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Road Running Shoes • April 25, 2022

Asics Metaspeed Sky+ and Edge+ Are Improved In All The Right Places | First Look

asics metaspeed sky+ - feature

What You Need To Know

  • Updated versions of both the Metaspeed Sky for stride runners and Metaspeed Edge for cadence runners
  • More Flytefoam Blast Turbo in both midsoles
  • Adjusted the carbon plate placement to harness more energy for stride or cadence-specific running styles
  • Enough improvements that this should’ve received a definitive ‘2’ for the name
  • Releases June 2022 for $250
asics metaspeed sky+ - side

Asics Metaspeed Sky+

First Thoughts

Let’s get some things out of the way before we go any further. This should be the Metaspeed Sky 2 and Edge 2. Enough has changed between the first version and this version that tacking a math operator onto the end of the name just muddies the water when communicating the updates and their use-case significance to the end-user. Luckily, that’s the only pet peeve I have with this shoe, but I just wanted to clear that up out of the gate.

Short backstory in case you’re not familiar with our coverage of the Metaspeed Sky: Last year’s Metaspeed Sky was the first legitimate super shoe offering that came close to the magic of the Vaporfly/Alphafly on race day. While Asics’ first carbon-plated racer (2020’s Metaracer) was visually clean, it still fell into the traditional racing flat category for us. The Metaspeed Sky changed all that. The Flytefoam Blast Turbo was incredibly bouncy and light, while the aggressive carbon plate paired with the rocker of the shoe to produce a snappy toe-off. I personally have only used the Metaspeed Sky on race day over the last year, from distances between the 5K and half marathon (PR in all events).

That said, the Metaspeed Sky wasn’t without issues. The upper, while light and breathable, cramped the toes and overall didn’t have a spectacular fit. The shoe also seemed to run a bit short in general and it didn’t have much structure. Some found it to be too firm at times (though I had no issues with it). 

In any case, Asics set out to fix those exact things with the Sky+ and Edge+. And for those who don’t know what the difference is between those two shoes, well, I’ll get into the nitty-gritty in a bit, but what you need to know is that the Sky+ is meant for stride-based runners (those with a longer stride), and the Edge+ is meant for cadence-based runners (those with over 180 steps per minute/quicker cadence, lower height oscillation).

asics metaspeed sky+ - midsole

Asics Metaspeed Sky+ w/ Flytefoam Blast Turbo Midsole

What’s New

It’s clear that Asics knew it had a winner on its hands with the Metaspeed Sky and really set out to take that foundation and build it back a bit better. Asics’ own Institute of Sports Science (ISS) collected data from elite athletes in competition to refine the product design, resulting in a few key changes to both the Sky and the Edge.

For starters, both shoes have more Flytefoam Turbo Blast this go-around, 4% and 16% extra in the Sky+ and Edge+, respectively. Everyone loves more cush, and this should go a long way in solving the comfort problem that some had over longer distances.

More foam is always good, but the component that Asics was most intrigued by was the carbon plate and its positioning within the shoe, especially in relation to both stride and cadence-based runners. Specifically, that stride-style runners exert higher force and take advantage of this higher force. To amplify this force, the Sky+ features a higher plate within the midsole stack to allow for greater compression of foam during toe-off. Of course, greater compression equals a higher bounce.

On the other hand, cadence-style runners don’t exert enough force to compress the entire width of the foam to achieve the benefit of a higher plate. To remedy this, the plate is placed lower to help with stabilization and gait motion for a more efficient kick forward. In short, the higher plate reduces the amount of bounce-back. See below for a side-to-side breakdown of both models.

Layer by layer breakdown of both the Metaspeed Sky+ and Metaspeed Edge+

Lastly, both shoes feature a new upper (Asics is calling it Motion Wrap) that is lighter and more breathable, but also focuses on key areas for added structure over version one. 

Outsole coverage and design remain the same. See below for the full specs for both models.

The first colorway is Eugene Green and will be released in June, just in time for the Asics title sponsorship of the World Athletic Games, which will be held at Hayward Field in July.

