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Road Running Shoes • August 27, 2019

Sensation 4 Performance Review

361 Degrees Sensation 4 feature

What You Need To Know About the Sensation 4

  • Mild stability shoe from 361 Degrees
  • Weighs 10.3 oz./292g for a US 9M, 8.5 oz./241g for a US 8.5W
  • Beware of medial post

A fairly lightweight mild stability shoe, the 361 Degrees Sensation 4 features an updated internal fit sleeve and a new engineered mesh upper. Like past models, the shoe also features the full-length QU!KFOAM midsole.

Stability comes from a QU!K Spine carbon fiber midfoot shank, in addition to medial posting meand to reduce over pronation.

361 Degrees Sensation 4 side

The Good

I had the pleasure (?) of receiving not one, but TWO pairs of 361 shoes. One pair was pretty
OK (the 361 Degrees Fantom), and then there was the 361 Sensation 4, about which I truly have nothing good to say. Its composition has nothing you can’t get from other shoes that are far cheaper, and honestly much more comfortable and lighter (i.e. every Brooks shoe).

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361 Degrees Sensation 4 upper


The Bad

After reviewing five pairs of 361 shoes, I have arrived at the conclusion that there’s just something about the fit of these shoes that absolutely doesn’t work for me. In general, they all have tight, bulky uppers that don’t stretch or breathe, and they run narrow as well. With that said, I’d guess that even if you have a narrow foot, you probably won’t like these.

The Sensation 4 is categorized as a “mild” stability shoe, but hoo boy, let me tell you that I felt that medial post every step of the way and there was nothing mild about it. A mile in to my first run, I could feel the pain on the lateral edge of my foot; it brought me right back to early 2018 when I ran in the Sensation 3.

I loosened the laces three times during that first run, which unfortunately brought me no relief.

And then there’s Qu!kfoam. Yep. There ain’t nothing quick about it, sorry to say. This midsole material: I just don’t get it. The ride is stiff, slappy, jarring. While 8.5 ounces isn’t too bad for a stability shoe, these feel so much heavier than that. Oh, and these have a 9 mm drop.

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361 Degrees Sensation 4 outsole

361 Degrees Sensation 4 Conclusion

I just can’t. If you think you can hop on over to Running Warehouse to pick up a pair for $134.95.


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  1. Jrun says:

    Just bought a pair of the Sensation 4s. I haven’t actually run in them yet, outside of at my local running store. I had a pair of Saucony Guide 13s prior and have put 500 miles on them. The Saucony were a good shoe, and it’s not the first time I’ve owned a pair of Guides, even though the ISO variants I didn’t care for near as much. These felt VERY similar to the Saucony Guides I had, which is probably why I liked the feel. Have you had a chance to try the Guides, since they’re in the same vein?

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