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adidas adizero adios 2017 Performance Review

The Good

Thomas: This category of running shoe is my jam. I love lightweight cushioned trainers. The adidas adios weighs 8.30 oz. for a size 10.5. While that isn’t the lightest compared to some similar Nike trainers, it is on the light side and has the BOOST midsole. BOOST adds weight to any shoe, but the tradeoff is the cushioning doesn’t break down as fast as some of the other EVA midsoles.

The outsole is a thin layer of Continental® rubber a TPU “Torsion System” under the arch to give the shoe some rigidity between the forefoot and the heel. The outsole has held up extremely well after 55 + miles.

The upper is a big improvement on the last adios I reviewed. It is softer and almost a throwback in its simplicity. The adios has a real retro look. There are no tricks hidden on the inside of the shoe, a simple tongue, padded collar and heel counter, simple foam insole is attached directly to the BOOST midsole. This shoe is a model for cutting out the bullshit.

Meaghan: The fastest marathon ever run was in this shoe’s predecessor. That’s a lot to live up to. Luckily for the adidas adizero adios 3, it’s a pretty good shoe. The upper is designed with a very breathable mesh that hugs the foot. There’s a simple flat lacing system that does a nice job of keeping the foot in place. The padding through the collar and tongue is minimal, but it’s comfortable.

The midsole is, of course, made up of the adidas Boost material. There isn’t a ton of Boost in this shoe, but it’s enough to create a nice smooth ride. There’s a little extra stability from the plastic Torsion System placed between the heel and forefoot. Nothing too excessive, but some added arch support. The rubber outsole adds some nice traction to the road.


adidas adizero adios

The Bad

Thomas: It isn’t the cheapest shoe at $140. It seems like anytime you add BOOST to a shoe the price goes up 30%. It might be worth it if you consider that the lifespan of the BOOST midsole is longer than other midsole materials. I unintentionally ran 7 miles of trail in the adios. While these shoes are not intended for the trail, do yourself a favor and never trail run in these shoes. These have absolutely no traction on dirt. Additionally, I scratched up the TPU on the bottom.

Meaghan: Let’s be honest, this shoe could pass for a soccer cleat. I’m not digging the 80’s soccer camp vibe. The overlays and material look cheap, of which they are not if reflected in the price tag: $140. Yikes.

adios adidas

The adidas adios Conclusion

Thomas: This shoe hits all my favorite buttons. The adios is light, looks good, and is fun to pick up the pace in. There is enough cushion for a marathon even if you don’t run a sub 3-hour 26.2. Currently, the World Record 2:02:57 for the Marathon was clocked in a pair similar to these by Dennis Kimetto of Kenya. I know what your thinking, what about the Nike dude? That doesn’t count. If you like the style of running shoes that I do, you will love having a pair of these in your stable. Pick some up.

Meaghan: I like the adidas adios 3, but I don’t love it. I think adidas did a nice job with the overall comfort and feel, but I’m not a fan of the look. If you’re in the market for a fast-day shoe, this is certainly an option, it’s just not my favorite cup of tea.


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