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Merrell All Out Rush Trail Shoe Review

Enter to win one of 5 pairs of Merrell Running shoes we are giving away. See the end of the review for details.

The Merrell All Out Rush is the sister shoe to the Merrell All Out Fuse we recently reviewed. The shoes are different in only a couple details as far as I can tell. The All Out Rush has a slightly more aggressive outsole, and a tougher rip stop fabric on the upper. So the reviews may sound pretty similar.

The Good

The fit of the Merrell All Out Rush is top notch with a unique lacing system that locks the foot in place, an ample toebox, and substantial arch support. Merrell does a good job with color ways offering something for everyone. For a trail shoe, it’s nice and  it’s light  (11.1 oz)  and traction on the shoe is solid. I did not get them out in the mud to really test their durability, but I would guess they can handle it. The shape of the shoe is somewhere between an Altra and a traditional running shoe.

The Bad

The shoe is a bit on the firm side. Not as firm as the All Out Fuse felt on the roads, but still pretty firm.


The Merrell All Out Rush is a well thought out evolution of the Merrell trail running shoe line. Solid materials make this a durable choice for any trail runner. Your foot is well protected in the Rush and the traction is good without being too aggressive. This shoe works for someone going out for a hike to someone looking for a 20 mile run through some rugged terrain. You may want a little more cushioning for ultra run, but I would consider this an ideal shoe for the “weekend warrior.” It works for any surface, on and off the road, and any distance.

Pro tip: If I won the contest, I would choose the All Out Rush over the All Our Fuse.



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  1. Nrmrvrk says:

    I don’t use Facebook or Twitter. Why so biased for your contests toward these sites? Is this just a popularity gaining mechanism for your brand?

    I typically like the shoe reviews that your provide at Believe In The Run, and appreciate the service, but this one feels rushed and abbreviated. Everything going okay over there?


    1. The contest are promoted to grow our brand and acquire more fans. So yes to the first question. Thanks for the compliment, this review is a little more brief simply because the shoe is so similar to the Merrell All Out Fuse we reviewed earlier. There is a link in the post to that review. The two reviews could have easily been combined into one review, but the miles needed to get a feel for the shoes it made more sense split them. Cheers -T

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