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Puma Mobium Elite Speed Review

Puma Mobium Elite Speed

A little about the Mobium technology in the shoe before we get started. It is the defining feature of the shoe. The concept behind the shoe is based on expansion and contraction of your/a cat’s foot. The shoe is designed for midfoot striking. The Mobium band is a figure 8 cable running the length of the shoe. The Mobium band in conjunction with the expansion crash pads are intended to propel the runner more efficiently by accentuating the natural expansion and contraction of your foot.

Mobium Band


The Good

Thomas: The spring like contraction of the Mobium band is undeniable. The first run in the Mobium Elite Speed was a good 9 mile run. I felt fast in the shoe. It has a firm ride that you expect from a faster shoe, the thing you don’t expect is the bounce you get from the band. Although the shoes weighed in at 10.15 oz. for my size 10.5 foot, the shoe felt lighter. I had several runs in the Mobium Elite Speed that I felt myself eager to open up my gait and rev the engine.

Meaghan: I reviewed the original Mobium Elite about a year and a half ago when Puma first came out with their line of adaptive running shoes. I was super excited to try out the technology, but underwhelmed with the overall performance. I am happy with the changes and updates to the Speed. The first notable update is the cushioning and comfort. The shoes are designed with a plush heel and collar, thick tongue and stretchy upper for an all around cushy feeling shoe. Despite all the extra material, the shoes are relatively light (8.45 oz for 7.5). The Mobium bands that run through the shoes are what make them unique. With each stride you can feel the bands expanding and contracting with your gait. They seem to propel the foot forward, making this shoe perfect for speed workouts or faster runs.

The Bad

Thomas: The styling of the shoe was off for me. They look like they were inspired by watermelons. Besides the color way, I found some issues with the fit. The major issue is heel lift. I used a lacing trick to lock the heel down, but this caused the flexing of the shoe to then put stress on the front of my ankle. The narrow outsole sometimes felt unstable.

Meaghan: These shoes were specifically designed for midfoot or forefoot strikers. I’m a heel striker, so my natural gait was thrown off and I was continuously aware of my stride. I also have wide, flat feet which is not the ideal foot type for this shoe. The Mobium Elite Speed has a narrow build and the prominent arch is very apparent underfoot. My first run in these shoes was a 20 miler. Since I wasn’t used to the fit and technology, my feet were pretty sore afterwards. The good news: the soreness was short-lived.


Thomas: The Mobium Elite Speed is a good update on the Mobium platform. It is less clunky than the first version of the Mobium. I enjoyed my runs in the shoes. If you are looking for a shoe that feels fast for your midfoot strike try on the Mobium Elite Speed.

Meaghan: The Mobium Elite Speed is a uniquely fast shoe. There is a noticeable difference running in this shoe versus a typical daily trainer. I wouldn’t recommend this shoe for everyday use, but it’s a fun shoe great for speed workouts or shorter races (5K – half). I think this could even be a marathon shoe for someone with a narrow, high arch foot. If you’re looking for something different, check out the Mobium Elite Speed.


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