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The Drop Podcast • November 3, 2023

E204 | Asics Novablast 4, Robbe’s Big Secret, NYC Here We Come

man on left holding green shoe, woman in cetner, man on right in yellow shirt holding green asics shoe


Carmen Sandiego taught us nothing about geography and it shows (sorry, Europe). But it’s the calm before the storm as we embrace the empire state of mind in our lead-up to this weekend’s New York City Marathon. We also go deeper personally than we ever have, thanks to Robbe’s mid-podcast confessional. Of course, we also talk about the Asics Novablast 4, one of the most-anticipated running shoes of 2023.


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The Drop E204 | Asics Novablast 4


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  1. Jason Wise says:

    Robbe, thanks for sharing your story and the Breaking Pangaea reference – both have influenced my running this week. Our past doesn’t define us, but it can be a blast to relive at times!

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