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The Drop • February 17, 2023

The Drop E130 | Nike Invincible 3, Fortune Cookies, Race Day Haircuts

photo of three people in a podcast studio holding the nike invincible 3


You asked for more nonsense, you got it. In this episode of The Drop “running” podcast, we cover everything from fortune and misfortune cookies to race day haircuts to Thomas wanting to almost quit running after this past weekend.

Plus, some Super Bowl recap, Thomas dives into the kitchen to make some chili, and we somehow forget to cover Rihanna wearing Salomon for the half-time show.

We also talk about the Nike Invincible 3 and honestly a lot of other stuff but we forget what it was because it basically leaves our mind after it leaves our mouths.

Give the audio podcast a listen below, or head further down for the video intro.

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Listen to the full episode via Anchor.FM:

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The Drop E130 | February 17, 2023

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