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2021 Holiday Gift Guide For Runners

believe in the run holiday gift guide

What You Need To Know

  • Gear that we love from nine different brands
  • Hand-picked by us, featuring everything from winter caps to long sleeves to slipper shoes
  • And thanks for following us through this crazy year! Hope you have a great holiday season

Each year around the holidays, we bring you some of our favorite running brands and gear that we love. Whether it’s a hoodie to keep you warm on those chilly mornings or the best running watch out there right now, this guide features gear you’ll appreciate both on and off the run for years to come. Help out some of our partners below and pick up some special items that we guarantee you’ll love.

Happy holidays to you all from us here at Believe in the Run. We wish you the best that running and life have to offer.

Roark Run Amok | El Morro Hoodie

roark run amok holiday 2021 gift guide

Weighted with high-quality stretch fleece | Excellent hood coverage | One of our favorite hoodies ever

There’s nothing like Christmas in California, so check out this gear from our favorite new-to-us brand of 2021: Roark Run Amok. With a focus on producing high-quality run collections that reflect the adventuring ethos of the brand, Roark is seen on our bodies more often than we’d like to admit. 

One of the go-to pieces for us this fall has been the El Morro fleece hoodie, designed for before or after the run. It’s made from a double face stretch fleece that feels technical, but it’s also like the most comfortable and high-quality hoodie you’ve ever worn. It’s definitely heavier, but in a good way, and features a contoured hood and drop tail, as well as lower stow pockets and inner stash pockets. You know that feeling when something just fits perfectly? That’s what we get when we wear this one. Pair it up with the El Morro fleece jogger that is great for pretty much any cold-weather activity.

PRICE: $119

Looking for something to wear in warmer weather? Check out the Alta 5″ short ($79), which features a waterproof back pocket that has been a lifesaver during sweaty summer runs. Anyone who’s had to put on a sweat-soaked mask post-run knows what we’re talking about.

Shop Roark Run Amok rorark run amok alta short

Path Projects | Killam Pant & Sykes PX

~ path projects pants

Premium materials | All-new running pant for the rest of us | Our go-to short for everything

Oh did you think we were leaving California? Think again. Path Projects is a small running brand out of the Bay Area doing big things. They have a loyal and diehard following and there’s a reason why. They use some of the most comfortable and high-quality materials and spend a ton of time, testing, and research before introducing a new item to the family.

At the request of their customers, Path has finally released its first running pant, the Killam PX and well– the first run is already sold out in less than a month. No worries, they’ll be restocking soon so you can still put it on your list. But in the meantime, you should probably pick up either their award-winning Pyrenees hoodie (it has a watch hole built into it, which is genius), or their Sykes PX short, featuring the amazing made-in-Japan Toray Primeflex fabric and simple-yet-thoughtful storage solutions. I can personally confirm that the Sykes PX is hands-down my most favorite overall short ever and I wear it almost the entire summer. Our recommendation: pick up the 5” short and a baseliner for running, and get a 7” version for just hanging out. You won’t regret it.

Don’t forget to pick up a baseliner for the shorts (honestly, they work great as underwear, so do whatever you want with them). Fun fact: when it gets real cold we just wear the full-length Tahoe CL baseliner under a pair of pants all day long.

PRICE: $82 (Killam Pants), $68 (Pyrenees Hoodie)

Shop Path Projects

Goodr | Mach G Sunglasses

goodr mach g sunglasses

Aviator styling | Polarized lenses | Multiple colorways for any setting

I guess some major Cali vibes are just dominating this whole thing, so let’s keep this train rolling with the de facto runner’s best friend — Goodr sunglasses. With a price that can’t be beaten and constantly fresh designs that elevate your running style, a pair of Goodr should be in every stocking come Christmas time. We’ve been especially loving the new styles of the polarized Mach G aviator line — most notably the classic tortoise-shell Amelia Earhart Ghosted Me and the cool green Buzzed On The Tower with gradient lenses. For you golfers-turned-runners out there, check out the Tales From The Greenskeeper that will keep you focused whenever you’re trying to tap, tap, tap it in. Just remember: it’s all in the hips.

