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Altra One v3 Performance Review

The Good

Thomas: The Altra One v3 is a light weight “race” shoe from the zero drop shoe maker. My pair at size 10.5 weighs 8.8 ounces. With a 18mm stack height, they sit low to the ground but have enough cushion between your foot and the road. The ride is firm, and the outsole has some strategically placed rubber for grip.

The upper fits well over the arch, and the toe box is cavernous. For my narrow foot maybe too much wiggle room. The style of the upper is an upgrade from the previous model that looked a little like a bowling shoe. Get your regular running shoe size as the v3 fits true to size. The price is $99.95 which is definitely good.

Altra One v3

The Bad

Thomas: The Altra One v3 midsole is a rock compared to the softer more flexible original version and the v2. I miss the softer more sponge-like midsole. With my narrow foot, I had to crank down the lacing to get a secure fit. I guess that “foot shaped” depends entirely on the shape of your foot. Not all feet are flat and wide. The weight of the shoe isn’t bad, but for it to be labeled “race” shoe, 8.8 is on the heftier side. My biggest complaint about the shoe is I didn’t find it fun to run in.  The firmer midsole made it clunky.

Altra One v3

The Altra One v3 Conclusion

Thomas: This just isn’t the shoe for me. To be fair I haven’t tried an Altra shoe that I got excited about running in. If you are an Altra fan, you will enjoy the shoe for fast runs. This review is subjective, but I get to run in a lot of models. If you have liked shoes I like, you may want to skip this One. Check out the Altra One v3 for yourself.




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  1. stephan = says:

    I’m starting to feel like I like the idea of Altra better than I like their actual shoes. I’ve yet to find a pair that have really worked for me. On that note – how is the height of the toe box in these? That was my problem with the v2s – my toes were rubbing against the top constantly. Any more vertical space?

    1. Hi Stephan, I never have toe box issues but Meg says it is fine, plenty of room.

  2. Daniel Norton says:

    I have been running in these shoes for a while. I think Altras grow on you over time because I prefer to just about any other in my current rotation.

    1. Thomas Neuberger says:

      I (thomas) have not acquired the taste yet.

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