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The Drop Podcast • February 2, 2024

E229 | Hoka Cielo X1, Olympic Trials, Kevin Salvano, Grit Party Recap

man holding shoe on left, woman smiling in center, man holding shoe on right


It’s Olympic Trials week for the marathon and we’re heading to Orlando (we’re actually already there). But don’t worry, we still found time to get weird for y’all. The big news this week is the release of the Hoka Cielo X1, a carbon-plated super shoe with a full Peba midsole and aggressive rocker geometry. It may be the most fun shoe we’ve ever worn. Before that, we talk about our favorite dark horse to win the Trials, our weekend at the Winter GRIT party, skinless dogs, and staring at ourselves in the mirrors to try and discover what we’re made of. If that sounds bizarre to you, you’re not wrong.

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E229 | Hoka Cielo X1


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