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Track & Cross Country Running Shoes • May 25, 2021

Nike Zoom 400 Performance Review


What You Need To Know

  • Weighs 4.5 oz. (127.5 g) for a US M9 / W10.5
  • Aggressive spike plate digs into the track
  • Friendly to those who wear socks and those who don’t
  • Overall simple design, almost like the Pegasus of the track

MERCER: The Nike Zoom 400 is a spike that’s stripped down to the basics. With an aggressive PEBAX outsole and a light, airy upper, this spike works for anyone any day of the week. No plates, no airbags, just the bare essentials.

JORDYNN: All around simplicity is what you get with the Nike Zoom 400. This spike is a good, long-lasting performer that lets the runner stride around the track with ease.


The Good

MERCER: The Zoom 400 has everything for you 400-800 runners. Lightweight phylon cushion saves your legs in the final stretch of any race or workout. It can be best described as the polar opposite of the Victory. This spike doesn’t rebound you to the moon or propel you forward. You are the power source for the Zoom 400. 

Launching out of the starting blocks, the outsole allows you to hold on tight to that curve. The aggressive spike plate rockets you down the straights in a controlled manner. Personally, the seven spike pattern is a tad aggressive for the 800, so I recommend taking out the middle spike in the bottom row for a better ride. 

The Flyweave upper provides a light feel on foot and provides a lot of quality of life changes. It has a seamless toe that allows you to accidentally drag your toe out of the blocks and not completely ruin the spike. Lockdown is phenomenal in this spike too.

JORDYNN: My test runs in the Zoom 400 consisted of 2 reps of 60, 80, 60s workout, and a 4x300m workout. The Flyweave upper is form-fitting, wrapping the heel and sides of my foot nicely. No stability problems with this one, and no blisters or hot spots either. 

With just enough phylon cushioning in the midsole, it absorbs ground impact well and doesn’t just feel like the spike plate hitting the ground.

Shop Nike Zoom 400 nike-zoom-400-bottom

The Bad

MERCER: I really liked the stripped-down feel of this spike, but I’d love to see some ZoomX added to the next iteration. I feel like it would add a little bit more bounce for the 400 and cushion for the 800. Other than that, can’t complain.

JORDYNN: My only real complaint is the toe box being a little wide around the front of the spike. However, it does tighten up through the forefoot, ankle and heel.

Shop Nike Zoom 400 nike-zoom-400

Nike Zoom 400 Conclusion

MERCER: For anyone who wants a workhorse of a spike, the Nike Zoom 400 is your stallion. It can cover the 200 meter all the way up to the 800 no problem. I like the stripped-down feel that doesn’t get in the way of the person wearing it.

JORDYNN: If you want an everyday practice spike, the Nike Zoom 400 is perfect.  It’s a minimalist spike that gets the job done. Nothing to rant and rave about, but if you’re looking for a loyal, trusty companion, look no further.

You can pick up the Nike Zoom 400 at Running Warehouse (featuring free 2-day shipping and 90-day returns) by using the shop link below.

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