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General Running • March 27, 2015

OOFOS Recovery Footwear

OOFOS Recovery Footwear… Okay, not sure I can call them “Recovery” footwear, but I can call them amazing! If they make your feet feel good after a long run, I guess you can call them recovery footwear.

The Good

Thomas: These feel so good on the feet it is really hard to compare them to anything. Squishy, but not too squishy. Firm, but not that firm. After finishing the HAT 50k last week I took off my muddy trail shoes and socks and slipped on the OOFOS and experienced real comfort.

Meaghan: These are the best things you will ever put on your feet after a long run.

The Bad

Thomas: They are ugly, but you won’t care.

Meaghan: …


Thomas: You must buy a pair if you love your feet or hate your feet. If you don’t have feet, buy a pair of OOFOS for a friend or loved one that does have feet. They will love you for it. If you can’t tell I really liked the OOFOS. OOFOS retail for $39.95

Meaghan: Take off those foot dungeons and put on some OOFOS.

OOFOS provided OOAH Slides for this review which seems more like an ad cause we liked them so much.


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  1. Gregg says:

    Thomas/Meaghan – I really appreciate reviews like this because I wouldn’t otherwise discover certain products. Picked a pair of these up last week and I absolutely love them! Thanks again for all of your great reviews!

    1. awesome, enjoy the OOOO!

  2. Nicole says:

    I have these kinds, well sort of.. But it has these weird pointy things that I love after a 9-5 job wear a high heels. Those are the most relaxing cheap foot massage ever!

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