PRICE: $35

HOLIDAY SAVINGS: Save 15% by using code BELIEVE15

Shop Goodr
goodr mach g holiday 2021 gift guide

Mustache not for sale

Deckers X Lab | SPSK & X-SCAPE

deckers x lab spsk

From the innovation lab of Hoka | Literally the most comfortable shoes we’ve ever owned

Probably the most talked-about item in last year’s gift guide, Deckers is back, and our love for them has grown even more. Let us just say there are two things we wear here at Believe in the Run: running shoes and Deckers X Lab. The innovation department of Hoka, Ugg, and Teva, Deckers X Lab seems like a project where the kids annoyed the adults long enough, and the adults said: “Okay, okay, here’s some money, now don’t bother us.” Meaning: they color outside the lines to make truly special footwear. Needless to say, it’s super refreshing in a world of shoe monotony.

We could highlight certain models for you to wear; however, they’re all so good, it’s hard to pick a favorite. But we’ll try. And yes, we know they look kind of crazy, but we promise that once they’re on your feet, the level of comfort will have you throwing all opinions out the window. Before you know it, you’ll be confidently rocking sandals lined with wool.

But if you’re gonna force our hand, here are our favorite picks:

SPSK (pictured above) – The just-released boot/sneaker combo with a wool-lined interior and sheepskin upper. (This first run was limited to 100 pairs with a bunch already sold out within one week, so don’t sleep on this.)

PRICE: $200

Shop Deckers SPSK – MEN Shop Deckers SPSK – WOMEN deckers x-scape g-luv

X-SCAPE G-LUV – Probably the shoe Robbe wore the most last winter, featuring seven layers of cushioning, a supple leather upper, and quality construction all around.

PRICE: $180

Shop Deckers X-SCAPE – MEN Shop Deckers X-SCAPE – WOMEN

Deckers Lab KO-Z, Men’s

KO-Z SNPR MID – Is it a slipper or a shoe? Nobody really knows, but Thomas and Meaghan wore this wool-lined piece of foot art everywhere last winter.

PRICE: $150

Shop Deckers SNPR – MEN Shop Deckers SNPR – WOMEN

Feetures | Socks

feetures socks holiday 2021 gift guide

Merino Wool No Show, photo courtesy of Feetures

No-show socks with heel tab security| Incredibly comfortable | Seamless

There’s a reason Feetures is the number one selling running sock brand in America. For starters, they’re actually comfortable, which is always a good thing. With targeted compressions zones, anatomical fit, seamless toe, and a lifetime guarantee, there’s really nothing else you can ask for. Their range of socks can accommodate any runner of any preference, from no show to crew. However, our favorites right now are the High Performance Cushion No Show Tab and the Merino Wool No Show.

Why no show? Well, we submit that running tights are not meant to be worn with long socks, so the no-show tab still gives you that comfort without making you look like a baseball player. Plus, the heel tab on both socks prevents any chafing on the Achilles, which can be brutal in the wintertime. For those in warmer climates, we’d go with the first option, for those battling those brutal winters, pick up the Merino for extra warmth and temperature regulation on all those cold-weather runs.

PRICE: $13 (No Show Tab), $18 (Merino)

HOLIDAY SAVINGS: Save 10% by using code BITR10

Shop High Performance – Men Shop Merino – Women
~ feetures high performance no show tab

High Performance No Show, photo courtesy of Feetures

rabbit | Ribbit & Re-Run

rabbit ribbit

Pajamas or running gear? Maybe both | Made in California | Women-owned

If you know us, you know we love rabbit. Quite possibly the most comfortable apparel out there (running or otherwise), rabbit has some new items that have been keeping us company on the run. Our favorite, though, is the Ribbit long sleeve for women and the Re-Run long sleeve for men (same shirt, different names).

Made from rabbitWOOL, they combine merino wool and polyester for an incredibly soft feel that still dries quickly and keeps you warm, even while wet. Use it as a baselayer or not, wear it as a running top or not — either way, you’ll love it. It’s kinda like wearing the coziest pajamas on the run, but it’s totally acceptable — bonus points for being made in California by a women-owned company.

Looking for something else? Check out rabbit’s all-new Swish Pullover ($100), a packable half-zip shell that’s perfect for throwing over a base layer on those really cold days.

