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Road Running Shoes • June 26, 2024

Asics Superblast 2: First Thoughts

asics superblast 2 - feature 2 background

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What You Need To Know


8.8 oz. (249 g) for a US M9

Stack Height / Drop

45 mm in the heel, 37 mm in the forefoot (8 mm drop)

Best For


Key Features

Flytfoam Turbo Plus midsole with Flytefoam Blast+ Eco bottom layer, Asicsgrip outsole, all new upper

First Thoughts
No break-in period Very similar to v1 Works at any pace
Price & Availability

$200, July 5

asics superblast 2 - medial wide

Intro to the Asics Superblast 2

Is the Asics Superblast 2 the most anticipated shoe release of 2024? Judging from the amount of DMs after posting a photo of the shoe in my Instagram stories, I’m gonna say yes. Those are verifiable metrics, even if I get the same amount of responses from finding a $5 bill on the ground. 

In all seriousness, this really is the shoe that people have been waiting for. It’s been two years since the original Superblast came out of nowhere and quickly reached beloved status with runners everywhere. It was really one of the first super trainers, those shoes that come equipped with the same foam found in race day shoes. While most of them also come with a carbon fiber plate, this one did not. It didn’t matter, because it was still a shoe that could do everything well, from daily training to long runs to tempo work and even race day.

asics superblast 2 - tongue tag
asics superblast 2 - turbo

A slow trickle of interest in the shoe became a word-of-mouth tsunami, quickly catapulting the shoe to the top of runners’ lists for best overall running shoe. Asics straight up ran out of stock, something you probably noticed if you tried to track down a pair within the last six months.

Like Stringer Bell on the streets of Baltimore, Asics wants to put that word out that we back up. The Asics Superblast 2 is here and it is on sale next week (July 5, to be exact).

Our full review is coming soon, but for now, here are our first thoughts on the shoe.

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asics superblast 2 - medial side

What’s New for the Asics Superblast 2

For the most part, the design and construction of the shoe is the same, with some slight tweaks and material improvements throughout. 

The biggest change is in the upper, which is now made of a one-piece woven engineered mesh. It’s stretchy and comfortable and fits better than the first version. The midsole design is mostly the same, save for the actual geometry which mimics the shape of the Gel-Nimbus 26. Materially, the midsole now uses a full top layer of Flytefoam Turbo Plus, the same midsole found in the Metaspeed Sky/Edge Paris, the top-tier race day shoes from Asics. The thin bottom layer is composed of Flytefoam Blast Plus Eco and the outsole now uses ASICSGRIP instead of AHAR PLUS.

The shoe comes with a slight weight gain (~.4 ounces), now 8.8 ounces/249 grams for a US M9.

The price point stays the same at $200.

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asics superblast 2 - midsole heel

Our First Thoughts on the Asics Superblast 2

Currently, Meaghan has over 40 miles in the shoe, which is enough to merit a full review, but the rest of the team is getting their mileage, so we’ll give our first thoughts for now.

First, let us allay any fears– this is every bit as good as the first version of the shoe. 

The upper is improved, with a better fit and more comfort all around. The midsole needs no break-in period, which is probably the most marked difference over the first version. It feels like love at first ride from the get-go. If anything, it’s a touch softer but still provides an equal amount of versatility between any type of training. It may be an even better long run shoe, but still manages to pick up the pace seamlessly.

Point being– if you loved the first version, you’ll still love this one. Personally, I felt like there’s very little change in the ride (and that’s a good thing). Thomas felt the same way. Meg feels that it’s a touch more responsive. In her words: “If I could pick one shoe for everything, this would be it.” Asics didn’t f*ck it up, which– for whatever reason– is a hard thing for brands to do.

asics superblast 2 - feature

The weight gain is slight and really not noticeable on the run. It’s worth it just to not have to pick out rocks from the midsole cutouts. 

