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Road Running Shoes • April 10, 2018

Adidas adizero Boston 7 Performance Review

Without a doubt the adidas adizero Boston 7 is my favorite “Boston Marathon” themed shoe. The design is iconic. You can tell these kicks are a Boston Marathon shoe from fifty feet away with the classic yellow and blue color combo, but it is when you get a closer look that you see the amount of detail that the designers skillfully weaved into the trainer.

Here are the Boston details incorporated into the shoe design:

  • Lace tips
    • 2018 (left)
    • 26.2 (right)
  • Tongue
    • Boston Athletic Association logo (left)
    • adidas logo (right)
  • Boston Marathon and a large BAA Unicorn on the Heel Counter
  • Areas/neighborhoods that you run through during the marathon on Insole
  • Boston Athletic Association blue and yellow coloring

With all that the Boston 7 tastefully screams BOSTON MARATHON SHOE. All that is great for a special edition shoe, but is it a decent shoe?

adidas boston 7

The Good

Thomas: Regardless of the Boston Marathon treatment, this shoe looks great, it is a classic looking trainer. The two-layer engineered mesh over the vamp/toebox is breathable and softer/more flexible than the last adios Boston I reviewed, and the three stripe logo that creates the structure on both sides of your foot is less rigid too. These updates make the upper feel better on foot. The Boston 5 I tried felt “plastic-y” and crinkly. The heel counter, tongue, and collar on the Boston 7 are lightly padded but still comfortable. The tongue is stitched into place so that sucker won’t be sliding around. I didn’t have any irritation in the shoe, and my regular 10.5 fit perfect and weighs 9.3 oz./263 grams.

The upper on the adidas Boston 7 is classic, the modern touch for this trainer is in the BOOST midsole. The amount of BOOST is less than the Supernova or the Energy, but more BOOST than the adios. The adios are great for the marathon distance if you don’t need too much cushion under your feet, but if you like a little more BOOST, the Boston 7 would be a good pick. The 10mm drop BOOST midsole is paired with a durable Continental Rubber outsole. Extra control is provided by an EVA plastic torsion system.

The ride of the Boston 7 is sporty and plush at the same time. The BOOST does a great job of providing the cushion with pop. The toe feels flexible, while the Continental Rubber gives the grip to help you dig into your faster paces. I have heard some people grumble that the forefoot feels a little dead. I did not experience that. The shoe feels good at multiple speeds. Shoes I would compare it to would be the adizero adios, the Pure BOOST DPR, and the Nike Epic React. The Boston 7 has more cushion than the adios, more stability than the Pure BOOST DPR, a little heavier and firmer than the Nike Epic React.

Buy the Boston Marathon adidas Boston 7

adizero boston 7

The Bad

Thomas: I don’t have any significant gripes with this shoe. The ride feels good, the weight isn’t an issue, and the look of the shoe is a perfect blend of classic and modern design.

boston 7

The adidas adizero Boston 7 Conclusion

Thomas: If you read the other sections you’ll probably guess that I like the Boston 7 quite a bit. The trainer feels good at slow speeds and faster paces making it a top choice for multiple workouts. The BOOST midsole will last longer than you want the shoe. The cushioning doesn’t break down. If I were shelling out clams for a new pair of souvenir shoes at the Boston Marathon expo, these would be my choice. I am looking forward to seeing the non-event related versions of the Boston 7. If you don’t want to wait until the expo, shop the Boston 7 here.

Buy the Boston Marathon adidas Boston 7

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  1. lee says:

    hi thomas,

    the none related adizero boston 7 is out.
    would like to heard ur comment before purchase.
    hope it will be same as the Boston 7″marathon theme”shoe


    1. Thomas Neuberger says:

      Same shoe.

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