PRICE: $85 (Ribbit & Re-Run)

Shop Ribbit (Women) Shop Re-Run (Men)

COROS | Pace 2


The best GPS watch value out there | Great battery life | Lightweight and stylish

To be the GOAT, you gotta give the GOAT. This limited edition Eliud Kipchoge version of the Coros Pace 2 celebrates the greatest marathoner ever in a one-off colorway and design. Coincidentally its Kenyan colorway pairs up perfectly with your Christmas sweater, so that’s just a bonus add-on. For real, though, the Pace 2 won our Best GPS Watch award last year, and nothing has changed. For the price, you’re getting way more than what you need in a watch that syncs quickly, builds workouts easily, and employs an easy-to-use interface through the app. Plus, the battery life is stupid long for such a small and lightweight package. The Eliud Kipchoge edition comes with a backup watch strap, Coros pod (measures power on the run), and limited edition packaging.

PRICE: $250 (EK Edition), $200 (Standard Edtion)

Shop Coros Pace 2

Drip | Driptowel 


Towel for treadmill runs | Retractable cord | Yet turns your shoe into a slip-on

Winter is coming, which means ice is coming, which means if you have a treadmill, you’re probably going to be spending some time with it. Sure, you could just use the same dish towel you always use to wipe off your sweat, or you could elevate your towel game with the Drip Towel. Or should we say towels, as it comes with two 100% plush terry cotton wiping towels (19″ x 14″) attached to removable rubber clips and a retractable reel. Basically, it’s a towel that you can take anywhere and attach anywhere. We’ve been using it on the treadmill, and it’s nicing having a towel that isn’t getting our sweat all over everything.

PRICE: $59

HOLIDAY SAVINGS: Save 10% by using code BELIEVE10

Shop DripTowel

Tracksmith | Prospect Park Beanie

Tracksmith holiday 2021 gift guide

Photo courtesy of Tracksmith

 100% Merino Lambswool | Super warm | Super comfortable

We get a lot of winter caps around here, and they’re usually pretty standard polyester, nothing to write home about. Yeah, they’ll keep you warm, yeah they’re comfortable, but they’re about a dime a dozen.

And then there’s the Tracksmith Prospect Beanie, a cap that is so warm that it’s almost too warm. Made of 100% lambswool merino, I wouldn’t even wear this running unless it’s colder than 20F degrees. But for everything else — this is one perfect piece of winter gear. Simple, looks great, and gives just a touch of Tracksmith cool with a small hare detail tag. Thank us when your ears stay toasty on even the coldest of days. Comes in four different colors.

PRICE: $42

Shop Tracksmith

Believe in the Run | Running Caps

Five-panel BOCO caps | Moisture-wicking | BITR details

In case you didn’t know, we love making Believe in the Run caps. And in case you also didn’t know, we limit each run to 100 units, so once they’re gone, they’re gone. We just rolled out two new models for our winter drop: the McHenry cap and the Herring Run.

The McHenry is a short-brimmed five-panel hat ideal for packing into a pocket or looking like you’re a really fast road runner (this is why we wear it). The Herring Run cap features a purple camouflage pattern with a large ‘Believe’ printed underneath the brim. We especially recommend the Herring Run cap for those with larger domes (though it will fit any size head). Both feature an adjustable nylon strap in the back and flip-up brim styles.

Of course, there’s plenty of other Believe in the Run gear over on the site if a hat just ain’t your thing.

PRICE: $32

HOLIDAY SAVINGS: Save 10% by using code HOLIDAY10

Shop McHenry Shop Herring Run Herring cap holiday 2021 gift guide

Running Warehouse | Gift Card

You’re lazy and also terrible at picking out presents. Get a gift card.

PRICE: Whatever you want it to be.

Shop Running Warehouse

NOTE: Some entries in the gift guide are sponsored partnerships, though as you can tell from the photos, we thoroughly enjoy every item in the guide.


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  1. Thanks for these suggestions! My partner is a runner and I’ve been having a hard time thinking of a holiday gift to give her. I’m thinking about buying a GPS watch or new running shoes.

    Again, thank you and happy holidays!

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      Thanks, same to you!

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    Great article Robbe!
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