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Road Running Shoes • January 4, 2021

ASICS GLIDERIDE 2 Performance Review

asics glideride 2 - feature1

What You Need To Know

  • Weighs 11.4 oz. (325 g) for a US M /8.9 oz. (252 g) for a US W
  • New engineered stretch mesh upper
  • Drop: 5 mm (26 in heel, 21 in toe for men, 25/20 for women)
  • Rockered geometry with a reinforced plate provides a firmer feel and snappy toe-off
  • Releases 2/5/2021 for $150

THOMAS: Last year ASICS released the original GLIDERIDE, part of the Glide line of rockered geometry shoes that also includes the lighter EVORIDE 2 and race-ready METARACER. The GLIDERIDE was touted as a shoe that can take you as far as you’re willing to go, which sounds like a pitch for a psychedelic drug, but hey, what would we know – we pass on grass every time. 

Anyway, you can in fact ‘go’ in this shoe. Quite far and quite smoothly. I mean, after all, if you’re going to ride, who doesn’t want to glide? Between a rockered midsole, plastic plate, high stack of FlyteFoam, the soft but rigid shoe accomplished its goal in spades – it simply rolls through your stride.

The original version was a big boi on the scale at 11.3 oz./322 grams for a US M10.5; despite that, the shoe gathered a fan base and felt lighter than its stout weight on the run. The GLIDERIDE is also easier on your ankles than other shoes, so you feel more efficient overall with less fatigue. The shoe achieved ASICS goal, and this year it comes back with mild tuning and a sleeker profile.

asics glideride 2 - womens

The Good

THOMAS: The best thing about GLIDERIDE 2 is the smooth ride that can be deceptively fast for a heavier shoe. Call it the benefit of the rocker. Like Meatloaf or John Popper, despite its girth, when it rocks, it rolls. If you get into a rhythm, these shoes do what the name says; they glide. Not exactly a bat out of hell, maybe more of a paradise by the dashboard lights. 

If you’re familiar with ASICS’ uppers, you won’t get any surprises. Engineered mesh with a puffy tongue and generously padded ankle collar. It has a comfort that pretty much melts off the foot. Or on the foot. However you like your comfort.

The flat laces work well, nothing fancy, but do the trick. The heel counter is very rigid and adds support to the ankle while locking the heel down. The upper didn’t give us any trouble at all.

The midsole is soft enough to feel forgiving while being firm enough to hold the rocker shape that ASICS calls GuideSole technology. The difference between ASICS rocker and some other brand’s rockered midsole is the exaggerated toe spring. The toe spring helps create a fast turn over. If you read our EVORIDE 2 review or watched our GLIDERIDE 2 video review, you already know what we are talking about. ASICS added some AHARplus rubber to the outsole for durability.

MEAGHAN: If you’ve read any of my reviews, you know I love a good stack height (the barefoot movement is my literal nightmare). All that to say the ASICS GLIDERIDE 2 does not disappoint with its thick midsole/outsole design. FLYTEFOAM makes up the midsole, which is a lightweight foam that’s been paired with a rubber outsole for added durability and traction. I would not call this a soft foam by any means, but it does have a nice ‘give’ to it on landing. 

The GUIDESOLE technology is what makes this shoe shine. The curved up toe box gives you that rocking chair motion that seems to push you forward. Apparently, the science behind this technology reduces energy expenditure and improves efficiency. All I know is that it works great for longer runs and I found myself comfortably picking up the pace. 

The upper is a well designed engineered mesh with clean lines. The collar and tongue are super cushioned so you get a really nice step-in feel and the shoes are just generally comfortable. The flat lacing system locks your foot down and the shoes fit true to size.

Shop GlideRide 2 – Men Shop ASICS – Women ASICS GLIDERIDE 2 - HEEL

The Bad

THOMAS: Like the sister shoe, the ASICS EVORIDE 2, the rubber on the outsole lacks a certain amount of tackiness. Additionally, I am finding all the ASICS running a half size large/long this year. Either I’m becoming elvish, or something else is going on. Try a half size down and tell me if I am nuts. 

Even though the GLIDERIDE 2 feels and goes through the stride lighter than its actual weight, I can’t help wonder what the shoe would be like if it were 2-3 ounces lighter. This version is .1 ounce/23 grams heavier than the original (effectively the same).

MEAGHAN: The GLIDERIDE 2 is just a little too firm and a little too heavy for my liking. My W7.5 came in at 8.9 oz which is pretty hefty for a daily trainer these days. While the firmer ride is great for faster days, it’s hard to enjoy the slow jog (slog) in this shoe. And I really want to enjoy the slog.

Shop GlideRide 2 – Men Shop ASICS – Women ASICS GLIDERIDE 2 - OUTSOLE


THOMAS: The GLIDERIDE 2 is for cruising miles efficiently, and it works for that purpose. If you want a similar feel in a lighter, faster package, shift down to the EVORIDE 2 (note that the EVORIDE 2 does not have a reinforced plate, and it has a lower stack height). They both use GUIDESOLE Technology. The GLIDERIDE isn’t as plush as something like the HOKA Bondi 7, but is comparable in that they both deliver long mileage comfort on the roads. The GLIDERIDE has a stable foundation for any high mileage running.

MEAGHAN: The ASICS GLIDERIDE 2 is a durable workhorse. While I was craving a slightly softer ride, I really enjoyed some longer, fast-ish (10-12 mi) runs in this shoe. If you prefer a firmer ride and are looking for something that will last hundreds on hundreds of miles, the GLIDERIDE 2 is a solid option.

You can pick up the ASICS GLIDERIDE 2 on 2/5/2021 for $150 at Running Warehouse (featuring free 2-day shipping and 90-day returns) by using the shop link below.

Shop GlideRide 2 – Men Shop ASICS – Women ASICS GLIDERIDE 2 - TONGUE

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