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Track & Cross Country Running Shoes • January 26, 2021

New Balance Sigma Aria Performance Review


What You Need To Know

  • Weighs 5.5 oz. (156 g) for a US M9.0/W7.5 (unisex sizing)
  • Super secure fit with a synthetic mesh upper
  • Full-length Pebax plate
  • Sigma Aria, translation: Wakanda forever

JORDYNN: People always say that first impressions make an impact. Opening the box, the New Balance Sigma Aria sprint spike gave me an impression of strength and tenacity through looks alone. You gotta feel fast and look fast to run fast, right? Maybe, maybe not. Either way, the smooth black and white polymer finish reminded me of the infamous Black Panther suit. Stepping on the track with these spikes, I felt like I was ready for battle.

The Sigma Aria is a unisex track spike. I wear a 10 in women’s, so the shoe came at a men’s size 10.5, which fit true to size. There is a slightly wider toe box than women’s spikes, but not too loose. It weighs 5.5 oz. (156 grams) and has a full-length spike plate with eight spikes. The upper materials are synthetic mesh and knit, with a polymer finish and toecap. The midsole is a full-length Pebax plate, which is slightly more flexible than the New Balance Harmony, its sister shoe. The finished look is quite simplistic yet has a dominating appearance.

The Good

JORDYNN: This was my first time wearing sprint spikes, so getting used to the feel of the Sigma Aria’s expected output took a little time. They are sprint spikes, so I wore them during a few 200m and 400m training sessions (their intended use), but also took them up to 800m for a time trial.

Did I mention that I love the look of the Sigma Aria? Right, I did. So let’s get down to business. The upper is an engineered with an external film that provides a nice and secure fit. Overall, it had a sock-like, second skin type of fit which made the spikes feel secure on my feet. Because I felt really locked in, it seemed I was able to run a little faster because I felt like I was using my feet rather than the spikes.

The toe box was fairly narrow, and the shoe also narrowed to form to the heel and ankle in the back. I felt that the spike placement also helped with my foot strike and gaining traction off the ground to gain momentum (the spikes are removable, by the way).


Photo courtesy of New Balance

The Bad

JORDYNN: My biggest complaint, as with most track spikes, are – in my opinion – the unnecessarily long laces. My go-to method is always a double or triple knot, and tucking them as best I can under the tongue. But let’s chop those down a bit, please.


New Balance Sigma Aria Conclusion

JORDYNN: While I’m not an everyday sprinter, this shoe gave me an appreciation for a good sprint spike. They were somewhat light, even with the full spike plate. The secure fit at both the toe and the heel provided the stability and traction I needed for propelling with speed and force. Long story short, I would lace up for any race with the New Balance Sigma Aria and be ready to battle it out on the track.

You can pick up the New Balance Sigma Aria for $100 using the shop link below.

Shop New Balance Aria Sigma new balance sigma aria action

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