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Trail Running Shoes • December 2, 2023

Haven x Norda 003: Rugged Comfort, No Strings Attached

norda 003 - feature

What You Need To Know

The Footwear

Slip-on style trail shoe, building on the Norda 001 model in collaboration with Haven

Key Features

Bio-Dyneema upper, G+ graphene membrane, Vibram Megagrip outsole, dual heel pulls


$325 US

Slip On & Drip On

When we see laceless and trail, our first reaction is to raise a skeptical eyebrow. There’s a reason that shoes built for more than sidewalks require a bit more tension around the foot. Varying terrain means more movement within the shoe. I mean, Speedland has built an entire business model on this premise with its dual BOA fit system. On the other side of the spectrum, the laceless Naked TR is one of the worst shoes we ever reviewed on this site.

That said, Norda has followed its arrow straight to the apple of many a runner’s eye, sticking to its exceptional blend of premium durability and unique design. If anyone can make a laceless trail shoe work, it’s Norda.

norda 003 - side view

Norda 003, launch colorway (photo courtesy of Haven)

Following the ongoing success of the Norda 001 and its many collaborations and colorways, as well as its successor in the 002, the limited-edition Norda 003 brings the successful elements of those offerings into an all-new shoe that is already garnering a ton of buzz both for its fashion and its function. 

According to Norda, the purpose of the 003 is a “durable and supportive shoe designed to transition seamlessly between hiking, scrambling, and running.” It’s clear that the mother of this child is the 001 and the key components come from that shoe.

norda 003 - heel tabs

Dual heel pulls on the Norda 003 (photo courtesy of Haven)

The overall design is a collaboration with Canadian counterpart Haven, and features a muted color palette inspired by both mountain formations and brutalist urban structures, which is the perfect inspiration for a shoe that will likely find a ton of crossover in the urban trailcore movement.

While the upper retains its Dyneema core (quite possibly the most durable upper we’ve ever tested), it now features an elasticized Bio-Dyneema developed exclusively by Norda. The fit itself has to be tried to be understood. While the first step-in is almost impossible (you for sure have to use the reverse heel tab), subsequent wears prove to be perfect as the upper forms to the exact shape of the foot. Which makes this, yes– a runnable shoe, against all odds.

norda 003 - vibram outsole

Unbeatable Vibram Megagrip (photo courtesy of Haven)

Extra padding in the heel collar provides exceptional lockdown and comfort, something that we always wanted in the 001. We’ve said for some time that the Norda 001 is one of the best fits of any shoe, ever. It seemed to mold to the foot like a broken-in pair of jeans over time. And yet, the 003 may be even… better? Crazy to say, but we think it may be true.

Additional premium elements include a G+ graphene membrane integrated into the upper lining, which is both weather resistant and thermoregulating, providing additional comfort in cold conditions. 

Of course, the midsole remains the custom Vibram SLE, which has proven to be comfortable and incredibly resilient in all our experiences with it in the 001. And then there’s the ever-reliable and sticky Vibram Litebase with a Norda-exclusive and proprietary Vibram Megagrip soleplate. It’s really all the best things in one shoe and we can guarantee this shoe will last forever.

man running downhill

Exceptional grip and fit for a slip-on (photo courtesy of Haven)

man looking at sunset

Gets you to the top of peaks (photo courtesy of Haven)

The design itself may take some getting used to; for some of us at Believe in the Run the laceless look just isn’t our thing. Depending on what you wear it with, it can maybe even come off as cheap-looking, especially with the minimal branding. But if you’re creative with it, and have more style than us (which is almost assuredly the case), then we feel pretty positive you can rock this all winter long and turns head while doing so.

Norda is doing something unique right now in running. They’re blending beautiful fashion with unparalleled performance and showing it can work. Yes, it’s a premium product at a premium price. That’s what the best products demand. This is a husband and wife team with a handful of dedicated employees who are creating something special in Canada, and doing it the right way.

A laceless approach shoe for $320 is a crazy idea, so crazy that it just might work. And it does.

The Norda 003 is available now at


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  1. Frank Field says:

    Key phrase: exceptional fit “for a slip on.”
    I think Norda shoes look great, and I love the premium materials. But there’s just no way I am going to buy a slip on trail shoe for my annual 50-miler across the Bob Marshall. No. Way.
    For that kinda scrilla I can get two pairs of about any other brand and not even thinkabout that critical part of my gear. If I see a grizzly out there, the only benefit I see to an 003 is when it slips off as I run, terrified, the bear might stop and sniff the shoe, giving me a few precious seconds to get out my bear spray.
    Come to think of it, maybe I just came up with their best marketing strategy.

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