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Nike Zoom Pegasus 33 Review

We loved the Nike Pegasus 32 and were excited to get our feet in the Pegasus 33. Nike did not disappoint with this update.

The Good

Thomas: The Pegasus 33 doesn’t look that different from the 32. Basically, it has a cleaner more streamlined appearance. Nike added some reflective elements to the heel of the shoe that are pretty slick and nearly undetectable. Once light hits 3m material and it reflects back at you (retroreflection) the heel of the shoe lights up. Retroflection is a word, trust me I looked it up.

The fit of the 33 is perfect on my narrow foot and can accommodate wider feet as well. The lacing allows for lots of foot shapes. I have experienced no heel lift in the Pegasus. The collar and heel counter is comfy and isn’t too over built, unlike some shoe models that use puffy materials making up for poor design. I had no problems with hot spots or rubbing.

I really enjoyed the addition of the extra Zoom Air unit in the forefoot of the Nike Pegasus 33. It is the most noticeable update of the Pegasus. The extra Zoom Air gives the shoe a nice pop under the ball of your foot. The Zoom Air unit made the shoe more stable too. Just so you aren’t confused, the extra Zoom made a shoe I already liked even better. WTF is Nike Zoom Air?

The midsole is a near perfect balance of firm and cushioned protection. You are served up a soft landing without being squishy. Even after a 15-mile run, I wasn’t itching to get out of the Peg 33 when I got home. That is some comfort for you. The outsole has lots of grip and feels smooth on the run. The Pegasus 33 has bite with the outsole rubber compound, giving you the confidence to step up the pace during your workouts.

So great personality… how does she look? The Pegasus 33 is a beauty. This is a daily trainer that still looks sexy. All the curves are in the right place. If you want to get wild you can go to Nike ID and build your own with lots of choices to make your pair suit your preferences. Otherwise, head over to Running Warehouse and choose from the Nike stock colors. At $110 the 33 is a good looking, durable, well built daily trainer. With over 50 miles in the Peg before writing this review, I have found no wear and tear worth mentioning.

Meaghan: The Nike Pegasus is a staple. It’s an everyday trainer that’s great for slow days, fast days and even long distances. The upper is designed with Nike’s Flywire cables that hold the foot in place nicely. It’s a sock-like fit. It also breathes particularly well for the 95-degree-omg-so-humid weather in Baltimore. The feel underfoot hasn’t changed much. It’s a really nice balance of firm and squish. Nike added a Zoom Air unit to the forefoot of this shoe, in addition to the heel. It feels similar to the 32, but with a little more bounce. I like it. The outsole provides plenty of traction and durability. After 50+ miles I haven’t seen much wear.

Zoom Pegasus 33

The Bad

Thomas: I would really have to look for something. I am struggling to find a fault with the Pegasus 33. I guess I will go with the fact it would make for a terrible track spike.

Meaghan: I don’t love the laces. The lacing system works, but the thick round laces came untied on several of my runs. I could also use a wider toebox. I like the snug fit through the midfoot, but my toes would prefer some room to breathe. Lastly, they’re a little on the heavier side. I would love it if Nike could scrape an ounce off of the Pegasus (my W7.5 weigh 8.5oz).

Pegasus 33

The Conclusion

Thomas: If I could only have one running shoe the Nike Pegasus 33 would be it. The Nike Pegasus in a size 10.5 weighs in on our scales at 10.5 oz. and has a 10mm drop.

Meaghan: The Nike Pegasus 33 is a great daily trainer. I would consider this shoe on the same playing field as the Saucony Ride. It’s a solid, versatile neutral trainer. You won’t find me racing in the Pegasus 33, but it will certainly stay in my summer rotation.

Shoes were provided by Nike, there is no financial compensation for our reviews.


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  1. Justin Perry says:

    How is the toebox height on the 33 compared to the 32? I found the 32 a bit shallow, loved the roomy height of the Zoom Elite which I think they discontinued due to the dual zoom pockets in the 33…even tough that shoe didn’t really work for me. I might giv the 33 a shot but I still love my Zantev2 most of the time.

  2. I don’t see anyone commenting on the amount of miles that they are getting with the current Nike Pegasus. Just wondering if anyone else has seen a substantial decline in that number since the Pegasus was changed starting with the Pegasus 31 ( I think). I could easily get 600+ miles on a Pegasus 29, but the newer versions have such radically different soles, They tend to collapse or crush down on the outside. I’d expect this on a light racing shoe but not on a trainer. I’m lucky if I can get 300 miles on a pair. For me the Pegasus has been ruined and now I’m trying to find a better, more long lasting daily trainer.

    1. The industry recommendation for running shoes is 300-500. Obviously, we rarely get a chance to get that many miles on any of our shoes. When I did max shoes out, I always switched out at 300 miles.

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