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New Balance Vazee 2090 Shoe Review

The Good

Thomas: I really like last (the foot-shaped mold that is the template for the shoe shape) the Vazee 2090 is built on. It feels like a running shoe versus some of the foot-shaped clogs coming out with way too much toe room for my foot. There is a TON of rubber on the outsole, it protects the extra midsole layer of N2. The shoe has grip and that rubber is going to help the shoe last longer. The N2 (nitrogen infused) midsole paired with the REV-lite foam offers a firm ride with a stable platform. The toe-off in the Vazee 2090 is springy and adds some snappiness to your stride.

You’ll notice the unique saddle of the 2090 right away. At first, I thought it was just a cosmetic choice. The waffle pattern actually serves a purpose. As your foot makes ground contact the material will naturally expand with your foot, and then contract providing the runner with a dynamic fit from crash to reload. It actually works to create a good fit over the arch. The mesh toe-box is very breathable and does not constrict the toes. Overall, the upper on the Vazee 2090 fits exceptionally well.

Both the styling of the 2090 and the feel of the shoe out on the run grew on me.

Meaghan: For starters, the Vazee line is a good looking group of shoes and the 2090 is no exception. Much like Thomas, I love the last. I find these shoes mold around my feet well. They’re snug through the midfoot, but open up just enough in the forefoot. If you like the fit of the Vazee Pace, you’ll be happy with the 2090. The Vazee 2090 is essentially a beefed up, more durable Vazee Pace. It has the same Revlite midsole but incorporates N2 cushioning in the forefoot and along the lateral side of the shoe. The traction on this shoe is UNREAL. Whatever they did with the rubber on the outsole provides some serious grip. And super durable. You could easily get hundreds and hundreds of miles out of these shoes.

Vazee Pace

The Bad

Thomas: Even though the Vazee 2090 only weighed 10.25  oz. for my size 10.5, it felt heavier. It is hard to explain. Maybe it is the solid feel under foot with lots of rubber, I can’t put my finger on it. It just feels heavier.

The shoe is tough to categorize, unlike the Vazee Pace (love) it isn’t a lightweight fast trainer. The 2090 doesn’t fit into the traditional trainer category either. It lives in no man’s land.

Meaghan: ^^ I can’t really explain it, but this is the heaviest 7.8oz shoe I’ve ever worn. I love the look, the fit and so many aspects of this shoe, but something about it doesn’t work for me. I felt like my feet were constantly slapping the ground, hard.

Vazee 2090

The Conclusion

Thomas: The Vazee 2090 is a nice experimental shoe. It introduces the N2 material and the innovative waffle-like dynamic saddle over the mid-foot, both interesting concepts. The shoe runs well, but the personality of the shoe isn’t compelling enough for me to replace either the Zante of Vazee Pace. New Balance has been making great shoes off this last, this one seems more like an experiment. It isn’t a bad shoe, it also isn’t a great shoe.

Meaghan: Thomas and I don’t usually agree on shoes. This time we did. The Vazee 2090 is a solid, durable trainer, but it’s just not for me. I’ll probably keep them in my rotation for a bit longer, but it’s certainly nothing I’m lacing up day after day. Wearing them to grab coffee is another story <insert fire emoticon>.


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  1. Justin Perry says:

    Curious about an upcoming Vazee Pace v2 review? 😉

    1. Hi Justin, New Balance hasn’t seeded us with the Vazee Pace v2. I’ll post on Instagram if we receive them.

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