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General Running • April 29, 2015

Nutrimatix: Interview with the CEO

We were given a couple sample packs of Nutrimatix Vitamin blends. They’re pretty delicious. Since there’s a lot of nutrition/health apps and supplements out there, we decided to interview the CEO, Sergio, to give you the full rundown. Here’s what he has to say about the company and their products.

What was the inspiration behind Nutrimatix?

Nutrimatix was born out of frustration with reading conflicting information and trying to interpret what it meant to me. I am an avid ultra distance athlete and am continuously striving to stay on top of latest development in nutrition, however reading articles and coverage was difficult and often time the information was inaccurate or hard to apply. Nutrimatix was conceived to aggregate research related to active adults and combine it with the data coming from various fitness trackers to create a more accurate recommendation tailored to each individual. Is it perfect? Certainly not, but it is a giant leap forward from “store-bought” vitamins that deliver too much or too little. By their very definition, “average” product has to be designed for the masses and we felt that our customers wanted to make sure it is right for them. Notice how Nutrimatix will advise what to take, why, link the research and even provide our own “strength of evidence”, a numeric raking from 1-5 (Published Article to Clinical Trial) to let users make informed decisions. But we also provide advice on what Not to take, based on our research into the subject. Our chief formulator, Dr. Paul Sullivan, has spent more than 30 years in the customized nutrition field as a Pharmacists and has helped us formulate our recommendations, and our products, based on a perfect juncture of data and science.

Was something missing from the market that made you feel Nutrimatix was the answer?

We clearly felt that advice wasn’t enough. Initially we planned on simply providing the “recipes” but then found it close to impossible to implement the recommendations by shopping at supplement stores. So we went out and tried to make our own supplements. It took us more than two years to find the right manufacturer that was ready to work under our strict quality, and ethical, standards. It had to be US based, pharmaceutical grade and our product had to be free of all major allergens (soy, nut, gluten, dairy, sugar, etc.), 33 in all. We also wanted to make sure we have no nasty three letter stuff like GMO and MSG. And we wanted it in a portable, easy to consume format that is not a pill. Finally, we wanted it priced fairly. Since we don’t have stores and don’t have to pay margin to resellers, we felt like we should make it extremely affordable with no gimmicks like AutoShip or subscriptions. No multi level marketers, nobody that will call you to buy one thing or another.

What makes Nutrimatix vitamin packs different (and taste so good)?

Simple, honest ingredients. Only natural flavors, no sugar (sweetness is from natural sources) and borderline obsessive focus on testing. We sampled no less than 200 variations of flavor to come up with something that everyone could agree on. The packaging itself is an exercise in utility with our unique sliding box and easy-to-open sticks that dissolve with a bit of fizz. And the box and outside packing is 100% recyclable and good for the planet.

Who will benefit most from Nutrimatix?

The product is intended for active adults, folks who care about what goes in and the output they get out. Early adopters tend to be runners, cyclists, triathletes and swimmers, but we are seeing orders from all walks of life. We are targeting 40 million Americans who are using fitness apps to track and asses their health. They can instantly benefit from our app and recommendations, even if to just double check their current supplement regimen.

How does Nutrimatix work?

The app starts by ingesting data from dozens of fitness devices and apps (such as FitBit, Strava or Jawbone) to create a activity fingerprint for the person. We enhance this data with location data and activity levels (frequency, duration and intensity) to look for important trigger points in our supplementation plan. We then proceed to ask between 15 and 22 questions related to lifestyle, diet, smoking and exercise goals to create a personalized, science based supplementation plan tailored to each person. During this process, more than 30,000 science articles are scanned and applied, together with more than 2,000 decision tree triggers to come up with we believe is the correct combination of vitamins, minerals and supplements.

What does the future look like for Nutrimatix?

We’re only getting started. Our patent-pending algorithm is intended to go beyond vitamins into other key areas of quantified nutrition. Specifically, we are working on our second app designed to calculate and optimize electrolyte intake for amateur athletes, based on real science and collected data. We anticipate helping athletes reduce electrolyte depletion issues by delivering industry’s first fact-based, accurately dosed electrolyte sticks optimized by exercise type, location, duration and athlete’s own individual markers.


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