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Road Running Shoes • January 9, 2019

adidas ADIZERO ADIOS 4 Performance Review

adidas adizero adios 4

In my opinion, the adidas ADIZERO ADIOS 4 is the best application of BOOST in any shoe. Mic drop. It’s a bold statement, but read on for the details to back it up.

adidas adios 4

The Good

The adidas ADIZERO ADIOS has been a long-time favorite of mine. I ran a marathon in the original version, and not many changes have been made to the midsole-outsole combo over the years. The uppers have been refined, but really, the shoe’s character hasn’t really changed since it was introduced in 2013.

If you haven’t run in the ADIOS before, it is the lightest mass-market BOOST trainer weighing 8.35 oz. / 236 grams for a USA size 10.5. The reason for the lower weight is pretty simple; adidas uses less BOOST in the midsole. The ADIOS 4 is designed to be a fast shoe that can carry a runner 26.2 miles. The cushioning and energy return in the ADIOS was enough to hold the world record in the marathon until the VaporFly came along. For most runners, the 10mm drop midsole of the ADIOS will be more than enough to get you to the marathon finish line.

The outsole of the ADIOS 4 is covered by a grid of Continental rubber, giving the ADIOS its teeth. You can feel the shoe grip the road when you pick up the pace.

As I mentioned before, the upper is where the update is noticeable, giving the shoe a more modern and sleeker look. The latest upper uses a breathable open mesh with fewer visible overlays than the ADIOS 3. The fit is meant to be snugger in a race ready shoe, and the ADIOS 4 fits snug without feeling restrictive. The interior of the seamless upper is built for comfort while the memory foam ankle collar delivers a custom fit without the bulk. The upper doesn’t revolutionize the shoe, so if you want to save some $$$ snatch up the ADIOS 3 while you can! The Adios 4 is retailing for $140 while the ADIOS 3 (review) can be picked up for as little as $69.

The ADIOS 4 has a smooth feel through the stride. High notes are the light feeling, cushioned landings, flexible, with decent energy return. I ran two progressive long runs of 15 and 17 miles in the ADIOS 4. During both runs, my feet and legs felt fresh enough to pick up the pace and outperform the required paces for the workout.

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adidas adizero adios

The Bad

Adidas moved the toe cap to the inside of the shoe, and in the pair I received from adidas to review, the cap on one shoe had a crease on the medial side. I believe it is an anomaly (maybe a production error), but the crease rubbed right behind my big toe and caused some irritation. I can’t get the crease out, but I was able to soften it enough to eliminate the rubbing.

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adidas adizero adios 4

adidas ADIZERO ADIOS 4 Conclusion

I loved the previous model, and I continue to love the ADIOS. If you are okay with less shoe, the ADIOS can be used for more than races and fast workouts. The BOOST cushioning lasts a long, long time. You can really rack up miles in the ADIOS 4. The Adios is one of the purest running shoes out there. Other than the BOOST, this is a leaned-out, no-frills trainer. I would put the ADIOS 4 on my shortlist of shoes to consider for the marathon.

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  1. aristo says:

    adios or the razor 3? what’s your pick for a marathon?

    1. Thomas Neuberger says:

      I will be wearing the Razor 3 for LA this March.

  2. Bruno C. says:

    Hey Thomas, great review, fantastic website and channel!
    How would you compare the Adios (3/4) with the Nike Zoom Fly Flyknit? Mainly on cushion and responsiveness. I am looking for a race flat for my next half but I am not ready to spend $250 on the 4% yet hehe…
    Thanks a lot and wishing the BITR team a successful 2019,

    1. Thomas Neuberger says:

      I don’t care for the Zoom Fly, it is too bottom heavy for me. It feels clunky. I like the Razor 3 and the ADIOS if I can’t have Vaporfly.

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