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Nike Streak 6 Flyknit vs Flymesh

We already reviewed the Nike Flymesh Streak 6 and the Flyknit version’s midsole and the outsole is identical. To save your time we will focus on the just the upper differences between the shoes.

A lot of the differences between the upper comes down to feel and your individual preference. The Flyknit gets structure from the density of the knit and the Flywire, while the Flymesh has layers of material and foam that create the fit. Regardless of which shoe you choose, you will need to go up a half size from your regular trainer size. For example, if you typically wear a 10.5 running shoe go up to an 11 in the Nike Streak 6.

Benefits of Flymesh

If I had to choose only one of the models I would go with the Flymesh. This is shoe is the closest thing to a perfect running shoe. The light, breathable upper is easy to adjust and get the right fit. The thin tongue becomes part of a fabric cage that holds you midfoot securely in the shoe. The foam lined collar rests along the ankle and heel providing a comfortable lock down to give this shoe a near perfect fit. The FlyMesh version weighed .04 ounces less than the FlyKnit version. 7.1 vs 7.5 oz. size 11. MSRP $110

Benefits of Flyknit

Visually the Flyknit is beautiful. The structure of the shoe is designed to hold your foot with different densities of the weave and the integration of Flywire. The tongue is stitched to the shoe while the Flywire is used to create the cage over the midfoot. Instead of a foam collar like the Flymesh, the collar is thin with Flywire bordering the collar. While I was able to get a good fit in the Flyknit, I had to cinch the laces tightly to achieve the desired fit. Once the fit was right the Flyknit can virtually disappear on the foot. The heel feels less secure than in the Flymesh. The interior of the Flyknit is supported by a stiffer material in the heel cup and the actual Nike Swoosh Logo on the exterior and interior of the shoe. The Nike Flyknit Streak 6 feels less tuned in with more play in the heel when landing your stride. MSRP $160

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