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Running Apparel • October 12, 2020

Vuori Fall 2020 Collection Review

vuori ponto performance crew logo

Vuori has definitely been making a splash in the run lifestyle/crossover segment over the last year when we first talked to them at The Running Event.  Now that we’re six months into WFH life, we’ve all devolved into creatures of comfort and the lines between work and comfort have merged. Let’s be honest, it was already headed that way, but COVID kicked it into hyperspeed. It seems that clothing now (and life), simply exists in one huge gray area of “wear whatever the f*** you want, whenever.”

Vuori is the perfect vehicle for the fashion of the times, creating clothes that are stylish and high-quality, able to be worn for a workout, to the gym, or even a night out. And like a lot of new companies, their business model stands on three core principles: ethical responsibility, sustainability, and community. We’re all about it, and before we even start the review, let me point out that inside of certain pieces of clothing, Vuori sews inspirational quotes that I’m not even gonna lie– are actually inspirational. I got one that said, “What you do with your days is what you do with your life,” and almost had an existential crisis.

Anyway, we loved almost every piece we got, so check them out. For more pieces that we haven’t reviewed in the fall 2020 collection, head over to Running Warehouse.

They sent us a sampling of their fall 2020 collection for review, check out our thoughts below.

Probably “Working on the 37th Draft of This Chapter”



“What would this chapter in my life be called?”

ROBBE: We’ve tested some pretty comfortable clothes in the past. For example, my rabbit EZ Long Sleeve is still one of the most comfortable shirts I own. And then I wore the Ponto Performance Crew. When Vuori says it’s buttery soft, they’re really not joking. Without a doubt, this shirt has taken the throne for the most comfortable shirt in my wardrobe. It’s light enough that it works to lounge in on fall days, but with a slight weight that will work well as an underlayer in the winter. I did some short easy runs in it (53 degrees, 2 miles), and it works as most any long sleeve would, but anything over that and it’s too warm. Which I’m okay with. Kudos to the designers for the little zip stash pocket above the bottom hem.

THOMAS: Somewhere between a sweatshirt and long sleeve there lives the EZ Long Sleeve. Thin enough to layer, thick enough for a warmer base layer. The magic is in the softness of the material and how good it feels against the skin. The best part is how the cut is athletic and flattering at the same time. You don’t have to be a bodybuilder to look good in the modern fabric blend it drapes well without showing every contour of your physique. Of the Vuori items we were sent, this shirt is a favorite.

PRICE: $98

Shop Ponto Crew

Perfect place for tots


ROBBE: I absolutely love any short that can double as a running and lifestyle short (no joke, I wore the Path Projects Sykes PX short almost every day this past summer). The Banks Short falls right into that same category. It has hand pockets, which I appreciate immensely because they’re always sorely missing in running shorts. The scalloped sides give it a retro look, but the rest of the short tethers it to 2020. It also comes with a rear wallet pocket and a small front zip pocket, so there’s lots of room for storage, but no room for a phone (on the run, anyway). I love the cut of these shorts, it feels modern and streamlined. In essence, they fit perfectly. Like Path Projects, this short doesn’t have a built-in liner, so it does require a base short/underwear.

Oh, and the best part of all? They’re made from recycled plastic bottles.

THOMAS: The Banks are pretty basic. Call it the adult version of the lax shorts or basketball shorts you wore before the invention of athleisure wear. They look good enough that nobody will think you are still living with your parents. The only drawback for me is that they are a little roomier than I currently like my shorts to be. Dudes with thicker thighs might appreciate it.

PRICE: $68

Shop Banks Short



Vuori Daybreak Jacket, Vuori Transit Jogger, Deckers X Lab KO-Z Boot

ROBBE: While the word ‘jogger’ is certainly in the name, you’re probably not going be jogging/running in these (that’s what the Banks Shorts are for). But you will be super comfortable post-run! The 4-way stretch of Elastane/Polyester combo makes these pants super comfortable, whether you’re walking, lounging, or recovering. The cut is on point and the pocket situation (two hand pockets, one rear wallet), is all you need to get around town.

Side note: Consider sizing down. The small for me was a bit too big in both the waist and inseam length (31″).

vuori transit jogger

THOMAS: I love these, I am wearing them as I type this, but that isn’t special. I have practically been living in these. Is it a pant, is it a sweatpant? It is your work from home uniform that you can run errands in. My only gripe with these is that the fabric is a little noisy. When we do the podcast I have to remain motionless to avoid the “swish, swish” sound. An unexpected positive attribute became evident today when I had an unplanned wait outside in light rain, wind, and cooler temps. The pants stayed dry and blocked most of the wind. These will be getting a lot of wear this fall/winter. I almost forgot to mention the three usable zippered pockets. You can actually pack all the stuff you would have in your jeans into these pockets, that isn’t the standard with typical joggers.

