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Nike LunaRacer Running Shoe Review

The Nike LunaRacer Running Shoe is a light weight trainer weighing 6.6 oz for a size 9 and has a stack height Heel (24mm), Forefoot (17mm) 7mm drop. The LunaRacer employs Nike’s Flywire and lunarlite technologies. Multiple color combos available for men and women.

The Good

The shoe is light and has ample cushioning. The LunaRacer looks fast and feels fast. Out of the box I was drawn to its high tech look. The shoe seems flawless and modern. The ride is firm with plenty of cushion. I ran several high mileage runs (ranging from 15 to 20 miles) in the LunaRacer and found the shoe to have more than enough cushion and support for my mid-foot stride. The Nike shoe held up well over 300 miles in high humidity and a couple trips through the washing machine. The LunaRacer has decent traction and holds the foot secure.

The Bad

The Nike LunaRacer is narrow. When I say that, you should take note. I have a narrow fit and typically prefer a narrower shoe. The Nike LunaRacer at times felt very tight on my forefoot. I would also recommend going up at least a 1/2 size more than you regularly get in a running shoe (a full size over your normal shoe size.) My toe was rubbing the front on runs, not enough to cause discomfort or injury but enough for me to get irritated at times. The Nike LunaRacer did not feel as breathable as some of my other trainers. It is hard to tell due to the extreme heat and humidity here in the mid Atlantic this summer, but the shoes seemed to get squishy fast and stayed squishy. I washed them at least twice to try and get the funk out. With the Lunarlite cushioning it was hard to get a true sense of the road. One last little annoyance, the tongue would slide to the outside of the foot, Nike should do something to secure the tongue better.

Overall Summary

The Nike LunaRacer is a running shoe I wanted to love. It is like a beautiful girl that seems to fit all your criteria but in the end she just bores you to death. “Its not you it’s me, I want to try running with other shoes.” I give the Nike LunaRacer a B-. Most likely I will keep trying other shoes rather than go back to the LunaRacer. The price of the LunaRacer is pretty good $69.88 on Running Warehouse.


Nike LunaRacer Dollar per Mile



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  1. Bob says:

    Hey I was wondering if the LunaRacer +3 and the original LunaRacer + have the same midsole and stack height? According to runningwarehouse the LunaRacer + has a stack height of 24mm in the heel and 17 in the forefoot, 7mm drop; the LunaRacer +3 has a stack height of 25mm in the heel and 20 mm in the forefoot, 5mm drop. Is this an error on there part or are the stack heights of the two shoes different? I was just wondering if you could clarify or explain if there is a difference or if there they are the exact same just with a different upper.

    1. Hi Bob, I am working on getting you a good answer for this. -T

    2. Hi Bob, Pete Larson had this to say about the new Lunar Racer “Pretty sure the sole is identical – Haven’t measured the new one, but looks the same.”


  2. Zach Pierce says:

    This show has been on my radar and I’ve only gotten as far as trying it on and running around the block of the shoe store. It seemed alright but I can see how it would feel mushy. The flyknits do that for me too
    Good review. Until you compared it to a girl. Because not liking a girl and not liking a shoe are equitable? I generally seek out your reviews above others’ b/c your information is good. But that’s just bad writing, and a bit degrading.
    Cheers. Keep reviewing!

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