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Road Running Shoes • May 5, 2023

Oofos OOmg Sport Review: My Life Be Like OOohh, Aahhh

oofos oomg sport cover

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What You Need To Know


We’re not sure, but they’re definitely light

Stack Height/Drop

Not available, but with OOfoam, who cares?

Best For

Comfy recovery walks

Key Features

Minimal FibreFlex upper, cushy OOfoam midsole

On Foot
Easy to slip on Unbelievably comfortable Not a ton of structure


The Intro

CHAD: I swore that when I returned to running after a hiatus due to a gnarly leg injury, I was going to treat my body right. I was going to fuel and hydrate properly, and I would focus on my recovery. Given what my lower leg had been through (which included a fractured fibula and multiple surgeries to stabilize my ankle ligaments), I knew that if I was going to become the best runner I could be, I would need to make sure I was protecting my joints.

I started taking collagen and vitamin C before my runs in addition to my normal vitamin regimen as a means to improve my joint health. I bought shoes specially designed for my slow, plodding recovery miles after long efforts or workouts. I was going all in, or so I thought.

What about when I wasn’t running or about to run? What was I doing to help my body recover after the fact? Truth is, not much, really. I had an old pair of Under Armour slides I wore around the house, and I periodically used my foam roller and foot massager. But when I found out I was going to be getting the Oofos OOmg Sport, I was hopeful that my recovery was about to rise to the next level.

CARYN: I’m a pediatric ICU nurse, clinical nursing instructor, distance runner, and owner of a one-year-old Labrador. It’s safe to say my feet are, well, used. As a lifelong Birkenstock wearer, I’ve always had sandals that I love to throw on post-run, but nothing like what’s come onto the scene more recently. The recovery shoe market has really expanded over the last several years, with a variety of brands offering new, high-cushioned options.

Having worked for years in specialty running shops, the number of customers coming in looking for Oofos products has gone through the roof — the fan club rolls so deep that we’d regularly be out of stock. Though I’ve had a pair of Oofos OOahh slides (which I can’t say without hearing “My life be like ooooh, ahhhh”), I’ve never had a chance to check out a pair of true Oofos shoes. Let’s do it.

oofos oomg sport on feet

The Good

CHAD: I say this with all honesty, without fear of exaggeration: I’ve never worn any piece of footwear that is as comfortable as the Oofos OOmg Sport. The FibreFlex upper is stretchy and hugs the foot for a tight yet comfortable fit. But the real star is the OOfoam technology underfoot. It has just the right amount of soft squishiness to cradle the foot with each step, but not so much that it feels like you’re walking in quicksand. It feels weird to say this about a recovery slip-on, but I would almost classify it as bouncy and responsive, something you typically look for in a quality running shoe.

The OOmg Sport is also incredibly light. Combined with the comfort level, the shoes virtually disappear when on my feet. It truly is hard to describe just how good it feels to wear the OOmg Sport around the house, especially when my legs and feet are fatigued from my runs. It really does take recovery up a notch. One day I went out and did a 6-mile run and then played a round of golf, and I couldn’t wait to slip my Oofos on when I got home; my feet yearned for the comfort.

CARYN: The OOmg Sport’s got some SQUISH. The stretchy, FibreFlex upper feels soft, hugging the foot with no hot spots or rubbing. I also appreciate the nice width, accommodating my bordering-on-wide feet easily. Putting the OOmg Sport on post-run or post-work felt wonderful — my feet felt relief immediately, which is clearly the goal.

The stack isn’t so high that the shoes feel wobbly, which I could see being an issue if Oofos decided to make a Gen Z-friendly platform edition of this shoe. Finally, these guys are so easy to clean, which makes them a great choice for odd jobs around the house that involve going outside — just scrub them off in the sink, and you’re good to go. Plus, thanks to the upper, the shoes are dry in no time.

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oofos oomg sport in hand

The Bad

CHAD: I have nothing negative to say about this shoe itself. It’s perfect for me. The only con that I can think of is the price tag. When I first heard of Oofos a while back and started looking at their recovery slides, I was taken aback by the pricing. I couldn’t imagine spending $60 to $80 on a pair of sandals, regardless of how great they were. But the OOmg Sports are nearly double that price at $140; that’s the same price as many quality daily trainers these days.

If you’re frugal (i.e., cheap) like me, that might be the end of the discussion. That said, since receiving my pair, I’ve worn them every day, and I’m probably going to keep wearing them every day, so that might end up justifying the cost.

CARYN: Did anyone out there have water shoes as a kid? It’s quite possible that term was something my family coined when buying us generic-looking rubber shoes meant to stave off fears of touching the mossy bottom while swimming in the Susquehanna. Nevertheless, I can’t quite get behind the aesthetic of these  OOmg Sport — they remind me of something I’d have worn digging for newts at Wetlands Camp (from which I’m truly scarred for life).

Ultimately, though, I think the biggest downfall of this shoe is the hefty price tag. As Chad noted, the OOmg Sport is $140, which is approaching the cost of most daily trainers. I personally wouldn’t be able to justify that, especially because for half the cost, you can rock socks with a pair of Oofos slides, and we all know that’s the best look out there.

My other issue, which really applies to all Oofos products, is the conflation of squishy and supportive. I find that the OOfoam offers tons of squish but very little actual support. Personally, I wouldn’t walk the dog in this shoe, nor would I spend any significant periods of time on my feet in it — there’s just no meaningful structure.

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oofos oomg sport blue

Oofos OOmg Sport Conclusion

CHAD: I work all week from the comfort of home and run anywhere from 3 to 5 times per week, depending on my training schedule and what life has in store for me. I can all but guarantee that if you were to be at my house this summer, you will see the Oofos OOmg Sport on my feet. It brings new meaning to the words comfort and recovery, as my feet have never experienced a shoe this comfortable. I think I may have officially found the missing link in making sure my return to running is as successful as can be.

CARYN: If you’re looking for some squish to kick around in post-run, look no further. There’s no doubt that paying closer attention to the recovery side of our sport (or life, for that matter) can seriously improve your training and performance. The Oofos OOmg Sport is a simple, comfy recovery shoe that can certainly take the heat off of some aching feet, whether they’re post-long-run or post-night shift. And hey, if you need to take a dip in a nearby creek or river, it seems like it’d be just fine for that, too.

You can pick up the Oofos OOmg Sport for $139 at Oofos using the buttons below.

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