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Road • March 21, 2023

Brooks Revel 6 Review: Simple, Affordable All-Rounder

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What You Need To Know


8.8 oz. (249 g) for a US M9 / 8.1 oz. (229 g) for a US W8

Stack Height / Drop

Stack height unavailable (10 mm drop)

Best For

Light mileage days and casual wear

Key Features

DNA midsole, lightweight mesh upper, lightweight

On The Run

🟢 Just enough ground feel

🟢 Excellent outsole grip



The Intro

KALEB: So, the last time I reviewed a Brooks shoe… well, let’s say I’ve been out injured for over a month. My injuries (I believe) have either been brought on, or at least exacerbated by, the stiff, heavy, clunky cinderblock that is the Brooks Levitate 6. In fact, when I heard I was getting another Brooks shoe almost immediately, it filled me with dread. Revel 6 or not, Brooks had shot its shot in my book, and it had missed by a mile. I’d practically written the review in my head before the shoe arrived.

Oh, if only previous me could see me now. If you told me I wouldn’t hate the Revel, I’d have chuckled like a cynical, traumatized war veteran. If you’d told me I would enjoy the shoe, I’d probably have picked a fight with you, but here we are.

When the Revel 6 first appeared on my doorstep, I was on the home stretch of recovering from a raging case of IT band syndrome. Not exactly in the market for another budget shoe with budget shoe limitations. However, Brooks markets this shoe as a budget “do everything from walking to running to hopscotch-ing” shoe, so I figured if I couldn’t run in it at the moment, I would walk.

But even my injured knee could get over itself for my traditional “jog 50 meters down the road because, yay, new shoes.”

In those first couple of steps, I was unsurprised and a little annoyed. To “revel” means to celebrate, but the shoe felt more like a rained-out birthday party. At first step, it was blocky and stiff like its big jerk of a brother, the Levitate. The two things the Revel 6 had going for it were a more reasonable price point and a slightly softer foam compound — Brooks’ typical DNA cushioning. Despite the disappointing first run, I resolved to walk around in the shoe for a few days to break it in as I continued recovering. And boy, am I glad I did.

JORDY: Is it weird to describe a shoe as calming? If not, then that’s what I’ll call the Brooks Revel 6. Its simple appearance and paste-like colorway bring a feeling of zen to an increasingly cluttered world of running shoes. The Revel 6 feels like a shoe I can wear far beyond a few daily miles, and it might be because of a serious redesign.

The minds at Brooks went back to the drawing board for the sixth iteration of this do-it-all trainer, with a few new but understated features. There’s nothing that immediately jumps out, but the Revel’s strength lies in its engineering. My US W8 only weighs a shade over 8 oz., and nearly 60% of the upper is made from recycled plastic water bottles. As always, the Brooks Revel offers neutral support, a moderately wide fit, and a breathable knit mesh upper.

By the way, it’ll only run you $100.

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The Good

KALEB: Over the first few days of walking, the Revel’s DNA foam softened and the clunkiness quickly evaporated. I don’t know if it’s just because I got used to moving in the shoe or if it physically got softer (or maybe I just finished my injury rehab), but I started grabbing the Revel 6 day in and day out because it was the most comfortable thing available. It doesn’t hurt that the Revel is stylish, too — if you’re looking for an everyday active shoe, this is a solid pick. I was reassured and, more importantly, ready to run.

I’ve always enjoyed a firmer ride when it comes to running, and the Revel 6 hit my sweet spot. It’s got cushion and give to it, but I didn’t sink through the shoe. I had a solid platform to toe off of and move into my next stride, and this particular iteration of DNA foam is just responsive enough to encourage me to pick up the pace if I want. I didn’t notice the 10mm drop, but I’m sure that also helps keep the shoe moving forward. The clunkiness of my initial jog down the street disappeared like a bad dream, leaving behind a smooth, simple ride at whatever pace I set.

The Revel also has an excellent ground feel-to-protection ratio for me: I like feeling the surface I’m running on, but I don’t like my legs feeling the surface I’m running on. The medium stack height of the Revel provided the comfort I wanted for my legs while allowing the control I wanted for my body and form. Keep in mind that I’m not a marathoner; if I were hitting regular 70+ mile weeks, I would probably want more underfoot. But for me, the Revel 6 was Goldilocks “just right.” The fact that its slightly more conservative stack height makes for a sub-9 oz. package is just another win.

I don’t have any gripes about the other details of the shoe. The upper was comfortable and fit nicely. The laces were simple but not problematic. I did choose to lace through the second, lower eyelet at the top of the shoe to provide a tighter lockdown, but it was more to satisfy my fit preferences than to fix a security issue. On the outsole, full rubber coverage provides durability to make this budget shoe last.

JORDY: My miles in the Brooks Revel 6 were comfortable enough, and I found that the shoe gave a good energy return during my middle-distance tempo workouts and recovery runs. The instep is springy, and I have no complaints about the snug yet breathable upper. I put the Revel 6 through its paces on the track and felt like I could trust the outsole grip even at higher paces.

Brooks also gets high marks for versatility, as the Revel 6 can be worn for slower-paced runs and walks or even if you’re just on your feet for a while.

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The Bad

KALEB: As I said, my mileage isn’t sky-high — I’m a high school athlete, not a marathoner. Anyone taking the Revel 6 much more than the half marathon distance will probably wish they had more underfoot. Also, about 30 miles in, I noticed some slight peeling of the rubber on the outsole. My gut reaction is that this isn’t a big deal since I’ve noticed no additional wear, and odds are, it just happened to me. But since this is a budget shoe, it’s also possible that the build quality isn’t 100% fantastic, so I’m putting it out there.

The tongue is my only other gripe. It’s pretty narrow and sometimes feels like it’s bunching up along my foot. Fortunately, it doesn’t cause any comfort issues on the run, and again, it’s a $100 shoe, so I can’t complain too much.

JORDY: I also wore the Revel 6 for a sprint session and would not recommend it for anything high-impact. The shoe felt much bulkier than what I am accustomed to wearing, especially for sprinting, but it worked pretty well for lower-impact and longer distances.

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Brooks Revel 6 Conclusion

KALEB: The shoe Brooks Revel 6 is marketed as a budget lifestyle-running hybrid shoe and has become perhaps a staple daily trainer for me. Sure, for someone looking to find the ultimate protection package for their legs, the Revel 6 isn’t going to deliver that. But it also isn’t trying to, and that’s okay! Not every shoe has to be 40+ millimeters of PEBA-based magic infused with carbon fiber and essence de Kipchoge. Sometimes it’s okay to enjoy the simple things in life: those training miles where you’re just enjoying the opportunity to run and breathe and live, fast or slow, rain or shine.

The Revel 6 is aptly named: it’s a celebration of these simple things. It’s not a fancy cocktail party, it’s a good old family-and-friends get-together. So for what it’s worth, Brooks Revel 6, you’ll always have a seat at my party.

JORDY: I prefer catchiness with visual appeal, and the available color patterns are just safe and somewhat neutral. I wore the peach whisk version, and it’s actually a cute, soft color. The Revel 6 is light with a firm sole and the right flexibility in the arch. I would recommend it as a durable, dependable necessity for a middle-distance and longer distance runner or even to wear during strength training or treadmill runs.

With Brooks, it becomes less about fashion and more about engineering, dependability, and durability for the mechanics of your feet and running impact.

You can pick up the Brooks Revel 6 for $100 at Running Warehouse (featuring free 2-day shipping and 90-day returns) at the buttons below.

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