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Road Running Shoes • August 12, 2019

Adidas Solar Boost 19 Performance Review

adidas solar boost 19 feature

What You Need To Know

  • Comfortable easy run shoe featuring Boost midsole
  • Updates to the upper, now an open mesh with more Trace Fibers
  • Fairly heavy at 10.8 oz. for a size M9
  • Skip the first paragraph if you don’t want Smashmouth stuck in your head

I’m gonna get straight to it without the witty upfront banner, no matter how much I want to reference Smashmouth’s critically-acclaimed cult hit classic “Walkin’ On The Sun” again. I know you come for the shoes and stay for the Smashmouth, but it’s just not happening this time. Side note: I’m trying to work out the whole Believe in the Run thing with Smashmouth’s now-legendary cover “Now I’m a Believer,” (a.k.a. that Shrek song), but that will have to wait until next time.

Oh look, I talked about Smashmouth for three sentences. Frosted tips achievement unlocked.

Anyway, the adidas Solar Boost 19 is the top tier of the Solar line. If you’ve been a good student and paying attention, we’ve already reviewed the Solar Ride and the Solar Boost ST, the stability version of this shoe, which is honestly almost exactly the same. We also reviewed the Ultra Boost back in December, which was one of Thomas’s favorite shoes at the time.

In comparison to the last version of the Solar Boost, the outsole and midsole (and even the weight) is the same from the Solar Boost 18, pretty much just the upper has changed.

Let’s review.

adidas solar boost 19 side

The Good

Kind of crazy, but in the past, I’ve hardly ever run in adidas, by luck of the reviewer draw I suppose. However, I have run in three different models this summer—the budget-friendly and heavy Solar Ride, the firm and fast (and narrow) Boston 8, and now this, which is kind of in the middle.

If you’re buying this shoe, it should be your easy mileage shoe. It is no doubt a well-cushioned shoe, and the Boost midsole provides nice return without feeling mushy. That Boost—combined with a 10mm drop— can get you a little faster when you want to pick up the pace, but it doesn’t elevate it to “tempo” mode. Nevertheless, they do feel lighter than their listed weight. I’ve run in similar weighted shoes recently that feel much heavier underfoot.

The upper has change somewhat significantly, and while I can’t compare the last version from personal experience, I can say it appears to be a good move. The Solar Boost 19 features an open mesh upper, in addition to more of the Tailored Fibre Placement (TFP) from the last version.

My foot definitely runs more narrow; I’m a big fan of Nike’s fit, or even the Boston 8. The Solar Boost 19 feels a little wider, and I had to adjust the lacing a couple times to get a good lockdown through the midfoot. That said, it’s a very comfortable shoe. Padding abounds throughout the heel collar and the tongue. Combined with the Boost, it all creates a very cozy package, one that will keep your legs feeling fresh even after long miles.

Stability and traction are good thanks to the wider outsole featuring Continental rubber.

There are some minor things I don’t love about the shoe, but it’s a “safe bet” kind of shoe—it will get you through long runs for a long time.

Shop adidas Solar Boost 19
adidas solar boost 19 upper

The Bad

With all the padding and comfort, this shoe does come in heavy at 10.8 oz. for a size M9, and this isn’t even the stability version. Now, I know this isn’t the Ultra Boost, but I feel like this shoe could be taken down a notch with some lighter materials on the upper. I almost feel like adidas knows this shoe will be more for casual runners or less-educated runners and want to provide that out-of-the-box comfort.

I know some others have talked about it, and we’ve discussed it before, but is Boost dead? I mean, it feels good, don’t get me wrong. But with Nike React, New Balance FuelCell, and Skechers Hyper Burst, I feel like adidas Boost is starting to fade into the rearview. They need something fresh.

It’s not terribly hot, but for the same reasons listed above, this wouldn’t be me go-to summer shoe.

The price isn’t totally insane, but it is $160, which is $60 more than the budget version of this shoe. I feel like it’s a little overpriced, especially considering its weight.

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adidas solar boost 19 outsole

Adidas Solar Boost Conclusion

For a friend who’s maybe looking for their first running shoe, this would be a good choice. If they’re still wearing their 10-year-old ASICS with lawnmower stains, this shoe will be enough to blow their mind. Or, if you love adidas and want a running shoe that crosses over well into lifestyle, this may be for you.

However, for not being a stability shoe, I think there are lighter, cheaper, and better options out there for a lower price point. If you’d like to buy it, definitely pick it up over at Running Warehouse for $160 by using the shop link below.

Shop adidas Solar Boost 19

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  1. Allen Majane says:

    I actually do think $160 is insane, considering every reviewer gives these a big “meh” in terms of performance. Too many shoes in the $100-120 range that do everything better…

    1. Robbe Reddinger says:

      Yep, exactly.

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