all. In fact, I thought the ride was great and it had a really smooth transition from landing to toe-off. I didn’t have any issues with traction and after 50 miles there are minimal signs of wear.

reebok floatzig 1 - outsole and midsole

Energy Band outsole

ROBBE: I was highly skeptical of the Zig midsole before we got the shoe. It’s always seemed a bit gimmicky or Crossfitty to me (both one and the same), so I assumed the performance would be mediocre. Of course, the more I do this job, the more like Jon Snow I become; in short, I know nothing.

The Floatride Energy foam is great. Not too soft, not too firm, just a really nice ride. The widened platform is appreciated in that it does provide a level of stability and a solid landing zone. I don’t think the Zig tech does anything special performance-wise (aside from bit of extra flexibility throughout), but I have to say– the look of it grew on me. 

The upper on this shoe is the secondary star. It’s really well done. Super comfortable and wraps the foot perfectly, with just the right amount of cushion and breathability. First step-in was an immediate “oh wow, this is nice.” And it looks really nice, I have to say.

At almost 10 ounces for a men’s 9, it’s not exactly a lightweight shoe, but I have to say that it feels much lighter underfoot. I felt like it was really easy to take this shoe at whatever pace you wanted, including faster paces.

Over the course of my testing, I really had zero issues with this shoe. For $130, I think it really hits the mark.

ALEX: This shoe makes a bold statement with clean lines and a big slab of foam many of us have come to love. It also found a way to make turquoise work on an upper, which is no easy feat. I was excited to throw this shoe on for the first time, and hoped that it would feel as good as it looked.

After 40 plus miles, I have to say this is one of my favorite daily trainers in a while. The foam is bouncy and responsive. The shoe adapted to every type of run I put it against – a Faster Bastards Holiday 5K, long runs, short jogs. I kept wanting to come back to the shoe. I’ve so far only run in Baltimore winter temps (35-45F) but the foam stays reactive and hasn’t gotten hard. No worries about slipping and sliding, this shoe has great grip.

reebok floatzig 1 - wall vertical
reebok floatzig 1 - outsole vertical

RENO: Starting from the top, the FloatZig has an engineered mesh upper with a reinforced midfoot panel for support. A nice and comfortable tongue with foam paneling, which feels as amazing as it sounds.  Some reflective overlays, which I must say, I’d love more of in shoes like these in the new year. But we’ll talk about looks later. 

For the midsole, we have the Floatride Energy Foam that Reebok has used in its running roster in the past. But this time they’ve adopted a new zig-zag pattern in the foam, promising a lightweight experience with impressive energy return. Of which, it does indeed provide!

My runs with the FloatZig have all been fun. I thought it was all in my mind, until I took these shoes out for a half marathon on my birthday. And they did everything I could ask of them. Having such a large and comfortable platform to land on, it’s shocking to know that the shoe only comes in at 9.8 oz for a men’s US9, and it feels even lighter than that on the foot. Impressive showing Reebok.

And oh baby, this is a good looking shoe. Reebok stands on its business by making the most of its iconic logo, making it the design focus of the shoe. I don’t know the exact name of my colorway, but it makes the FloatZig an eye catcher at any angle. The fresh white of the shoe makes a great canvas for the hard black swoops of the Reebok logo. With an icy translucent blue mesh behind that. Giving the shoe a retro yet modern look. Very reminiscent of the “Jazz” pattern of the 90’s.

If I didn’t like running in it so much, I’d wear this casually.

What We Didn’t Like About the Reebok Floatzig 1

MEAGHAN: If I had to nitpick, I would say I wish the shoes were a little lighter. My W7.5 came in a little heavier than I’d like, but it’s a small complaint.

ROBBE: No issues with the fit or ride of the shoe. My only concern is that I know the Floatride Energy foam tends to die off a bit quicker than other foams. So that kinda magical feeling that everyone is describing may start to fade once you get into the 150-mile range. Again, I can’t say that from experience in this shoe, but I know that’s been the case in past Floatride Energy models.

reebok floatzig 1 - medial and heel

Clean design

ALEX: Like Meg, I had a hard time finding anything actually wrong with this shoe. It looks good, it does exactly what it should. However, there are so many cushion focused daily trainers out there, I hope those in the market for a solid, clean workhorse can find this one in the shuffle. For a runner that tends to lean towards the style of brands across the pond, like Reebok and Diadora, this one does it for me.  

RENO: Gotta tell ya, not a lot I can find in this section. I suppose the shoe could feel a bit more bouncier. Given the zig-zag design, I was expecting to bound about like I have in some more ‘poppier’ shoes. But that’s a small nitpick for a shoe that feels great and runs great.

I mean, look at what everyone else said– you can probably ignore this section.

Final Thoughts on the Reebok Floatzig 1

MEAGHAN: To be honest, I didn’t have high (or really any) expectations for the FloatZig 1. I figured it would fall into the “just OK” daily trainer category but I’m happy to report that is not the case. The Floatzig 1 is a comfortable, bouncy, fun shoe and I’ve loved putting miles on them. And, you really can’t beat a $130 price point. 

ROBBE: It was really nice to see Reebok come out of the gates in 2024 with a solid shoe that covers all the bases any runner would look for in a reliable trainer. From the secure and comfortable fit of the upper to the responsive ride of the midsole to the heritage styling, Reebok really hit the mark on this one. I’m looking forward to trying the rest of the Floatzig models as they come out over the next few months.

ALEX: I’m looking forward to more time in this shoe during the slog of dark, wet days of winter GRIT. Running in the Floatzig has gotten me more interested in seeing what Reebok continues to do in the performance space. Bok Boys united. 

RENO: If it wasn’t obvious, I really like this shoe. And I’m glad that Reebok’s first step in 2024 was their best step with the FloatZig. I’m looking forward to many enjoyable runs with these throughout the year. If you’re looking for something a little different this season, you should definitely give Reebok a try.

You can pick up the Reebok Floatzig 1 in April for $130.

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  1. Jon says:

    I don’t recall seeing this anywhere, but how many of Reebok’s running department were brought over from adidas when they were acquired? I think this is the first shoe that was really fully under the new leadership, but it might have been the Floatride Energy 5 and I’m VERY happy to see they nailed this. I think a lot of us Reebok fans the past few years were really worried what the new ownership was going to do with the running line.

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