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Road Running Shoes • November 1, 2022

The Best Running Shoe Deals (November 2022)

adidas adizero adios pro 3 - two shoes



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Everyone loves new running shoe day. Doesn’t matter if you really need new shoes, it’s just exciting to get your feet in something different. The only thing better than a brand new pair of shoes, however, is a new pair of shoes that you don’t have to pay full price for. Over the years, we’ve developed some pretty keen senses when it comes to tracking down deals, so we figured it’s about time we share our favorites with you. Here are the best running shoe deals you can get right now.

We’ve done our best to pick out savings from a few of the most popular retailers, but we’re going to stick to running shoes for this list. If you want some deals on clothing or gear, it’s best to head straight to Running Warehouse because you never know what’s going to show up. There’s also a chance that some of these deals will sell out before we have a chance to replace them. We’ll do what we can to swap them out quickly, but we haven’t figured out how to automate Brandon quite yet.

Anyway, let’s get to the savings.

Running Warehouse running shoe deals

As mentioned above, Running Warehouse is like a one-stop shop for the best running deals around. It’s not locked in with a single brand, so the team can bring you great savings no matter your preference. The best part is that Running Warehouse guarantees quick shipping, so you can usually have new shoes at your door in a matter of days. Right now, there’s a full slate to choose from since brands are finally emerging from their supply chain issues and blessing us with stacks of new models.

adidas adizero adios pro 3

Adidas Adizero Adios Pro 3

USE: Rockin’ on race day.

WAS: $250 NOW: $175

Shop Adidas Adios Pro 3 – Unisex ~ asics gel-kayano 28 - feature

Asics Gel Kayano 28

USE: Comfy stability cruisin’.

WAS: $160 NOW: $99

Shop Asics Gel Kayano 28 – Men Shop Asics Gel Kayano 28 – Women

Hoka Bondi 7

USE: Max-cush mileage

WAS: $160 NOW: $128

Shop Hoka Bondi 7 – Men Shop Hoka Bondi 7 – Women

Holabird Sports running shoe deals

Holabird Sports is a lot like Running Warehouse in that it’s not stuck with running shoe deals from just one brand. Instead, you can find unique options from brands like On and Diadora (when they’re on sale). There aren’t too many options at the moment, but it’s a great chance to save some cash if you’ve been eyeing one of the speedier shoes in the Skechers lineup. You might also find that you have better luck with some apparel and gear deals from Holabird Sports if you can’t find a good discount on running shoes.


Skechers GoRun Razor Excess

USE: For faster runs with slightly more comfort than a traditional tempo shoe, can also be used as a lightweight daily trainer. Hyper Burst midsole is durable, bouncy, and still one of the best in the game.

WAS: $140 NOW: $84

Shop Skechers Razor Excess – Men Shop Skechers Razor Excess – Women apl streamline - white medial

APL Streamline

USE: High-end fashion shoe that actually is a pretty great running shoe. Still pretty pricey, but we were surprised at how much we really enjoyed this shoe.

WAS: $320 NOW: $272 (After using code APL15 at checkout)

Shop APL Streamline – Men Shop Skechers Speed Elite – Women

Nike running shoe deals

Now we’re getting into the specifics. Running Warehouse and Holabird Sports are great for a little bit of everything, but sometimes your best bet is to go straight to a brand itself. Right now, Nike is the perfect example. The arrival of the Alphafly Next% 2 means a few of the OG colorways are cut down to much friendlier prices. There are also some price differences between men’s shoes and women’s shoes, which isn’t something we usually see.

Nike Air Zoom Tempo Next - toe

Air Zoom Tempo Next%

USE: Speed training ahead of race day

WAS: $200 NOW: $140

Shop Nike Air Zoom Tempo Next% – Men

Zoom Fly 4

USE: Slightly more affordable speedwork — like a beefed-up Pegasus.

WAS: $160-170 NOW: $96-119

Shop Nike Zoom Fly 4 – Men Shop Nike Zoom Fly 4 – Women

Adidas running shoe deals

Adidas is like Nike in that it’s your best bet if you’re trying to live that Three Stripes lifestyle. There’s plenty to choose from, with somewhere in the neighborhood of 80-100 items on sale for both men and women, and that’s only counting shoes. You’re getting the same options on both sides for the most part, though the Takumi Sen 8 mentioned below only comes in men’s sizing. If you’re lucky, you might also be able to stack the savings with a promo code.

adidas adios 6 feature

Adizero Adios 7

USE: Everything that the Boston used to do: low stack speed work, tempos, maybe even race day on a budget.

WAS: $130 NOW: $91

Shop Adios 7 – Men Shop Adios 7 – Women ultraboost 22 cover


Ultraboost 22

USE: More of a casual/athletic shoe with tons of Boost underfoot that can work as a slow-pace running shoe. Plus, works well with a casual look.

WAS: $190 NOW: $152

Shop Ultraboost 22

Have any others? Leave them in the comments below!


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  1. MDB says:

    Just wanted to call out a few typo’s on the page. You have the Nike Wildhorse 7 original price at $250 and the Ultraboost 22 original price at $1930. 🙂

    1. Ryan Haines says:

      Good catch! Fixed ’em now, but that’s what I get for deal hunting on a Monday morning.

      1. MDB says:

        You are out there saving folks money and your efforts are most appreciated!! I just wanted to help out. Love the work that BitR does. Great content.

        PS – I was hoping that we’d also see a list of savings opportunities that the Robbe the Raccoon has found in/around his running areas and other random and open-world excursions.

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