Spec Comparison of the Metaspeed Sky+ and Metaspeed Edge+

Final Thoughts

It was a bit of a gamble to produce slightly different variations of the same race shoe to cater to two specific styles of running; nevertheless, the Sky and Edge received a solid reception last year. Stride and cadence runners who enjoyed those initial versions will no doubt get excited about the new plus versions.

While we don’t have the shoe in the office yet to wear on the run, we have seen it and handled it in person and can say we’re extremely excited about getting it on our feet. Especially since Asics seems to have listened to the customer and improved on some of the shortcomings found in the original. We’ll be expecting pairs in the coming weeks, and you already know we’ll have that review up as soon as possible. Should make for some exciting races come summertime.

Asics Metaspeed Sky+ outsole

asics metaspeed sky+ - lateral


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Have something to say? Leave a Comment

  1. Brian says:

    Here’s the thing that I’ve never understood about the distinction between the Asics Metaspeed offerings: what if a cadence (stride) runner is trying to become a stride (cadence) runner? Like, my marathon-pace cadence is 180-185, but I would like to have a longer, more powerful stride. In fact, one reason I want a super shoe is to hopefully add some pep/length to my stride. So do I buy the Edge to capitalize on my strengths? Or do I buy the Sky because that will help me fill a gap? Likewise, does someone with a long stride who wants to increase cadence use the Edge or double down on stride with the Sky? Or are we all just supposed to buy the Sky? Help me spend these dollars!

    1. Robbe Reddinger says:

      Your situation is a very small use case, the distinctions between the two shoes cover the majority of runners and runner types who generally fall into two buckets. If I were to give you advice, it would be to run in the shoe that’s where you’re at now. On race day, your form will default in later miles anyway so you should go with what’s natural. At the end of the day, both shoes will feel great, you just may get a slight advantage out of one depending on your style.

      1. Brian says:

        Thanks, this is helpful.

  2. Derek says:

    These are what I dream about at night!! OMG Asics, just take my money already! Robbe, I will need you to get those 20 miles day 1 to get this review up haha. I cannot wait and will for sure be trying my best to get these before they sell out! Thanks y’all!

  3. Carlo Sangalang says:

    Love the Sky, even bought a 2nd pair! Tho I can’t wait for you guys to test the Edge+. The main reason I took the Sky over the Edge was that some said the Edge doesn’t have enough cush for the marathon. But now that the Edge+ is maxed out, hoping to find out if it’s more like the Vaporfly with the 8mm drop. I got a lot of Achilles irritation with the Sky during a HM PR effort and I think it had something to do with the flatter drop. Plus Im more of a cadence runner really ramping up the cadence at faster paces

  4. Brian says:

    Will you be doing a full review or Sky+? I’ve viewed the videos of your feedback following w/ the Asics van, but I’m very eager to get an in-depth review. It seemed like you’re all liking the Edge+ more than the Sky+, which intrigues me considering the exalted status of the [OG] Sky.
    I’m interested in the shoe as a race shoe for full-distance triathlons, but if there’s too much stress on hamstrings or quads due to the shape of the plate (and historical stiffness of Asics) I might look at a softer option (RC v2 or even the Prime X).

  5. Ema Avsharian says:

    Any updated on when these will be released? It’s late July now and they are still not out. Hold out for the new version for a fall marathon or buy a current one?

  6. Brian says:

    You described the shoes a bit wrong. The Sky is for people who mostly increase stride length as they speed up and the Edge for people who mostly increase stride rate as they speed up. It isn’t about having an absolutely high cadence or long stride. ASICS has a graph out their plotting stride length/rate at different paces for their experimental group of fast runners and they cluster in two groups – some who literally barely increase stride rate as paces go from easy to quite fast and others who increase length some and rate considerably. For example I take 160 spm at 7:30 pace and 180ish at 5 min pace. (I’m 6’4″). I’d use the Edge.

  7. Jun Kyu says:

    This comment helped me understand how the two running styles differ.

  8. Laura Seifried says:

    Any idea if an updated Metaspeed will come out?

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