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Adidas Adios BOOST Review

What’s one of the dumbest things you can do at a Marathon? I am sure running in a brand new pair of shoes you have never run more than 4 miles in is up there. I did it. I will spare you the suspense, it worked out fine. Anyhow, leading up to the OBX marathon I wanted to try out a new distance shoe. I ran in the Puma FAAS 500 S 6 weeks before at the Baltimore Marathon and the Skechers GOrun Speed aka Go Mebs 4 weeks before that at The Via Lehigh Valley Marathon. Both shoes worked out great, but I wanted something new for OBX. I thought the shoe was going to be the New Balance 1400 v2, I just didn’t have enough confidence that they would be enough shoe for me at the Marathon distance. When I was packing my bags I threw in a pair of Kinvara 4, GOrun Speed, Gorun 3, and the Puma FAAS 500 S. I couldn’t decide which shoe I was going to wear. I would stare at them hoping one of them would say “Choose me, I promise to be a fast shoe!”


Jump to the drive down to OBX. My co-pilot for the 6 hour drive needs a pair of Lock Laces for her shoes. I look for any excuse to go to a running store so we stopped at our favorite, Charm City Run on our way out of Baltimore. There on the shoe wall was the beautiful Adidas Adios Boost, and it was talking to me. It called me over and said “Just try me on, what could it hurt?” What could it hurt? Clint (one of the Charm City Run shoe pros) pulled my size from the back and let me have a go with them. The benefit of reviewing a lot of shoes is that I can feel when a shoe will most likely work for me. I jogged around their indoor track and thought, “Hey these feel pretty good, not sloppy in the heel like the BOOST Energy.” They felt firm and responsive. They also look fast, and that is when I heard it. “Choose me, I promise to be a fast shoe.” Next thing you know, we are riding down I-95 together on our way to North Carolina.

I still wasn’t 100% on wearing the Adidas Adios BOOST for the Marathon in 2 days. I figured I would know after the shake out run the next day.

I strapped on the Adios the next day; the shoes were sexy, but I still didn’t feel any jets turn on or wheels pop out that might help me PR. The run felt really, really good. Maybe it was getting some of the pre race jitters off, or maybe it was the crisp dry beach air. It didn’t matter, I knew I would be wearing the shoes for the marathon. It was a done deal.

The shoes ended up performing very well in the marathon even over the unexpected trail running portion of the race. That kinda pissed me off, I should have done my homework. Who puts 3 miles of f’n trail running in the middle of a road marathon?! Seriously! Anyhow, I finished up the marathon and my feet felt fine. No blisters, no aches, no pains. I was a little disappointed that this exact shoe won the New York Marathon a week before, yet did not get me a PR let alone break a world record for the Marathon, however, it was a good choice for the distance. I like the shoe. I like it a lot.

After a week off recovering from the Marathon, I took the Adidas Adios BOOST out for an easy 45 minute run. My feet must of remembered spending time with these shoes. They were a little cranky. I put on some shoes with a bit more cushioning on the next run and my feet quieted down. I look forward to getting fast miles in the Adios soon.


Adidas Adios BoostVisit Sam’s Running, People, Places and Things for his take on the Adios.



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  1. Alan says:

    What does the toe box compare to?

    1. More like a speed shoe. This question is tough, I just don’t need a ton o toe room with my narrow feet. I pretty much judge it by if the shoe is sized right for me. I went with my regular size. I believe Pete went with a size up. His feet are wider than mine.

  2. Eric says:

    The 2nd version of this shoe is much better. The sole and outsole are the same, but the upper is totally different and is more inline with the traditional Adios thus making the fit better.

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