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General Running • April 4, 2017

Interview with Arianne Perry, President & COO of Crave Crush

Ever heard of Crave Crush? It’s a company selling mint lozenges that help reduce sugar cravings. We tested them for a day and they certainly work. Rather than give our personal insight into the product, we decided to interview the President & COO who also happens to be an accomplished runner, Arianne Perry (AP in the interview below).

MM: Tell us a little about yourself and your running career.

AP: My running career starting in middle school track and continues today, I still love to run, train and race!  During college, I was captain of the University of Michigan Cross Country and Track and Field teams that won seven Big Ten and two national titles.  I was also an Olympic trials qualifier in the 3000 meter steeplechase.   Since college, I’ve raced many half marathons and two marathons while pursing a career outside of my sport.  My proudest moment was finishing 33rd female in the 2008 NYC Marathon in a time of 2:51.   In addition to running, I love lifting weights, snowboarding, golfing, surfing, swimming, and classes like Barry’s Bootcamp and Core Fusion.  Nutrition and Fitness are not only a personal commitment but also passions I love sharing with friends and family.

MM: What is Crave Crush and how did you get involved with the company?

AP: Crave Crush is a mint lozenge that helps reduce sugar cravings within seconds. Founder, Rob Goldstein, and I met three years ago when I was finishing my MBA at Columbia Business School.  He had achieved personal success using an initial prototype and wanted to develop a commercial product.  After trying the rough prototype, I not only wanted it for myself but also believed it could help millions of people achieve their nutrition goals.  Since then, we have worked together to turn his idea into reality.

We have gotten two patents, completed two clinical studies, built a supply chain of high quality ingredients, hired a great team, and developed a brand that reflects the Crave Crush lifestyle.  The entire journey from concept to market has been fueled by entrepreneurial drive and creativity.  For example, the name Crave Crush was an idea I had in a restaurant one night when I wanted to avoid the dessert my friends had just ordered.  We then bought the URL, started calling it Crave Crush, and filed a trademark.

MM: What was the inspiration behind Crave Crush? How did it come about?

AP: It started with a Nestlé Crunch bar.  One night, after a workout and a healthy dinner, Rob picked up a chocolate bar that his son had left on the kitchen table. One bite quickly turned into eight and he decided to find out why.  He thought that if he could reset his taste buds to how they were before that first bite, then his willpower ought to stand a better chance in avoiding the rest.

MM: What makes Crave Crush different from other brands in the market (thinking MealEnders, as seen on Shark Tank)?

AP: Our patented formula is unique and unlike any other product in the world.  Crave Crush binds to sweet taste receptors, suppresses sweet taste, and stops sugar cravings within seconds.  Not to mention, you can’t taste any sweetener (natural, added, or artificial) for 30 – 60 minutes.

MM: Who will benefit most from Crave Crush? Who do you see using this product most?

AP: Anyone can use Crave Crush every day to eat less sugar.  We have customers who are professional athletes, fitness competitors, marathoners, and strict followers of reduced-sugar diets, including anabolic fasting.  However, the largest group by far is adult men and women who simply want to curb their sweet tooth and reap the health benefits of a reduced-sugar lifestyle.

MM: How does Crave Crush work? How often do you use it?

AP: The main ingredient in Crave Crush is, gymnema, is a natural leaf extract that has been a staple of eastern diets for over one thousand years.  Gymnema influences the tongue’s sweet taste receptors, preventing activation of those receptors by sugar molecules and preventing those receptors from signaling the brain.   Since the taste of sugar literally makes us crave more, Crave Crush breaks this cycle.

I use Crave Crush 2-3 times a day; after lunch, after dinner, and in the evening when I want to avoid unnecessary snacking.

AP: Is this a subscription model? Where does someone purchase Crave Crush?

MM: Crave Crush is available on, Amazon Prime, and at independent pharmacies and health food stores.  It will be available in national retailers later this year.  We plan to launch a subscription model in the next couple months so our customers never run out!

MM: What does the future look like for Crave Crush?

AP: We hope to be a household name and help millions of people eat less sugar, leading to happier, fitter, and healthier lives.


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