PRICE: $89

Shop Transit Jogger


vuori tradewind tee

ROBBE: I love a good pocket tee and I’m always bummed I don’t see them more often in running. Do I ever actually use the pocket? Of course not, I quit smoking six years ago so there’s no need for a cig stash. But I love the look. The Tradewind takes the pocket “T” and puts the performance “P” into it. The shirt features tiny micro-perforations throughout for increased breathability, similar to the Tracksmith Twilight Tee. Performance-wise, it holds up just as well. It works great as a fall workout tee, and like all Vuori clothing, you can double down and wear it as a regular pocket tee for your weekend out-and-abouts. The sizing is spot-on as well.

THOMAS: The Tradewind is cool, especially if you like a pocket tee. Overall I liked the softness of the Strato Tech Tee over the Tradewind. I agree with Robbe on the sizing, the thing I most enjoyed about the entire Vuori line was the fit on every product was consistent and on the money.

PRICE: $48

Shop Tradewind


vuori strato tee

THOMAS: Like the Ponto this shirt is butter soft. I don’t always feel comfortable wearing tech tees as casual wear. The fit of the Strato is so well cut, I am comfortable wearing this tee anywhere. This will be a staple in my daily uniform.

PRICE: $44

Shop Strato Tee


vuori daybreak windbreaker

Did I forget to pay my cell phone bill?

ROBBE: This may be the only piece from the collection that I really didn’t like. Which sucks, because I always love a good jacket, and the color palettes for the collection are on point (the Palm colorway is 100% my vibe right now). The fit is pretty good, and it looks great, but it’s not breathable. At all. I wore it on a short hike in the 60’s and was overheating quickly with sweat accumulating inside. It felt like I was wearing a trashbag, so I was out on that account alone. If it’s not going to breathe, you need to put in some vents somewhere, anywhere. Additionally, it has zero hand pockets which is a non-starter for me. On those points alone, I’m out on it, especially when you can pick up a Patagonia Houdini for less.

Thomas: As far as a do-everything lightweight jacket, the Daybreaker falls short, but I still used it a ton. Paired with the Ponto above, this jacket becomes the perfect Fall combo turning the Ponto into a hoodie replacement. I like it over the long sleeve for a little bit of warmth and wind protection. I have been taking our pup Ralphie out for a lot of walks and grab the Daybreak to keep me cozy. The lack of hand pockets is a drag.

PRICE: $112

Shop Daybreak



vuori halo hoodie

MEAGHAN: Who doesn’t love a good pullover in the Fall? The Halo hoodie is designed with an extremely soft and comfortable performance material. It’s a relaxed fit, cropped in length, with a drawstring through the hood. It’s a great dog walking, grocery shopping, hiking top that doubles as the post-activity loungewear.

PRICE: $84

Shop Halo Hoodie


vuori outdoor training shell

MEAGHAN: The outdoor trainer shell is a great extra layer for these cool fall mornings. One of my favorite aspects of this jacket is the very subtle camo design. The performance wicking material is light and comfortable and a reflective logo adds some visibility to your early morning runs. The jacket also comes with two zipper pockets, perfect for storing a phone or some keys. I have mine hanging by the door and have used it nearly every day this Fall. 

PRICE: $84

Shop Outdoor Trainer Shell


vuori daydream crew

Meg looks way cooler than all of us

MEAGHAN: This Daydream Crew may be moisture wicking, but it’s quickly become an everyday casual top for me. It’s super light and silky, good for layering or wearing all on its own – it’s got built-in UPF 30+. The crop style is slightly fitted at the bottom; great for pairing with a pair of tights.

PRICE: $58

Shop Daydream


vuori lux performance tnk

MEAGHAN: This tank is light and silky with just enough hug throughout the body to make it flattering, but not fitted. It’s the perfect combination of performance (anti-odor and moisture wicking) and chill (super cute). I’ve used this tank for several runs, but honestly, prefer it for everyday walking or lounging around. The best part is you can use it for all three.

PRICE: $44

Shop Lux Tank


vuori laguna lounge

MEAGHAN: These performance joggers are the perfect post-long-run loungewear that can also make a trip to the grocery store. They’re slightly cropped in the leg, come with side pockets and a drawstring for a custom, snug fit through the waist. It’s the most fashionably comfortable you can get.

PRICE: $84

Shop Laguna Pant

Yeah, I went to college to learn how to read good and do other things good too

Ralphie doin’ his thang


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