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Road Running Shoes • November 16, 2021

Deckers X Lab SPSK is What We’re Wearing All Winter Long

deckers lab spsk side view

What You Need To Know

  • From the innovation lab behind Hoka, Ugg, and Teva
  • Interior lining made from thick shearling wool
  • Soft and supple sheepskin upper with water repellency
  • No, it’s not a running shoe; yes, it’s what you’ll want to wear any time you’re not running
  • Available now (only 100 pairs) for $200

If you know anything about us, you know that we are all-in on Deckers X Lab like Elon on Shiba coin. The innovation department behind Hoka, Ugg, and Teva is putting out some of the weirdest-yet-coolest footwear right now and almost everything we put in our feet falls in the bucket of “most comfortable footwear we’ve ever worn.” More often than not, you’ll find us in a pair of Deckers on our recovery days after long runs.

The trend continues with the newly released Deckers X Lab SPSK Mid. Part boot, part street sneaker, part Mary had a little shearling lamb, this thing is– no joke– the most comfortable piece of footwear we’ve ever worn. It seems wrong to have this much comfort, like we’re cheating our way through daily life. But cheaters gonna cheat, so here we are.

deckers lab spsk - men and women

We’ve all been wearing them to the office over the last month, and we can tell you that that trend will carry on throughout winter. Let’s break down why.

First off, the SPSK is built off the same X-SCAPE platform which has been one of our favorite recovery/non-running shoes of the last year. An ultralight PU foam midsole is wrapped in protective TPU, layered with an ergonomic insole, and features a quite-grippy outsole that’s pretty light for how well it performs.

But the real magic is on the inside and outside of the upper. The entire inside of the shoe is lined with a thick layer of Twinface shearling wool and I don’t know what else to say except that’s all we want in life now that we’ve experienced it. The upper itself is made of Twinface sheepskin, which is incredibly soft and supple and treated with a PFC-free durable water repellent. By the way, in case you haven’t figured it out– this shoe is not vegan-friendly (SPSK is essentially shorthand for sheepskin if you haven’t figured that out, either.)

deckers lab spsk - midsole

So what about our experience? Here in Baltimore, the winters are generally mild, but every once in a while we’ll get a good polar vortex that will drop it down into the teens. We’re only into November, but we’ve been wearing the SPSK as it gets into the 30F range and we can tell you that our feet are toasty all day long (though not sweaty, since wool is great at temperature regulation).

A great test is always taking it on a bike ride in cold temperatures, and on our work commute, the toes stayed nice and warm. Honestly, I just put these on while sitting on the couch sometimes after a long run. Call them the new recovery boots that you actually want to wear.

At the end of a pandemic, this is the perfect bridge back to society. You get all the comfort of slippers (really, more than any slipper you’ve ever worn), but in a shoe-boot hybrid that’s totally acceptable in general public.

deckers lab spsk - front

Like all Deckers Lab footwear, the SPSK was made in a factory that supports women in the supply chain with the help of HERproject, a collaborative initiative that creates partnerships with brands like ours to empower and educate women in the workplace.

Lastly, we should say that we’re always shocked by the level of detail and craftsmanship that goes into each Deckers X Lab model, especially since a lot of their runs are limited and sell out within a few months. The SPSK is no different, and we expect it to go fast even at a $200 price tag (which I can’t believe I’m saying is totally worth it).

I’ll leave you with this: there are very few brands that we get for review and become such huge fans that we end up buying more as gifts for ourselves or family members. Deckers X Lab is one of them. And the SPSK is one of those gifts. Merry Christmas to whichever friends out there are getting treated.

Additional details: 6 mm drop (25 mm heel, 19 toe).

Available for a limited time for $200, use the shop link below.

Shop Deckers SPSK – Men Shop Deckers SPSK – Women



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  1. Kismet Abdullah says:

    The last photo is amazing. Two tards. Bless

  2. David says:

    you gotta wear shades…and have another backup pair in your hand…for dem brite brite lites

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