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New Balance MT1010 Trail Running Shoe Review – First Impression

I am not sure what it is about trail running shoes and me, every time I get a chance to try a new pair out it is raining. Today was no different. I couldn’t wait to try these out. The New Balance MT1010 are one of the best looking running shoes I have seen. The MT1010 with their next generation materials and aggressive soles beg you to take them for a spin, weather be damned.

What New Balance Says

Men’s Trail – Minimus 1010 Trail
The New Balance Minimus 1010 trail runner introduces a new kind of minimal fit to the performance-driven runner, taking a remarkably lightweight, stylish upper and combining it with ROCK STOP® protection in the forefoot and a supremely durable Vibram® outsole. Knocked down to a 4mm drop, this up-and-coming minimalist superstar helps you go the distance again and again while simultaneously allowing you to concentrate on your form and the exhilarating feel of the trail beneath you.
WEIGHT:224 Grams (7.5 oz)

Minimus is a whole new approach to footwear, a new place on the spectrum from barefoot running to the traditional maximum-cushioning running shoe. Inspired by Good Form Running and designed to be worn with or without socks. With only a 4mm drop from heel to toe, as little as a third of that of a traditional running shoe, the Minimus collection holds a world of discovery for neutral runners as well as those with gait issues or chronic injury to conquer by learning better form.
Debris-free construction eliminates waste, preserving raw materials and providing an environmentally preferred manufacturing solution
Synthetic/mesh upper provides lightweight comfort and support

The Good

This shoe looks sweet! They are set up for sock or sock less running. The ride on the MT1010 is superb and transitions well throughout the stride. I have been really surprised by these and the last shoes I reviewed (GObionics) by how well you can feel the ground and still have your foot feel protected. The New Balance MT1010 ran well on the technical trails we covered and even felt good on the pavement we had to cross. The shoes have nice protection on the toe with an asymmetrical rubber lip in the front that will help prevent stubbing your toe on roots and rocks. The traction on the sole of the MT1010 was as good as the traction on the Inov-8 RocLite 285 with their aggressive lugs. Unlike the the MT1010 the RocLite 285 doesn’t have a rock plate. The New Balance MT1010 feels light, nimble, and sure footed on the trails. With the added protection of the rock plate these shoes could become a favorite.

The Bad

I have a narrow foot and I had to lace the shoe tight enough to cause a little puckering in the upper material. It wasn’t enough to really bother me though. I felt some lifting in the heal. Most likely playing with the lacing could eliminate the issue with the heel. The price of the shoe is on the higher side at $109.99.


I am a sucker for a good looking running shoe and the MT1010 is a great looking trail shoe. This review is a first impression review. I will most likely do a follow up review of the MT1010 after I have put some substantial miles on them. I am curious about how I will like the shoes on a 20+ mile trail run. I enjoyed them so much I couldn’t help wondering if these would be a good choice and enough shoe for a 50k trail run or even a 50 miler. The New Balance MT1010 is the best trail shoe I have tried so far this year.


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  1. César says:

    I am in the look out for a trail shoe (minimalist) with some rock protection, I have recentrly ordered the Inov8 TrailRoc 245 in which I Was the same size to my beloved MT10s according to runningwarehouse only to find out they are smaller and much narrower than my MT10s … therefore I am considering the MT1010 as my "protection trail shoe".
    I am looking forward to a follow up review of this shoe, particularly interested in durability, I read some spanish reviewers have had problems with the uppers tearing down around the 150Km mark, and the sole desintegrating by the 200Km mark.
    ps: love your dollar per mile comparison =)

    1. Thanks I am glad you like the DPM. I only have 50 miles on them to date. So far I have had no issues with wear and tear. They seem to be holding up well. I will post a follow up review when I get more trail miles in.

  2. Have had these shoes for about 30 days and done about 20 miles or so. I run 4 days a week with a day off in the middle. These are my first minimus shoes and I’ve noticed my ankles and tendons seem a bit sore. Nothing that doesn’t heal with a day or two of rest. I’m curious if this soreness goes away as the ankles and tendons get used to wearing this type of shoe?
    I’m wearing regular NB M790’s after my runs to relax and rest my feet. I’m also trying to reserve these shoes only for the dirt trails. So far I love they look and grip is great. I’m only afraid of injuring myself. My friends who wear regular shoes insist that I should go back to a traditional shoe so I’m wondering if there is any advice out there in the net/web/digital superhigh.. etc..

    1. Don’t give in the pain your feeling is normal as you adjust to a more minimal shoe. I would recommend switching it up. Mix in your traditional trainer with the MT1010. Stretch those calves. If that doesn’t work let me know.

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