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General Running • January 4, 2015

Krittapix: Krista's Running Essentials

Krista List

So we asked Krista if she would like to do a post and list her favorite things. Below is her list, but why should you care what Krista likes? Well, she is kinda amazing, a dedicated runner, and pretty amusing. Enjoy.

There are a few things I simply cannot have enough of: running gear and condiments.

You may laugh like it’s funny, but what is life without ranch dressing? Let’s be honest. In life, there is never enough ketchup for my fries and there are never enough running short options readily available in my dresser drawer.

Today, thankfully, I’ve been asked to impart a little knowledge about some of my favorite running gear. If you really want to know about my favorite condiments, find me on Twitter. We can talk about it. (There are currently three bottles of A1 Sauce in my fridge).

Once I stopped running around my house like Julie Andrews singing “My Favorite Things,” I sat down to actually think about all the gear I’ve grown to know and love. Running gear is a very personal thing. I’ve likened finding the perfect pair of running shorts to finding the perfect swimsuit or pair of jeans. Ladies, you know. The struggle is real and it runs deep.

What shorts fit? How can I carry my phone? What will keep my head warm? What if it’s dark outside? What shoes will I wear? I wish we could all sit in a room and talk at length about these things, which, I suppose, is exactly what we do on Believe In The Run, isn’t it?

Weird how that works.

Follow along, fellow runners, and I’ll tell you the things currently keeping me happy on the run.

Lululemon Speed Short 4-Way Stretch

lulu-kristaThese shorts, you guys. These shorts are everything you never knew you wanted. I’m gonna be honest here for a second and say I was once a staunch opponent of Lululemon. For no real reason other than whatever the General Public Consensus was at the time. Well, that and the pricetag. But these shorts have changed my life in that very dramatic way people write novels about.

My body is not kind to running shorts. My hips are wide, I chafe if you look at me sideways, my thighs touch. All of this combined is a death trap for running shorts. My least favorite thing about running shorts are the pinching at my waist, the bunching at the crotch and the wicked, wicked chafing.

The Speed Short is soft, for starters. They’re so soft to the touch and lightweight. The waistband, which is my favorite, is wide and seamless. I love a wide waistband on shorts. They don’t pinch at my soft spots and give me a (forgive me for using this word) muffin top I don’t otherwise have. They sit low on my hips, which I know is a point of personal preference. I feel like they fit snug where they’re meant to and loose where they should. I ran 50 miles in my first pair of these shorts and came away unscathed. For the record, that is unheard of. I’ve been known to come home with hot spots after a 3-miler. I now own two pair of these shorts (for those keeping track at home, that’s one less than there are bottles of A1 Sauce in my fridge). I’d drop $54 on a pair any day. Also, check out those designs. They are everything. I literally have nothing bad to say about these shorts.


flip-kristaI’ve been pretty faithful to my waterproof SPIbelt for years. I picked one up at the Cleveland Marathon expo years ago, and never looked back. Until Christmas when I got a FlipBelt. You see how quickly my allegiances fall.

While I appreciate the waterproof aspect of my SPIbelt, I like the fit of the FlipBelt much better. It’s a wide, seamless band (are you seeing the wide, seamless waistband trend I prefer?). It lies flat all around, rather than a zippered bulk bopping around. Without the buckle and more harsh construction, there’s, again, no chafing. Anything that doesn’t leave me screaming in the post-run shower from raw skin is a winner.

It’s got plenty of space around the belt for my Samsung Galaxy phone (which, if you have one, you know is the size of a small TV), some gel packets, salt tabs and a key. I already know, though, that come summer and the onslaught of all my sweat, I’m going to wish it were waterproof.

Lululemon Run With Me Toque

lulu-toq-kristaOK, you know what, I don’t know what a “toque” is either, but I’ll let you in on a secret: it’s a hat. A warm, moisture-wicking hat with a hidden gap that allows your ponytail to fly free on your cold-weather run.

I also swear I’m not being paid by Lululemon. Though, wouldn’t that be amazing? For a brand I never liked, I sure hopped on the bandwagon real quick.

I picked this hat up on a whim last week after having a little extra cash from exchanging my most recent pair of shorts. It was on sale at the store, so I don’t know how long it’ll exist, so snag one quickly, if you want it.

The hat fits snug around the head and forehead, and can either be worn slouchy, or rolled up so it fits snug throughout your whole head. Best part? The ponytail gap! They call it a Set-My-Ponytail-Free window, and it’s great because unless you have your ponytail free, you can’t tell the “window” is even
there, unlike most ponytail-able hats. I’ll be trademarking the word “ponytail-able” upon completion of this blog post. Definitely my new favorite winter cap. Also, mine’s purple, and you can never, ever go wrong with purple.

Amphipod Xinglet

amphi-kristaLook, I didn’t name this product, but I love it. I’m a gigantic safety nerd when it’s comes to running in the dark, and I’ll never leave my house without a reflective vest. This is the only one I’ve found that I actually like, mostly because I can barely tell I have it on. It’s simple, low maintenance, and does the job. I’ve worn it over a bundle of wintertime layers and over just a thin singlet in the dead of summer. The adjustable straps make it perfect for fitting over a variety of clothes.

I was going to complain that it didn’t come in colors other than the fluorescent yellow I have, but I just discovered it now comes in pink, so I immediately need a new one.

Road ID: Wrist ID Slim

roadid-kristaWhen I began training for marathons 10 years ago, and my worrywort mother began asking, “You’re running how far?” And, “By yourself?” And, “What happens if you die?” on the regular, I was immediately gifted a Road ID for identification purposes. For, you know, in case I die. I’ve had the numbers for both my mom and dad on my ID for years, which is hilarious because if someone finds me on the side of the road, they’ll look at my ID, call the number, and ask, “Yes, hello. Is this… ‘Mom’?” And I’ll wish I was conscious to hear it. I digress.

Road ID, for starters, is an amazing company with top-notch customer service. The Wrist ID Slim fits much like the rubber cause bracelets we’ve all worn for years. You know you wore a Livestrong bracelet once upon a time. We all did, it’s okay.

I love my slim ID. I actually wear it daily just because I like it. I bought several different colored bands so I can swap it out when I’m bored. Note: I am easily amused. You can also accessorize the ID with badges, too. I have one that says Boston Strong that I love dearly. There are options like Run and Tri and 26.2 and Ultra and Coach. In fact, I just found one with a unicorn. So that’s a game changer.

If there’s anything I love more than running gear and condiments, it’s unicorns.

Happy running, friends.


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