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General Running • November 9, 2023

The Ombraz Built With Purpose Campaign Has Amazing Deals From Over 25 Brands

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What You Need To Know


Ombraz and 28 more purpose-built outdoors brands


24-hour cross-pollination super-sale


12:00 AM on November 9, 2023

You already know that we love Ombraz sunglasses. It’s rare to see Robbe without a pair — he’s probably forgotten what armed sunglasses feel like, and it’s not hard to see why. The reason that Ombraz earned a special place in our hearts is because it designed a product with a specific purpose, and it stuck the landing. Ten out of ten, Olympic gold medal winner. That purpose, of course, is to look good and stay comfortably on your head without traditional sunglass arms. What you might not realize, however, is that Ombraz has a bunch of outdoorsy friends, each with purpose-built products of their own.

If that sounds like the awakening you’ve been waiting for, well, it gets better. Whether you want to call it an early Black Friday sale, an outdoors bash, or just a celebration of purpose-built products, Ombraz has the best 24 hours of the year. It’s launching the biggest campaign in the brand’s history, and it’s called Built With Purpose.

What is the Ombraz Built With Purpose campaign?

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Alright, so we’ve hyped up Built With Purpose, but what exactly does it entail? Well, for you, savings — and maybe a new favorite outdoors brand or two. Essentially, Ombraz sat down, picked out 28 (yes, over two dozen) of its closest friends, and got them on the same page with a one-day cross-pollination event. We’re not honey-producing bumblebees, but the idea of cross-pollination remains the same. You start at one site — in this case, Ombraz — and the Built With Purpose campaign introduces you to more and more, including First Ascent Coffee, Mammut, Woolly Merino, and many, many more.

What matters is that all 28 of Ombraz’s chosen brands are just like them — designing and selling outdoors products with specific purposes. After all, Built With Purpose has to mean something. The skinny is that the event kicks off at midnight on November 9 and runs for one day and one day only. That means you can’t check out until 12:00 AM on the dot, or you’ll pay full price.

However, if you fancy yourself an early adopter, or you just want to be first in line, the Built With Purpose link goes live at 8:00 PM tonight, November 8, so you can browse the deals ahead of time. Then, when the clock strikes midnight, it’s a full-on e-stampede. Have we mentioned that the event only runs for 24 hours? If it’s Thursday, November 10 or later, you missed it.

Honestly, it’s awesome to see Ombraz bring this many like-minded brands together for one big, old bash. That said, it’s a monumental task to list all of the deals and discounts for 29 brands. What we can promise you is that the minimum discount is around 15% off, and some brands are offering up to 40% off.

Here are just a few of our favorite Built With Purpose participants:

$45 off any pair*


I mean, we have to start with the host with the most — Ombraz. The mastermind behind Built With Purpose is offering its deepest discount since the 2018 Indiegogo campaign that started it all. You can knock a cool $45 off any pair of Ombraz on the site, with the only exception being the limited-edition Frost Classics. Anything else, however, is fair game. If you’ve been waiting for a new pair of running shades that’ll fit nicely under a winter beanie, Ombraz is your answer.

Shop Ombraz Deals

25% off full-price items


We didn’t pick our Built With Purpose favorites purely because they’ll be useful all winter long, but let’s call it a coincidence. BioLite makes lightweight, super-bright headlamps, which are a must-have when the sun sets at five o’clock. The brand is offering 25% off its full-priced items, which currently include most of its premium headlamps like the HeadLamp 800 Pro and some handy portable power banks.

Shop BioLite Deals

35% off sitewide

Topo Designs

Here we go, a Built With Purpose pick that shines all year long. If you like well-designed bags and backpacks, Topo Designs is an easy winner. That said, Topo Designs isn’t a one-trick pony. The brand has an extensive collection of apparel for men and women and has collaborated with everyone from Danner Boots to Teva. Maybe covering a wide range of purposes is a BWP cheat code, but a 35% discount means that Topo Designs is worth checking out.

Shop Topo Design Deals

15% off sitewide


Alright, back to winter-friendly picks. If you’ve ever hung out before a race — or after one — you know that a blanket is a lifesaver until it’s time to warm up. Rumpl makes lightweight, packable blankets that are pretty much the ultimate form of portable warmth short of a personal heater. Its blankets pack down to just about the size of a Nalgene water bottle, meaning that they could double as pillows on long car rides as needed. Ombraz’s blanket pick is offering 15% off most of its lineup, though a few exclusions do apply.

Shop Rumpl Deals

Want even more Built With Purpose deals?

As promised, we didn’t have time to dig into all 29 brands participating in Built With Purpose. However, these four offer a pretty sweet preview of what else you can expect. If you didn’t find something from our quick picks, here’s the key to the rest of the savings. You can hit the button below to access the entire Built With Purpose campaign, complete with all of the brands and discounts. As outdoorsy Santa would say, grab that list and check it twice.

Shop Ombraz Built With Purpose Campaign

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