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General Running • May 26, 2009

Runner Profile: Jeff Arricale


Jeff Arricale 2008 Marathon Des Sables

Jeff Arricale will be running the 2010 GORE-TEX® TransRockies next August as my teammate.

Resides: Baltimore, MD
Works: T.Rowe Price -Fund Manager
Married with 4 kids and still finds time to run, box, fly fish, and more.

I have been running with Jeff for over 3 years and I can’t remember a week that has gone by that we didn’t run together at least once. We have run several marathons together.  Here are the 10 questions I asked Jeff:

1. How long have you been running?I have been running short distances for about 15 years and longer distances regularly since 2001 when I completed my first marathon, The Inaugural Baltimore Marathon.”

2. How many Marathons have you run? “Around 15 including ultras.”

3. What was your favorite running event? “I have more than one favorite. I like the 2007 Baltimore Marathon because I set a PR (3:40). I like the 2008 Marathon Des Sables because it was the most difficult thing I have ever done. I like the 2008 Rocky Raccoon because it was my first ultra. I like the Great Wall Marathon because it was, well, on the Great Wall!!”

4. Why do you run? “Mostly for fitness. Because of the natural high one feels after a great run. Because I want my 4 kids to see their dad living a healthy lifestyle and follow suit. Because 2 of my kids have a lung disease and I really appreciate having a healthy set of lungs so I want to make sure I use them. Because running is both completely non-competitive and uber-competitive depending on what you are trying to do—unlike a tennis match or a game of basketball where there is a clear winner, a runner can run a marathon with only a goal to finish and its still a great accomplishment. A runner can try and improve his or her own time and thus “compete” with him or herself. A runner can, like a competitor in a tennis match or basketball game, try and win or finish ahead of the person in front of them.”

5. What is the one thing you can’t run without? “There is more than one thing I can’t run without: a small towel and my iPod for sure.”

6. Why are you going to run the TransRockies? “Respectable physical challenge but not as all consuming as something like the Marathon Des Sables, spend time with good friends, beautiful scenery, never spent time in Rockies, never run long distances at altitude.”

7. What is your ultimate running goal? “Qualify for Boston, complete the Badwater. I don’t know if I will reach these goals, but they are just out there in my head and at some point in my life I may focus here.”

8. What is your favorite post-run meal? “Don’t have one, but it generally does not involve fruits, vegetables, whole grains. A steak. Pizza. Pasta. Ice cream. Stuff like that.”

9. Do you have a running mantra? “No, but I am open to suggestions.”

10. What is you favorite song to run to? “Too many to name.”


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