The ASICSGRIP rubber compound is an upgrade from the AHARPLUS, which was already solid.* It’s the same rubber used in the Asics trail line, including the surprisingly capable Fuji Lyte series. The grip seems fine in dry conditions, no issues at all, but once we get a rainfall around here, we’ll let you know how it performs on wet roads.

asics superblast 2 - outsole

To answer the question everyone is asking: Yes, this is the Superblast as it should be. And you can pick it up for $200 on July 5. If you love it, you should probably snag another pair while you can, because it’s never going to get discounted and it may be hard to acquire further down the road.

You can pick up the Asics Superblast 2 at Running Warehouse for $200 by using the shop link below.

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*EDITOR’S NOTE: A previous version of this article stated that ASICSGRIP was the low-level rubber compound from Asics, which was incorrect (that’s AHAR). ASICSGRIP is the tackier and stickier rubber used in the Asics trail line.


Have something to say? Leave a Comment

  1. Nate says:

    I mean I’ll read a full review but this was everything I needed to hear.

  2. Tim says:

    Please comment on the fit? First version required a half-size down for some people. Does the second first have the same extra length in the toebox?

    1. Robbe says:

      Fit is the same as the previous version.

  3. Pedro says:

    Great first thoughts. My only question it’s about ASICSGRIP … isn’t it better than AHAR PLUS? I thought ASICSGRIP was the rubber used on trail shoes, with excellent grip. AHAR PLUS is slippery as butter in wet sidewalks.

    1. Robbe says:

      Corrected, thank you!

  4. Ali Horuz says:

    Hey guys. Looking forward to the sb2

    Just a note.. where you wrote about asicsgrip being their basic rubber. Thats not the case.
    Ahar is the basic. Ahar plus is the slightly more durable basic rubber. Both these compounds have crappy traction and are slippery when wet.

    Asicsgrip is their premium trail, wet rock grippy rubber.. so its a very welcome change.

    Love the channel ❤️

    1. Robbe says:

      Thank you for the correction (it’s been a long week). We’ve updated to reflect. Appreciate you!

  5. Dan says:

    might be my go to shoe for javelina jundred 100 miler if the toe box is wide enough. I have only ran in the OG novablast . I always wanted try this shoe everyone I talked to loves the first one.

  6. Randall Bazemore says:

    People can spend 200 on this shoe while I’m spending 100 on the SL2 that has a better ride 🤫

  7. Ali Horuz says:

    No problems ❤️

    Btw, just checked on the asics official website, it still says ahar plus, further down the same page it says asicsgrip.

    Really sloppy to not even double check on such an anticipated shoe. I guess we will know when we get it and try it in the rain.

    Im just hoping the ff blast plus eco (dont like the eco) doesnt mess up the bounciness vs the sb1.

    I really felt they slaughtered the responsiveness in theff blast plus when they went eco on it.

    Its only 20 percent of the midsole so might not matter that much either way.

  8. bwise says:

    Dangit Guys my wife is going to be pissed about me buying another $200 shoe.
    Jokes aside, great first thoughts (as always) and totally agree with meg – Glad they didn’t F*ck it up, since brands love doing that.
    I Loved the 1st Superblast for marathon training – long slow easy runs and long interval runs. The shoe is an absolute TANK. I have well over 400+ miles in my pair, I used it for 2 marathon trainings cycles and still using it now for shorter runs. It is easily my most durable shoe ever as far as lasting the longest. This shoe refusing to be retired. The midsole just last forever, even though its less responsive now (at 400+ miles), it still feels great as a daily trainer. The rubber is garage and ive almost worn through all of it on the forefoot at 400+ miles, I’m excited to see they upgraded the rubber on the v2. This 2nd one looks better too. Cant wait to get miles in it!

  9. Janis Gailis says:

    Hello. Maybe you know why the paintwork is in these colors? Is there a longer story?

    1. Robbe says:

      It’s the Paris colorway

  10. Antoine says:

    Thanks for the first thoughts.
    I had trouble with the version 1, which gave me arch cramps. Not sure if that was because of the lock down, upper tightness, mid shoe shape, or the break-in issue… Finally gave up after 150km. Did you get a similar issue and do you think this new version would improve on that point?

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